WWE RAW May 25, 2011 & SMACKDOWN May 29, 2011 Yus “The Bus” Friedman

Posted: May 3, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

WWE RAW May 25, 2011 & SMACKDOWN May 29, 2011 Yus “The Bus” Friedman

WWE RAW DRAFT (Full Draft Results at the end of post)
20- Man Battle Royale (Winner Gets 2 Random Draft Picks) – Pretty good match that started before the TV broadcast began. I don’t know whether that was on purpose or not. Santino being eliminated by the cobra was funny. I was wondering why he lasted in the battle Royale so long I guess it was for the comedy and b/c he has a lot of fan support. I don’t recall Zack Ryder being in the battle royale more on him later. Final four Mason Ryan & Evan Bourne from RAW vs. Big Show & Kofi Kingston from Smackdown. Smackdown wins Smackdown Wins.
John Cena drafted to Smackdown Oh My G-D. Wow. Unfreakin Believable “Woo Woo Woo You Know It”. I was hoping he would get drafted to smackdown especially after edge announced his retirement. Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 6 years Smackdown Won Mr. WWE in the draft crazy stuff.
John Cena reacts to being drafted to Smackdown. He makes some Science Fiction references like Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Doc Brown won’t send the delorium back to 1955 he’ll send it to April 25th, 2011 to the date john cena was drafted to smackdown. (Star Wars and Back to Then Future). Cena says life changes and you need to get used to it kind of like Dennis Rodman becoming a woman form a man and then back to becoming a man again. He says on Sunday in the steel cage match he will win the WWE Championship and bring it back to Smackdown. Then The Miz interrupts and says he won’t see cena on raw anymore
R-truth comes out and uses his new catchphrase I guess: Raleigh, North Carolina “Shut Up”. He starts talking about Morrison his pal and friend. He tells the live crowd to stop saying what after every word he says. He claims the reason he accepted Morrison’s challenge for his spot in the WWE title match at extreme rules was because the crowd wanted him too and it’s also the reason Morrison challenged him in the first place b/c of the crowd. He also lost b/c of the crowd. He says his whole career he’s pandered and tried to please the fans but it got him nowhere. (I guess he forgot the U.S. title and the 2 NWA world titles he won). He comes out dancing and rapping and doing a sing along with the fans just to make them happy. Also the fans need to get some rhythm. He makes fun of the little younger fans that sing along with him. He says the kids being happy aren’t putting titles around his waist so the kids can wipe their noses and shut up. He says he is out for himself now and giving the fans the boot sianara, ari vederchi, bye, peace out. He says the fans shouldn’t boo him they should be booing themselves. 10 years of frustration when he let it go he felt MARVELOUS. For the first time in R-Truths life the truth has set him free. Attack from behind truth by Morrison. (I have to say I like heel truth its fresh and not boring pandering. I think he actually won his 2 tag titles and his two world titles in TNA as a heel.)
Kharma Vignette – I can’t wait till she debuts. I think they should debut her in a five diva gauntlet match for a shot at the divas title. Not like wwe would ever give their divas that much broadcasting time.
Layla (Smackdown) vs. Eve Torres (RAW) (Winner gets a Draft Pick) – Before the match they showed a replay of couples therapy with LayCool and I must say I’ve hated LayCool apart from there sexiness and have been waiting for their crap to end so it doesn’t take up valuable TV time but after seeing Layla crying and broken up and as the only one trying to fix LayCool I felt for her. I felt bad for one half of a duo who were once referred to as heartless bitches. What a botched move by eve maybe she should give Mr. Anderson a call if she wants to learn how to perform a MIC CHECK. Eve wins with a rollup due to distraction by Michelle McCool.
Michael Cole Interrupts the Divas Match ETC- Cole says unlike the Divas in the ring he’s a real athlete. I need to say I want Cole to shut up so we can see who the damn draft pick is. Cole says he will dissect our hall of fame hero King Kong Flabby J.R. tonight. Cole calls himself Mr. Wrestlemania and says he’s left ringside.
McCool attacks Layla after the match and after The Cole Promo, but Layla has the upper hand tossing Michelle into the barricade and proceeded to bash her head into the barricade and tossing McCool at the ring frame as well. She then starts crying and saying she is sick of this and finishes Michelle off with a throw over the announce table and to the floor.
Rey Mysterio drafted to RAW – laddie freaking da now on my favorite show I have to see this Chihuahua as Alberto Del Rio calls him on my show.
J.R. stretching backstage.
Cody Rhodes Interview – Cody’s going to give Rey a going away present for him going to RAW as on Sunday at Extreme Rules he will give Rey Mysterio a new mask the mask they put people to sleep with before they have surgery. “Mysterio can do all the tricks he wants once he is in the hospital booyaka booyaka bye bye bye.
US Champ Sheamus (RAW) vs. Um the Jamaican guy no I think he’s from Boston or is it Ghana never mind its Kofi Kingston (Smackdown) the guy who keeps winning titles for some reason even though He’s boring and stale. (Winner gets a Draft Pick) – Nice Match too short to really mean anything but a Double Trouble in Paradise, Kofi Wins & Smackdown Wins.
Randy Orton Drafted to Smackdown – Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like Orton might be growing a beard that would be interesting.
WWE HOF GOOD OLD Jim Ross vs. The Voice of the WWE Sir Michael Cole – Booker comes out to the booth to take over for Cole. Stupid stuff on the part of Cole/ For Example Cole stomping on JRs hat calling a time out during the match to drink water like R-Truth. Maybe Cole should go back and research the fact that J.R. was an All State High School Football Player. J.R. wins by DQ wow Cole was bleeding where did the PG go on that one can anyone say fines, fines, fines. Cole whips J.R. with his belt and then Lawler takes Swagger out of the ring whips Cole with the belt and Cole runs away with a pain in his ass.
RAW GM makes the already annoying and stupid Cole/Swagger vs. J.R./Lawler match at Extreme Rules a Country Whipping Match.
Scott Stanford backstage with The Miz and Alex Riley – Riley flips the Logo on the mic around frame W to a M. Miz says that He’s the hot topic not Morrison/Truth or the Rocks Birthday and at Extreme Rules he will retain the WWE championship, B/c even in a Triple Threat Cage match he will find a way to win b/c that’s what he does. The Miz says the WWE admins and the USA execs should be on their knees praying that the Miz doesn’t get drafted b/c if he did RAW would be cancelled in one month.
Randy Orton (Smackdown) vs. Dolph Ziggler (RAW) – (Winner gets 2 Draft Picks) Good Match first of all I love that angle slam and RKO for the win in addition to that new beard. Randy Orton Wins Smackdown gets 2 more picks.
CM PUNK interrupts the draft – he finds it ironic that it’s called extreme rules because the rules won’t apply since it’s a last man standing match. An RKO won’t suffice for a win; punk will send Orton to smackdown as a former shell of what he once was. Orton will miss many things on Raw but he won’t miss punk rambling on and on. Punk won’t be talking eating, drinking or moving hell be sleeping unconsciously. B/C Orton will be the last man standing.
Mark Henry to Smackdown – I don’t think it matters where he goes he has given 15 good years to the WWE and deserves to win at least 1 real world title ECW title not included b4 he has to call it quits. I heard he’s lost weight which will be good for his stamina and he’ll be able to last longer in matches hope fully on the road to his first world title. In Addition Henry can sometimes be stale on the mic so they should bring Matt Striker back as his Manager.
Sin Cara to Smackdown – He is new he will shine on any show the only reason he was drafted to smackdown is b/c Rey Rey and, del rio are headed to Monday nights and u your mother and your uncle in Dallas Texas knows it.
The Intercontinental Champion and Member of The Corre Wade Barrett vs. Mr. 417365 Rey Mysterio (Winner gets 2 Draft Picks {Why who the hell knows why one mach is for 2 draft picks and another gets 2}) – Nice back and forth match but of course we must please the children and Rey Rey gets the victory.
Big Show comes to RAW – No Comment
Alberto Del Rio comes to Raw – Del Rio comes to a full roster of main-eventers I really don’t see how this is a good idea or how he will fit into the picture.
CM Punk/Alberto Del Rio/The Miz vs. John Cena/Mark Henry/Christian – Decent match giving us a couple nice matchups nothing to call the wwe academy about. The Miz gets the win and pinfall with the skull crashing finale and me and the macho man randy savage get to sleep well tonight knowing that The Miz is awesome. But wait the nightmares they are coming oh no another draft pick I’m so scared whose it going to be.
John Cena drafted to RAW – why why why why why finally after 6 years we get rid of this fruit loop and now we get him back on my show the a show Monday night raw (this is the guy who thought saying edge isn’t rated r he’s rated pg13 was funny) . Now I know better you got me this time. I will no longer walk under ladders. Of course after cena was drafted he needs to take out CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio & The Miz so that he can go into next week’s RAW with momentum. Why you ask because next week is the biggest Birthday party in TV history it will be watched by the millions and millions it is the rocks birthday edition of raw live from Miami, Florida.
Well that Raw for ya exciting good matchups draft picks and an ending to spoil it all.
Of course we open the show with the biggest pick in the draft that is the biggest pick that wasn’t drafted back or if the wwe cared about their titles Sheamus would be the biggest pick for smackdown since he is the only champion that was drafted but we will leave that discussion for another time.
Anyway Orton Returns to Smackdown- now many of the fans might have liked to see their hero cena or Rey Mysterio stay on smackdown instead of Orton but I don’t care. That’s right I get 60 minutes a week to tell you my opinion & my opinion when it comes to you people’s opinions of Rey Mysterio and john cena is I don’t care. You want to talk triple h, taker, Orton fine but cena and Mysterio they positively unquestionable 100 % make me want to go passed the bathroom head to the kitchen make myself a sandwich drink some soda come back to my computer return to watching Monday night raw and put a smile on my face that I didn’t have to sit through another heartfelt crapshoot that they call a baby face promo. Unfortunately I need to review Monday Night Raw more or less so I don’t have the luxury of skipping their promos. And another thing Orton’s beard Awesome. Sorry I’ll try to concentrate now.
Orton Face throughout his entrance was great I don’t remember the last time he smiled from happiness and not conniving scheming. Orton introduces himself as Randy Orton. In the first time in five years b/c of the wwe draft Orton is back on smackdown. While Orton looks forward to his future challenges on smackdown, he still has unfinished business. At Extreme Rules he will face CM PUNK.
Drew McIntyre Interrupts – He tries to attack Orton but gets a RKO for his troubles. Not the greatest Promo in the world but at least he didn’t stumble over them.
Alex Riley Interrupts – before Riley can get a word out Orton RKOS him. Orton looks around waiting for the next person to interrupt him before he starts talking.
Del Rio Interrupts – he says Randall already knows who he is. He says Orton is making a good 1st impression like he did on his first night on Smackdown. But Del Rio feels bad for the fans b/c their losing him from smackdown and after Sunday they will lose the World Title b/c Del Rio is bringing it with him to raw. He repeats that Orton is making a good 1st impression but he makes lasting impressions (while Del Rio, Brodus & Ricardo Rodriguez surrounds Orton. Till Christian comes out for the save. Teddy Long makes tag team match: Brodus & Del Rio vs. Christian & RKO.
Kofi vs. US CHAMP Sheamus – Match never happens b/c Sheamus attacks Kofi from Behind tosses him around and Brough Kicks his head off.
Michael Cole stands in the center of the ring with a microphone and bruises & scrapes on his face. “Can I have your attention please” Cole says, “Mr. Wrestlemania is in the ring talking and he wants to introduce us to his trainer, friend and tag team partner at Extreme Rules. The man that will sit back and watch Cole singlehandedly dissect Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross the All American American, Jack Swagger. “
Jack Swagger vs. Sin Cara – It was good match for 3 minutes. Swagger got a good amount of offense in but when swagger went high risk sin Cara got high rewards and beat a former world champion to boost his credibility. The lighting was off the whole match they had blue lighting I wonder if that is going to be a thing in Sin Cara’s matches or if it was just a mistake.
Kharma Vignette.
WWE TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH CHAMPS Big Show & Kane vs. Gabriel & Slater (The Corre) – Good match all around everyone hit a nice amount of offense especially Gabriel knock show off his feet on more than one occasion. Of course the Chokeslams one after another by Show and then Kane was Awesome. I wonder if Kane will lose the titles when Taker comes back to restart their boring and stupid feud. Show and Kane win and retain the tag titles.
The Great Khali is with Ranjin Singh backstage. Rey Mysterio drops on by and Khali wishes him luck. Mysterio leaves and an Indian man (Jinder Mahal) making his debut appears. He trades words with Khali and Singh in Punjabi or Hindi and leaves. For those of you who don’t know who Jinder Mahal is he has been competing in few and he basically is supposed to be a Bollywood star turned wrestler that is why Ranjin Singh was so star struck when he saw him. His father worked for the WWE on and off when they went on tour.
Rey Mysterio says goodbye – He says we’ve had a lot of fun together. He says no matter where he goes all his fans will be part of the 619. He won the World Championship together with his fans this year and on Sunday they will stop Cody Rhodes.
Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry – Henry says it’s unfortunate for Mysterio that his farewell is Henrys debut. – Both men looked good in this match Rey was exciting as usual and I saw Henry wrestling with a rediscovered passion that I haven’t seen for a while out of him maybe even since he was ECW Champion in 2008. Maybe there is Gold in his future or so he hopes. The match ends in outside interference by Cody Rhodes as expected and we will see how everything falls into place after Extreme Rules.
Michelle McCool vs. Layla – LayCool go at it for about a minute till they both got counted out this was a fight rather than a match which was to continue the feud break up of LayCool. Sunday we will see who will stay and who will leave the WWE.
Christian backstage with Matt Striker talks about how Del Rio says destiny and how he though his destiny was in question when he had a potentially career ending injury when Del Rio tore his pectoral muscle. But then after waiting day after day he was healed and came back to get revenge on Del Rio. When he was out he got a chance to reflect on his career. He talks about how edge his best friend is one day defending his title on the greatest stage of them all Wrestlemania and the edge finds out he can’t wrestle anymore his career is over. Once again Christian starts reflecting is it time for Christian to fulfill his potential. He never so much as touch the World Title because he didn’t think he deserved it. But at extreme rules he will climb the ladder and not only touch the world title but keep it.
RKO & Captain Charisma vs. Big Brodus & Del Rio – Great Match the match had it going on. Back and forth it kept me guessing at one point I thought Brodus would get the win, there were periods where each of the stars got their time to shine. I see a lot of potential in Brodus although I don’t really get his catch phrases. This is what Orton needed to solidify himself as the top face on Smackdown we will just have to see what Christian has to say about that. Once again I don’t see where Del Rio will fit on the card unless he challenges for the I.C. title or U.S. title since the Miz & Cm Punk are the top heels on RAW.
Exciting show since the draft mixed around the rosters a little can’t wait to see next week’s SmackDown when the new superstars will make their debuts on their new brands. Especially Daniel Bryan, Alex Riley & Ted DiBiase. Till next week Its Yus “The Bus” Friedman, to all my passengers keep on rolling.
Full 2011 WWE Draft Results… Thanks to the camel Clutch Blog on BusinessInsider.com
Draft pick #1 – John Cena to SmackDown Draft pick #2 – Rey Mysterio to RAW
Draft pick #3 – Randy Orton to SmackDown Draft pick #6 – The Big Show to RAW
Draft pick #4 – Mark Henry to SmackDown Draft pick #7 – Alberto Del Rio to RAW
Draft pick #5 – Sin Cara to SmackDown Draft pick #8 – John Cena to RAW
Draft pick #9 – Daniel Bryan to SmackDown Draft pick #10 – Jack Swagger to RAW
Draft pick #11 – Great Khali to SmackDown Draft pick #13 – Kelly Kelly to RAW
Draft pick #12 – Jimmy Uso to SmackDown Draft pick #14 – JTG to RAW
Draft pick #15 – Alicia Fox to SmackDown Draft pick #18 – Drew McIntyre to RAW
Draft pick #16 – William Regal to SmackDown Draft pick #20 – Curt Hawkins to RAW
Draft pick #17 – Yoshi Tatsu to SmackDown Draft pick #21 – Chris Masters to RAW
Draft pick #19 – Natalya to SmackDown Draft pick #23 – Kofi Kingston to RAW
Draft pick #22 – Jey Uso to SmackDown Draft pick #27 – Tyler Reks to RAW
Draft pick #24 – Ted DiBiase to SmackDown Draft pick #29 – Beth Phoenix to RAW
Draft pick #25 – Tyson Kidd to SmackDown
Draft pick #26 – Tamina to SmackDown
Draft pick #28 – Alex Riley to SmackDown
Draft pick #30 – Sheamus to SmackDown

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