Posted: May 14, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

WWE Extreme Rules 2011

Last Man Standing CM Punk (GTS) vs. Randy Orton (RKO)From the beginning I thought this match had the potential to steal the show. The talent and skill between these two is unquestionable. Also the fact that these two superstars despise each other so much you know this was going to be a nice long match and it got 20 minutes. My favorite spots were the RKO onto the Table, The GTS onto the stairs. Orton’s attack of rage with the kendo stick where he hit punk like 10 times was great. How can I forget when Punk took the chair stuck Orton’s neck in it and threw it into the ring post. Also the back body drop from Orton to punk onto the barricade was awesome. That RKO off the top rope from Orton to punk was insane to give Orton the win.

Sheamus Backstage with Smackdown GM Teddy Long – He says he has no problem facing Kofi tonight for the U.S. title. He just doesn’t want to face Kofi b/c he says he not American & demands to see his birth certificate. Teddy says at the end of the night Sheamus might not be champ so he shouldn’t be worried whether Kofi is American or not.

Morrison doing some Par core workout.

US Title Tables Match Sheamus (Champion) vs. Kofi Kingston –  Booker T commented on Mark Henrys heel turn and how smiling never got Henry anywhere and how Kofi needs to develop a mean streak like Henry in order to succeed . I guess Booker doesn’t realize Henry has won 2 titles in a 15 year career from smiling while Kofi has been around less than 4 years and already has won a tag title, 3 Intercontinental titles and 2 U.S. Titles. Great Spot when Sheamus Brough kicked Kofi, but Kofi reacted fast enough to jump over the table. Kofi wins the match and the U.S. title with a Boom Drop from the top rope through the table on Sheamus. So Kofi had the Intercontinental title the PPV before Wrestlemania and wins the U.S. Title the PPV after Wrestlemania what’s going on.

R-Truth promo backstage with Todd Grisham – Morrison has bad Breath. The Miz, John Cena & John Morrison are afraid of R- Truth. R- Truth tries to spell conspiracy unsuccessfully.  Morrison stole R- Truth’s title shot. R- Truth hates thieves.

Michael Cole & Jack Swagger Entrance and pre match promo – For starters Cole comes to the ring wrapped in bubble wrap (not cool). Cole talks about how he is an award winning journalist. How he was in Wako & spent 9 months in Yugoslavia covering the Civil War. He has seen atrocities that would make us all shake in our boots. There is no chance he’s scared of 2 hicks, one in a cowboy hat and one in a fake crown. After their match where Cole and swagger will win Cole says J.R. & Lawler can stay in Florida since they are old washed up retirees.

Country Whipping Tag Match – Jack Swagger & Sir Michael Cole vs. Jim Ross & Jerry “The King Lawler – I need to say the beginning was stupid till Lawler ripped off Coles Bubble Wrap. The Highlight of the match was J.R. locking the ankle lock on Michael Cole twice as well as Bull rushing him. But in the end Cole rolled up J.R. for the win. I’m not so sure how good of an idea it is continuing this feud but this match was not as bad as I was expecting. Since it only got 5 ½ minutes I can’t complain that much. At the end during Swagger & and Coles celebration it looked like Cole & Swagger were a couple of young Frat boys picking on a bunch of Senior Citizens.

John Cena backstage with Todd Grisham – Grisham says it been awhile since Cena was WWE Champion. Cena says June 20, 2010 was the last time he was WWE Champion. In 10 months cena has been through a lot Old Nexus, New Nexus, and The Miz & The Rock. Son of a mustard sandwich that ends tonight. Since it’s a steel cage match there are no excuses or interferences and that guarantees that after 10 long months, The Champ Is Here.

Pre- Match video Package for Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes – Un-freaking believable awesomeness wowing my pants off.  That video was the best in the world. No parasite or gelatinous tapeworm could make a better video than that.

Falls Count Anywhere Match Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes – Beautiful Disaster of the Ticket counter was great. Also the cheers of Holy $#!+. I love me some Alabama Slam. And Mysterio wins that’s the way to solidify Rhodes a Top Heel Spot on Smackdown Oh I guess not. So Rhodes and Sheamus lose what’s next Wade Barrett and Mark Henry lose to Hornswoggle and Colin Delaney.

Layla makes amends with the Divas Roster since this could be her last night in the WWE.

World Championship Ladder Match Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio – Christian Flapjacking Del Rio onto ladder. Del Rio hits the Arm Breaker from ladder to ring apron. Christian drop toe hold on running Del Rio into the ladder. Christian backdrops Del Rio onto ladder. Christian spearing Del Rio was cool. Del Ro jumping off the turnbuckle through an empty ladder. Interference by Brodus = Not cool. Brodus = smackdown so why did he help Del Rio? Del Rio applying Cross Arm-Breaker through a ladder. Uh Oh blood blood blood, fines fines fines. Christian pushed the  ladder so Del Rio falls to floor due to a distraction by Edge showing up in a car and honking horn. Pool of blood next to the ring oops. Christian climbs the ladder reaches up and Christian after 13 years is the World Heavyweight Champion. I’m so happy and excited.

The Miz Backstage with Alex Riley – Riley questions whether “The Awesome One” will win and says it’s okay b/c of The Miz’s Wwe championship rematch clause. Miz gets angry at Riley for not thinking The Miz will win.

WWE Tag Title Lumberjack Match Big Show© & Kane© vs. “ The Corre” Wade Barrett (Intercontinental Champion) & Ezekiel Jackson – I think it’s interesting that they are using the NXT Rookies as additional Lumberjacks they can watch the match and learn a little something, something. Nice to see Darren Young who is the only uninjured former Nexus member not on the 2 big shows. Somehow Gabriel, Slater, Bryan, Barrett & Otunga were allowed to remain on Raw & Smackdown while Young was not. Jacob Novak’s cornrows look hilarious. Wow the Uso’s are still on the roster Daddy Rikishi must be so proud. Johnny Curtis still has a job I see. Who’s wearing the cowboy hat? Big Show chokeslammed Wade Barrett to end the match and retain the Tag Titles. Nice Match with The Corre getting more offense than I expected them too but the match was pretty short and did its job of showing how dominant Big Show and Kane are as a tag team. Chokeslams served to Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel by Big Show & Kane after the match.

WWE Championship Steel Cage Match John Morrison “The Shaman of Sexy” vs. John Cena “Mr. WWE” vs. The Miz “The Awesome One” – There was a lot more wrestling here then the world title ladder match. It wasn’t a spotfest so it was more back and forth and very interesting. I especially like the trading of punches between Morrison and Miz on top of the steel cage. Awesome spot was JoMo and Cena suplexing Miz from the top rope. Morrison’s Flipping STO on Cena was carazyyyyy. Morrison hits Starship pain from the top of the cage on Cena & Miz. Morrison crawling out of the cage for the win but no R-Truth pushes JoMo back into the ring and starts beating down Morrison. R-Truth with the Scissors Kick to Cena. R- Truth hits the Shut-Up! on Morrison. When Truth left the cage symbolically showing that he should have won the title the crowd cheered. I think the crowd should chose their reactions wisely since the stupid WWE Execs might turn him back to a FACE if the fans start cheering him. It’s funny that when Miz and Cena are on top of the cage the crowd boos when cena punches but cheers when Miz does. Super Attitude adjustment from the top rope and Cena after 10 months of him being naked of the WWE Title and 5 ½ months of Miz being champ, Cena wins the WWE Championship.

Good PPV Good Matches Nice Gore Great video Packages and 3 New Champions.

Till next week Its Yus “The Bus” Friedman, to all my passengers keep on rolling.

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