Raw 4 4 11

Posted: April 5, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

We start off Raw with HHH coming out.  Says he never almost hyperventilated before in his life.  HHH hit him harder than he ever hit in his life and Undertaker just kept coming.  They left everything they had in the ring last night.  Apparently for HHH it wasn’t good enough.  A man willing to destroy himself to keep that streak alive.  A lot of people are saying that’s it and he won’t be back.  He wanted to say thank you DeadMan, thank you.  You gave me the fight of my life.  Thank you.  And here is the thing cause I don’t believe you won’t come back.  You will be back and when you’re back I will be waiting.  Swagger with leg lock on the king.  Jack Swagger winner with via submission.  Referee reverses his decision because Swagger wouldn’t let go of leg lock.  The Winner, Jerry the King Lawler.  Michael Cole splashes JR with his barbecue source.  Free plug for it.

Back from commercial.  Michael Cole upset the JR took his seat.  Says he hopes that JR throws up from that garbage just like he does.

Michael Cole out.  He challenges Jerry the King Lawler for a rematch.  A rematch with Jack Swagger.

Stone Cold Steve Austin in the ring.  Oh hell yeah.  We have tough enough making its premiere right after Raw.  Give me a Hell Yeah.  14 people in the ring trying to become wrestlers.  They introduce themselves.  The Miz!  Shows the video of the Miz hitting his head suffering a concussion.  He headlined WM and beat John Cena.  The most must see champion in history.  Told the black guy move buckwheat.  Walks around ring.  Says this is as close as they’re every going to get to a wrestling championship.  What is it Steve, do you want to hold my WWE championship too.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking.  Do you think you have one more run?  I bet you think you’re Tough Enough.  How bout if we clear this ring and find out if we can have one more match.  Clear the ring. A-Ri hammering Austin.  Stunner on A-Ri.  Giving the Tough Enough kids a beer.

Michael Cole gets beer thrown at him in his Cole Mine by SCSA.  Alberto Del Rio music hits.  Ricardo Rodriguez calls the people desgraciada vs. Even Air Bourne sans the music.  Booker making a great point.  Alberto looked nervous at WM.  He was like a deer in the headlights.  He looked different.  he didn’t have that beautiful smile, he didn’t have that confidence.  It was his destiny to win.  Edge took away his destiny.  Del Rio with a side kick to the head from the rope.  Wins with the leg lock.  Very aggresive tonight.

Vickie Cole out.  It’s Lay Cool’s fault that they lost.  Dolph Ziggler is all perfection.  Issues challenge vs. John Morrison and Trish Stratus.

John Morrison and Trish Stratus wins via the starship pain.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus, a rematch from the dark match in WM 27.  Sin Cara comes in.  Does some high flying on Sheamus.  Wow, totally amazing.  Good things to come from this guy.

John Cena sporting his new red shirt.  Upset about last night.  He didn’t think the Rock would decide the winner of WM.  He congratulates the Miz for winning; for walking out of WM still the WWE champion.

John Cena.  Says that Miz is still the most annoying person.  After tonight you have earned all our respect.  The Rock was supposed to be the guest host but very quickly got involved in John Cena’s business.  Says that him and I have business to settle right now. Out comes the Rock. The Rock says he respects Cena.  He knows all about him.  The Rock knows that Cena lives and breeds WWE.  It’s because of that drive that he became one of the greatest of all time.  It doesn’t change the fact that the Rock does not like you.  Look at us John Cena, we are completely opposite.  But the truth is we’re very similar.  Whatever we do we want to do best, better than anybody, period.  The Rock shops at department stores, Cena shops at Baby Gap.  What do you know, fashion advice from the Tooth Fairy.  Listen to the people.  People are standing not cause they want them to talk, but because they want a match.  A match where generations collide.  Do you want to talk about it or do you want to bring it.  John Cena, you have no idea what you just asked for.    John Cena vs. the Rock WM 28.  Not just any match up but the Rock and Team Bring It vs Cena.  They shake on it.  They both fight the Corre.  They tried to out do each other. 

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