Yus “The Bus” Friedman on WWE Smackdown and RAW April 6, 2011

Posted: April 13, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views


Kofi vs. Barrett- From the start there was no doubt there would be interference from the corre so it kind of ruined the match for me a little it was a nice back and forth match with Kofi getting his boom drop off. I am not the biggest Kofi Kingston fan in the world but I do agree he is one of the more talented men in this great business that being said I love seeing the WWE use his great athletic ability and skill set to make him lose in order to make someone else like wade Barrett look good and this is exactly what they did here. They had Barrett reverse many a move except the seal the deal trouble in paradise. Although I knew that this would resulting corre interference I get Barrett is a heel but why not give him a clean win he has been pushed around since his debut in major feuds only to look like an idiot who not give his career a chance since Kofi’s career is selling merchandise and looking good while losing matches. Obviously as predicted Kozlov and Santino came down to stop the corre their opponents at Wrestlemania. And then Kane and the Big Show save the day.

Kozlov’s Career – At one point this was the guy fighting the undertaker and triple h for the WWE championship and now this come on his skills aren’t lacking maybe his mic skills aren’t great so get him a manager. Oh wait he and Santino have Tamina as their manager only I haven’t heard her say a word since leaving the Usos and joining them. If the WWE needs help on how to utilize their talent how bout I would be more than happy to offer my services you don’t take a 6-8 304 pounder and throw him to the curb. Enough of that if the WWE doesn’t want to waste too much of their time on him then why should I.

Cody Rhodes Emotional Promo – Rey injured his face shattered Cody’s bones and changed him from rugged and handsome. Cody doesn’t want to look at him or others to look at him. Cody says he is a bitter man. Last week’s attack on Rey was only the beginning, he says at wm27 Rey will have to contend with Cody’s new knee brace. (Side note what was with his breathing does he have asthma).

Bunch of Wrestlemania promos; Wrestlemania Axxess

Jerry “The Annoying Bitchy Princess” Lawler comes out to his new promo – He says on Sunday Cole won’t have his fortress of solitude to hide behind. Lawler won’t just beat Cole but he will shut his mouth short promo but to the point I hop Cole beats Lawler the hell out of the WWE.

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Cody Rhodes vs. Chris Masters – Nice little match that Cody won using his mask but then the little chiuahahahah Rey Mysterio comes out tries to 619 Cody twice once with the exposed knee brace both times unsuccessful. And that was Smackdown.

I’m Yus “The Bus” Friedman I’m pulling out of the bus station. Tune in next week Wednesday at 4pm Israel standard time; USA EST 9AM for more Wrestling breakdown Show.


HHH talks about being incredibly nervous last night and even mentions wrestling him at Wrestlemania before but it was nothing like this. HHH says he hit Taker as hard as he’s ever hit anyone and they left it all in the ring last night, but for him it wasn’t good enough. No one has ever taken the pain like Taker has and HHH doesn’t know what to do. He saw a man carted off last night and a lot of people are saying he’s done now. He wants to say one thing. He says thank you to the Undertaker for giving him the fight of his life last night. Triple H doesn’t buy that Taker is gone and HHH will be waiting. The fans give him a standing ovation as he leaves.

Jerry is talking to JR about his match last night when Cole comes out in his gear. With Shawn now in the Hall of Fame and Cole at 1-0, he‘s the new Mr. Wrestlemania. Jerry says that Cole needs to shut up because the only reason Lawler lost was because of a computer. Lawler says he had Cole screaming like a little girl. Cole asks about a rematch and Jerry says YES right now. Cole says not with him, but with Swagger.

Jerry Lawler vs. Jack Swagger – Lawler clearly had this stupid match won but chased after Cole then swagger came to and lock the ankle lock on Lawler, Lawler taps out but swagger won’t break the hold and loses by DQ. After match Cole goes into the Cole Mine and finds JR’s Barbecue Sauce. He gets pissed off and sprays it on JR who chases him to the back.
Raw is back with Cole ranting about JR. He’s on commentary now with Booker T and Josh Matthews who both got stunnered last night.

CM Punk/Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio/Randy “The Viper” Orton – Great match good chemistry and flow I would have liked to see more of punk his knees and bulldog anaconda vice but I guess after Rey Rey lost to Cody they wanted to make the little kids feel good inside their little hearts

Tough Enough – Here’s SCSA to talk about Tough Enough. He brings the contestant to his ring. There are 14. The trainers are (Bill DeMott), Trish Stratus and Booker T. There’s only going to be one winner its mentioned b/c in the past there were 2 winners 1 male and 1 female. They all get to introduce themselves and Austin gets annoyed when one guy talks too long. I read a column that says one of them looks like Alicia fox that’s because one of them is Alicia fox’s sister.

Austin talks a bit more and here are Miz and Riley (in a tux). Austin says no one is ever going to tell him about being tough or having valor again. We see a clip of Miz getting speared to the floor last night and apparently getting a concussion. I wouldn’t doubt it for a second after his head bounced off that concrete.

Miz heads to the ring and tells the rookies to take a long look at them. He offers Austin a chance to hold his belt. He says Austin thinks he has one more run in him. The fans chant one more match and Miz challenges him to one more match right now. Austin says clear the ring and Miz jumps him. He runs off and it’s down to Austin and Riley.

Riley hammers away but Austin remembers that he’s Austin and beats the tar out of him with the Thesz Press and FU elbow. Big old Stunner sends Riley to the floor. He tosses beers to the Tough Enough kids and the fans aren’t thrilled. Austin walks over to Cole and pours some beer in the Cole Mine.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Evan Bourne – ADL wins with cross arm breaker. Boring.

Cole talks about giving Lawler a rematch next year in the art show but is interrupted by Vickie. She blames LayCool for the loss last night and is in tights. Ziggler wants a mixed tag RIGHT NOW. They head to the ring and we take a break.

Dolph Ziggler/Vickie Guerrero vs. John Morrison/Trish Stratus

Obviously the match is accepted and the guys start us off. Off to the girls after some basic stuff and Vickie actually beats Trish up a bit. Something resembling a leg drop misses and it’s back to Morrison. Ziggler gets a big clothesline to turn Morrison inside out and Trish has to save. Dolph gets in his face so she drills him. Moonlight Drive KILLS Ziggler and Starship Pain ends this clean at 3:27.

John Morrison/Trish Stratus b. Vickie Guerrero/Dolph Ziggler – Starship Pain to Ziggler

Rating: C+. A lot of that is for the kick. That thing looked and sounded great. Ziggler selling the hell out of it helps too as Ziggler looked like he got hit by a train. Nice little tag match here and it’s good to see Trish sticking around past Mania. I want to see more of the guys fighting too as they seem to have good chemistry together.

U.S. Title Match Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus – Booker made some stupid comment about Sheamus being 30 pounds heavier than Daniel Bryan while he is 82 pounds heavier (Sheamus is wearing red white and blue trunks. Match was pretty one sided Daniel got a bit of offense in. Sheamus wins with toss off the ropes into a brogh kick. After match Sheamus beats down Daniel Bryan.

Sin Cara Debuts Sin Cara Debuts takes out Sheamus. Awesome moves he’s like Rey Mysterio 2.0 the new and better version he is what playstation 3 is to super Nintendo.

Cena Enters. Here’s Cena to more insane booing. He says that there was a guy who said he was coming to Wrestlemania to whip some candy ass and Cena is glad he did because otherwise the ending of Wrestlemania would have been a draw and cena says that would have sucked donkeys. That’s a good point actually. Cena congratulates Miz on coming into and leaving Wrestlemania as the champion. He says that Miz has earned the people’s respect. Cena says Rock was supposed to be the guest host of wm27 but quickly became involved in business cena’s business. Cena wants to settle it right now. Cena leans against the ropes waiting I don’t think I’ve ever seen cena do that maybe his back hurts or he is getting old.

The rock comes out huge pop crowd cheers fruity pebbles. Rock says cena knew payback was coming; you poke a shark in the eye you get swallowed whole. Rock admits to talking trash about cena because it’s what the people love; But cena is wrong about respect the rock respects cena then the audience starts booing. Just b/c the rocks been away the rock is still tuned in he knows cena breathes WWE and is one of the greatest WWE superstars, WWE champions of all time. But it doesn’t change the fact flat out that the rock just doesn’t like cena. Rock says him and cena talk fight and look different but the truth is they are very similar in that whatever they do they want to do it better than anyone else period. They also shop different. The rock shops at department store cena baby gap. Cena says what do you know! Fashion advice from the tooth fairy!!Cena says the people want a match the rock should listen to the people. Does the rock want to talk or bring it?!!!!!!! The first cheer cena got tonight was when he took his shirt off. The Rock says cena has no idea what he just asked for. Rock says he’ll bring it, but let’s bring it on the grandest stage of them all. Rock vs. Cena, Wrestlemania 28. Rock sticks out his hand and Cena shakes it, ending the show.

The music to end the show but wait….here’s THE CORRE??? Rock and Cena fight them off and Five-Knuckle Shuffle for Slater it’s a People’s Elbow for Barrett followed by an Attitude Adjustment for Slater. Cena’s music plays but Rock hits a Rock Bottom on Gabriel. They stare each other down and Rock says he’ll see him at Wrestlemania. They shake hands again and Cena leaves, ending the show.

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