Wrestling Breakdown Show 5.15.2011 WWE SMACKDOWN May 13, 2011 WWE RAW May 9, 2011

Posted: May 16, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

Wrestling Breakdown Show 5.15.2011

WWE SMACKDOWN May 13, 2011

Christian Promo – Talks about how there has been talk about Teddy Long leaving the decision of who would be the #1 contender to the World Championship up to the WWE Universe. There has been a lot of controversy and Christian’s peeps don’t agree with the decision. Christian respects Teddy Long’s decision, b/c its teddy’s job to put on an unpredictable and exciting show for the fans every week and if teddy long isn’t doing that than teddy long isn’t doing his job. That being said Christian wants to congratulate the New World Champion Randy Orton. Christian is looking forward to his World Title Rematch with Orton at over the limit. If he took anything from last week it’s that a 100 % healthy Christian can without a shadow of a doubt defeat Randy Orton.

Sheamus interrupts – Former 2x WWE Champion Interrupts Christian. He says he commends Teddy long. He enjoyed watching a moment that Christian had been waiting for 17 years vanish in the blink of an eye. He also agrees that it’s about giving the WWE universe what they want and what they want is a match between Christian and Sheamus right now.

Mark Henry interrupts He asks Sheamus to pump either his brace or brains a second wasn’t clear to me. He says that he speaks for all of the people when he says they and he enjoyed seeing Christian get his dreams shattered last week. But Sheamus isn’t the one drafted from Raw that the people want to see face Christian. He is just the Red headed step child that talks funny.  The people came to see the World’s strongest man. Sheamus says it sure sounds like it doesn’t it attributing his comments to the boos from the fans. He says alright maybe they came to see Mark Henry vs. Sheamus. Sheamus says maybe they came to see Mark Henry & Sheamus vs. Christian in a handicap match. Celtic warrior and WSM attack Christian, Orton makes the save.

Teddy Long makes the main event RKO and Captain Charisma vs. World’s Strongest Man & Celtic Warrior, Christian thanks Orton for making the save. Orton claims the reason he made the save was in order to ensure that Christian would be at 100% for over the limit so that when Randy beats him there will be no question of who the better man is.

Chavo Guerrero introduces Sin Cara as the man who is following in his footsteps.

Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan (Chavo on commentary) – It looks like they are keeping the blue lighting for Sin Cara’s matches which I don’t particularly like. Before the match Sin Cara Nodded to Chavo as if he was displeased with him. Match was great back and forth Chavo interfered to stop Daniel Bryan but the referee didn’t see it. Sin Cara won with the Reverse STO Moonsault from the top rope. Throughout the match Chavo on Commentary claims that he is Sin Caras mentor and takes credit for teaching Sin Cara all his moves and Daniel Bryan one of his. Chavo comes into the ring to congratulate Sin Cara on the victory, but Sin Cara is displeased that Chavo interfered in the match. It ends with Sin Cara shoving Chavo Jr.

Corre Kicks out Zeke – We get a video from last week showing Zeke rejecting The Corre’s help in him beating the Big Show. Later that night the Corre attacked Zeke taking him out and throwing what looked like a big metal closet on him. I guess this turns Ezekiel the Last ECW Champion Face.

WWE recognizes Trace Adkins who was big in Tribute to the Troops or something.

Layla Wines – Layla mentions she beat Michelle McCool at Extreme rules forcing her to leave the WWE. She says she hurt her knee at Extreme Rules and as much as it hurt it was worth it b/c Layla finally got the poison being McCool out of her life.

Cole Interrupts – Cole says no one cares about Layla or the rest of the Divas and they’ve been inhaling too much hayseed from the volunteer state. He says the feud between Layla and McCool is straight out of the Real Housewives. Cole mentions he accepted Lawler’s challenge to him at over the Limit. The challenge was if Cole wins he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame by Lawler and gets Lawler’s HOF ring. He says his mom will love Cole’s new HOF ring after he beats Lawler. Layla tells Cole to shut up and crawl back into his glasshouse. Cole thinks the WWE Divas are crybabies and they shouldn’t even be in the WWE.

Kharma enters – Kharma takes out Layla. She goes after Cole but Cole hides in his Colemine so Kharma walks away.

The Corre enters – Barrett dares Kane to come out since Big Show is in Mexico with the rest of the RAW roster. Since kicking out Ezekiel Jackson the Corre are more efficient and more powerful which bad news is for Kane.

WWE Tag Champion Kane vs. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett ( The Corre) –  Good match despite the heavy stress move set by Wade Barrett who had control most of the match. I especially liked the black hole slam by Barrett. Kane comeback was great especially him flipping over the top rope out of nowhere and upper-cutting Gabriel and Slater. While Kane was setting up for the Chokeslam to end the match the Corre attacked Kane getting Barrett disqualified. Kane get wasteland from Barrett but gets saved by Zeke before Gabriel can hit the 450º splash. Although Zeke took out the Corre they recuperated and Slater hit the Scorpion Death Drop on Zeke followed by a 450º splash by Gabriel.

Khali Kiss Cam W/ The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh or not – The Great Khali comes out to do the Kiss-Cam. Ranjin says Khali is a huge fan of country music so the Kiss-cam will be themed by country music. Khali does the kiss and gets interrupted by Jinder Mahal. Jinder smacks off Khalis cowboy hat and slaps him in the head says something to him in Punjabi and walks back to the Locker room.

Christian & Randy Orton Backstage – Christian makes sure Orton’s is ready to keep up his end.

Cody says based on the crowds’ faces they assume this is the part of the evening where he entertains them. Cody says let us entertain that he is not the freak the live crowd is. That is why at great expense to Cody he is providing the fans with paper bags. Cody says no one is exempt from wearing the paper bags not on Smackdown, the WWE or even a “Priceless Friend”. Cody offers Ted a bag and Tad rejects it.

Ted DiBiase vs. “The Un-Dashing One” Cody Rhodes – It was a nice short match between two guys that know their way around the squared circle. Both guys 2nd/3rd Generation Superstars as well as former teammates in Priceless & Legacy where they won 3 tag titles together. There was a great Beautiful Disaster from Cody. Cole dissing Booker on commentary as funny. Cody wins with Cross-Rhodes as DiBiase’s career continues to get flushed down the toilet MVP-Style.

Matt Striker Backstage with The Corre – Barrett says the corre has been making statements all week long taking out The Big Show, Kane and Ezekiel Jackson. Gabriel invites Zeke back next week so they can do it all over again. Barrett says he can do one better than that he challenges Zeke for his intercontinental title at over the limit.

“World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry & “Celtic Warrior” Sheamus vs. “The Viper” Randy Orton (World Champion) & “Captain Charisma” Christian –  It’s nice to see Sheamus losing the U.S. title hasn’t sunk his career but rather puts him in the main event picture where a former 2x WWE Champion belongs.  Main Event was a power game Mark Henry with control most of the time he was in until he missed a standing splash. I honestly don’t remember the last time he hit that. Sheamus time in the ring was similar to Henry’s pure dominance. Orton RKOs Henry, Christian Killswitches Sheamus and the Match is over. Orton and Christian shake hands to end the show.

WWE RAW May 9, 2011

Who Doesn’t want to be the #1 Contender:

Alberto Del Rio Enters – We start off with Alberto Del Rio claiming that he should be the # 1 Contender b/c his destiny to be World Champion was stolen by the retired Edge. He says destiny can be delayed but not stopped. That’s why Del Rio didn’t understand why last week wasted so much time on the rock it should have been for the arrival of Del Rio. I think maybe if Kharma took a little less time coming to the ring we could have spared 10 minutes for Del Rio. Del Rio thinks he is top dog to face John Cena the WWE Champion.

Rey “Chihuahua” Mysterio Interrupts – Mysterio says Del Rio doesn’t deserve a WWE title match any more than he does. They both got drafted to RAW & Del Rios destiny isn’t to be a champion or to be the greatest of the great, it’s to be Ricardo Rodriguez’s Personal Ring Announcer. He challenges Del Rio to a #1 contenders match tonight. Del Rio says he has beat Mysterio a thousand times.

“The Awesome One”, “The Chick Magnet”, “The Most Must See WWE Superstar of All Time The Miz Enters –  Miz does his really thing. Miz knows that Teddy Long’s incompetence lead to thing like this on Smackdown but not here on RAW. Draft or no draft this is still Miz’s show (How many cheers wow). The WWE title is Miz’s title and if not for the staggering incompetence of “The Varsity Villain” Alex Riley he would still be WWE Champion. Del Rio says all that he knows is Miz had the chance last week to get back the WWE title and he failed so now he goes to the back of the line. Miz says he did get the job done he did pin john cena and was announced new WWE Champion and the prejudice ref reversed the decision. Miz had no prior knowledge to what Riley would do and used the WWE title on Cena before Cena could use it on him. But the Miz shouldn’t be penalized and he wants a legitimate rematch against john cena for all The Miz cares Del Rio and Mysterio can fight each other in a taco bell parking lot. The only person who should be facing Cena for the title is The Miz.

R- Truth – He says the truth has set him free. Truth comes out to spit a little hate. He hates hospital food, it’s dry as a desert and smells bad and it tastes bad and you never get it when you really want it. He says John Morrison is eating a lot of hospital food now. Truth broke Morrison’s neck and has to have surgery. Truth says P.S. hospital food gives you constipation. He has no problem sending the others to the hospital like he did to Morrison. It doesn’t matter if you’re a “pretty boy from L.A./Kermit” or some “Super Hero wannabe from San Diego/Bottle Nose” or some pompous “Mexican Fence Jumper/ Liver lips. When an angry black man talks you must shut it up. Truth ain’t waiting for a chance like the last 10 years he’s taking his opportunity now. You kick his dog hell kick your cat. Am I the only one that was cracking up throughout this promo from Truth? Seriously I was rolling on the floor laughing. Truth is the only one that will face lilly white john cena is the truth.

Anonymous GM Anyone – GM says only 3 deserve to be in the #1 contenders match. Miz deserves a rematch he’s in. Del Rio is the crowned jewel of the WWE draft so he is in too. As for the 3rd competitor by virtue of his victory last week Mysterio is in. Mysterio tells Truth he agrees with the GM that Truth should be in the match and that’s “What’s Up”. The Truth is flaming in anger as Mysterio continues to mock truths’ catch phrases and Truth leaves to the back. Miz wants Bottlenose & Liver lips to listen carefully it doesn’t matter what Bottle Nose accomplished or Liver lips didn’t accomplish on Smackdown what they need to learn is on RAW they are day laborers; chump change; bench warmers, b/c the star of this show and the next WWE Champion is Ricardo Rodriguez interrupts and says “Alberto Del Rio” much to ADR’s delight. Riley knocks down Del Rio, Ricardo drop kicks Riley, Miz takes out Ricardo, Del Rio closelines Miz to the outside with him & Mysterio Suicide Dives Del Rio to the floor and Mysterio comes out on top.

Brie Bella (Divas Champion) & Nikki Bella vs. Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly – No comment

Kharma Attacks Eve – This is sort of leading to begin to start to become redundant. I get that Kharma needs to get over. I also understand that Kelly Kelly looks hot when she’s scared to death. The problem I have is it takes Kharma way too long to get to the ring. Also if they wanted to really put Kharma over they would put her like I suggested in a Five-Diva Gauntlet match.

WWE TAG CHAMPS KANE W/BIG SHOW vs. MASON RYAN W/NEXUS – First off I am disappointed that Cm Punk is doing nothing other than managing Mason Ryan. That aside I feel that Ryan will turn on Nexus and feud with Punk just like the situation between Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett and The Corre on Smackdown. Also it’s interesting to note that Kane & Big Show are feuding with the old Nexus (The Corre: Barrett, Slater, Gabriel) on Smackdown & The New Nexus (Cm Punk, Otunga, McGillicutty, Ryan) on Raw. Also I’m scared for McGuillicuty’s career since he won 3 tag titles in FCW and of those 3: Kaval, Heath Slater and Brett DiBiase, one was released one is in a rival stable and the other we’ve been waiting for him to be called up for 2 years. Match put over Ryan especially the video of last week where he over powered Kane to reverse the chokeslam & Spear the Big Show. But the match ends in a interference by the nexus yawn yawn. Kane & Big Show really got their power back by it taking both of them to chokeslam just mason Ryan. Good job on this one WWE.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Santino Marella – All I can say on this is Dolph Ziggler taught Santino how to wrestle as well as showed us he is ripped knows how to wrestle and is at a main event level which we already know. It made Ziggler look good but I hope Kofi loses the intercontinental title to someone else before the inevitable happens and Ziggler goes for an Intercontinental title feud. I cannot sit through Dolph vs. Kofi or Swagger vs. Kofi anymore.

R-Truth backstagehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyXZv7nbBas I need to say it was pretty damn funny that’s pretty much it.

Zack Ryder & the Never ending fist bump – We have a Zack Ryder spotting on actual TV this isn’t http://www.wwe.com/ this in TV. Zack Ryder was with John Cena backstage I guess hanging out and wishing him luck on what I don’t have a clue why does a 10 time WWE Champion ever need luck unless it’s against the undertaker at Wrestlemania and that’s a different story.

Miz & Riley backstage/ Alex Riley vs. John Cena – Riley is getting berated by Miz backstage for hugging him and celebrating the wwe title victory last week costing Miz the match and the title. Riley is called an Amoeba. So Riley calls out Cena to prove to Miz how loyal he is. Cena basically wipes the floor with Riley hits two Attitude Adjustments on him and locks in the STF for the submission. Wow what a compelling match John Cena a first ballot hall of famer against a guy who couldn’t even win NXT over a guy who was released from the WWE after a month and a half. I don’t even think Alex Riley could beat Colin Delaney.

Sir Michael Cole Retires/ Lawler challenges Cole – So the worst rivalry of the year continues. I would rather watch Colin Delaney vs Tommy Dreamer over and over and over again then see this hot garbage. Basically Cole wants to retire Lawler challenges that if Cole wins vs. him at Over the Limit he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame by Lawler and gets Lawler’s HOF ring.

U.S. Title Match Jack Swagger vs. (Mid-carder for life) Kofi Kingston– Now wait one second I’ve seen this about 17 times between May. 2010 – Feb. 2011. Typical match between these two guys nothing exceptional. Kofi obviously win with trouble in paradise since he only won the title back a week and a half ago. Wait again shouldn’t that mean that Christian should still be World Champion. It’s very mysterious that the U.S. title has to be held for quite a while before being lost but the most coveted prize in all sports entertainment the big gold belt the World Heavyweight Championship can switch hands twice in 5 days. After the match was more Cole-Lawler bull crap where Lawler tries to attack Cole only to pull his tie through Cole’s hand hole in the Colemine bashing his head forward into the Colemine wall.

#1 Contenders Match for the WWE Championship: The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio – I wanted to use nicknames but got tired of writing long titles to the matches LOL. I am speechless Spectacular match with great spots. Everyone looked good in this match. I can’t believe they didn’t save a match like this for a bigger show like last week. Miz won to let Mysterio square off vs. R-Truth at over the Limit but what will Del Rio do till then? The outcome of Cena making the WWE Championship match at Over the Limit an I Quit! Match wasn’t that surprising. But does anyone think Miz can outlast Cena especially only one month into Cena 10th reign as WWE Champion. We can only hope that the WWE does something unpredictable and gives the WWE title to man we all love to hate The Miz.

Congratulations to WWE RAW Diva Kelly Kelly, who made the 2011 Maxim magazine Top 100 list. Kelly comes in at #82. Ex-WWE Diva Stacy Keibler also made the same list, coming in ten spots ahead of Kelly at #72.

Till next week It’s Yus “The Bus” Friedman, to all my passengers keep on rolling.

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