The Wrestling Breakdown Show for May 1st, 2011

Posted: May 1, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

From Akiva “Fired Up” Murguia

Extreme Rules:

My predictions

WWE Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

John Cena vs John Morrison, vs the Miz. I predict that the Miz will someone pull this one off as he has everything against his favor here and this will be a great way to make a name for himself. I would normally say that Miz would stoop to some kine of chicanery but that is difficult in a steel cage. I definitely don’t see John Morrison winning. He better not or I’ll quit the show.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match)

Please, let Alberto Del Rio win already. They have been building him up for a very long time and he has yet to win the title. This has to be his time. It would not surprise me if he does not win as I feel that it is to WWE’s advantage to draw out the story line as long as possible. He will win eventually. I can’t even fathom how terrible it would be with christian as champ.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk (Last Man Standing Match)

Randy Orton will be victorious in this one. This is his type of match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

Rey Mysterio will win this match because it’s one on one and the only way that Cody can win is by cheating.

Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole & Jack Swagger (Country Whipping Match)

Although Michael Cole and Swagger are obviously the stronger team there has been too much disaccord between them lately and that will be the downfall. We will see the breaking up of Cole and Swagger and Swagger will return to mid-card status and upper status jobber.

Two women fighting.

I am rooting for the shorter one.

HOF 2012

Inductees: HTM. The king of the shake rattle and roll should headline the event, also Jake the Snake,

Raw 4 25 11

Monday Night Raw was all about the draft. We start off Raw with a battle royal. Smackdown wins with Big show and Kofi Kingston remaining. John Cena goes to Smackdown. He will be missed.

We then go to R-Truth coming up to the ramp.  What a heel turn.  What a performance.  Probably the best heel turn in a very long time.  He did everything for his fans and it got him nowhere.  Goes into the little Jimmy bit.  Funny.  Says a lot of you are out of tune and off beat.  Sing it little Jimmy.  What’s up.  What’s up.  He gave everyone the boot.  Douches.  Don’t boo me, you should be booing yourself.

He gets attacked by Morrison at the end.  I am sure R-Truth will be involved in some capacity at Extreme Rules.

Kingston beats Sheamus.

In the biggest loss for Raw Randy Orton goes to Smackdown.

JR vs Michael Cole with Swagger in his corner.  Anonymous Raw GM says and he quotes.  A tag team country whipping match at Extreme Rules.  Jerry Lawler and JR vs Swagger and Michael Cole.

We go to the Miz.  Next week nobody is going to talk about the Rock’s Birthday.  This Sunday he will find a way to win.  Everyone should be praying that he doesn’t get drafted to SmackDown.  Says that within one month will be cancelled.  What a joke.

CM Punk is going to send Orton all broken up to Smackdown.

Mysterio beats Wade Barrett.

Cena, Mark Henry, and Christian vs. Miz, CM Punk, and Alberto Del Rio.  Mark Henry attacks Cena at the end of the match.  Beautiful.  Then he throws christian into the steel steps.  Awesome.  Miz pins Cena.  They win.  Because team Raw wins John Cena goes back to Raw.  What?  How does that even make sense?

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