Smackdown May 20th 2011

Posted: May 21, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

We start off the show with Christian coming out. He is to face Sheamus. The WWE is bringing their old school showing a clip of something recorded earlier while the wrestler is out in the ring. In this case it’s Sheamus talking about how it took Christian 17 years to become champion while Sheamus did it in his first time.  Yus the Bus is right about Christian pandering to the crowd.  Check out this back breaker by Sheamus.  That’s gotta hurt.

Great match.  Back and forth.  Christian is impressing me.  Sheamus goes for the high cross. Christian counters and does a roll up.  1-2-3, Christian wins.  Great match before over the limit which I predict Christian will win to become 2 time champion in a time period of two weeks.  Here comes a big black man running to the ring.  Wait, it’s Mark Henry.  Orton up at the ramp with a mic in his hand. Runs to the ring and saves Christian. I smell a heel turn coming, but from who? Christian or Orton?

Promos for Over the Limit.  Hate the stupid promos.  But let’s go ahead and talk about Over the Limit.  It’s Cena against the Miz in an “I Quit” match.  R-Truth vs. Rey Misterio.  Michael Cole vs. Jerry the King Lawler in a “Kiss my Foot” match.  Christian vs Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella (boring).

Brie Bella in the ring vs Natalya.  Haven’t seen Natalya in a while.  Where has she been?  Nunzio was the referee for this match.  Brie Bella with the win.  I can’t believe Natalya lost to Brie.  I hope she’s not on her way to being a jobber.

Ezekiel Jackson in the ring cutting a promo.  A first.  The crowd seems dead.  I think the crowd was getting restless.  Out comes the Bore, I mean the Corre.  Teddy Long out to match a six match tag match.  Add to Ezekiel the Big Show and Kane.  Ezekiel, Kane, and the Big Show win.  Ezekiel with a crazy submission on Gabriel.  Gabriel calls it quits.

Christian promo.  They asked him how he felt about Orton helping him.  Says it took Orton a while to get down there, no?  Says that this Sunday he will take his title back and that there will be no hard feelings.

Chavo’s music hits.  Ooh Chavo. I hope they’re finally pushing this guy.  Says that Sin Cara embarrassed him last week.  Chavo brought him and this is how he repays him.  Sin Cara would not have been able to beat Daniel Bryan.  Says he will beat Daniel Bryan in less than 5 minutes.  Apparently Chavo is going one on one against Sin Cara this Sunday at Over the Limit.  The clock is a tickin down.  Great match.  Chavo with three suplexes in a row and a frog splash on Bryan just before the clock is about to expire.  1-2.. Bryan kicks out.  Chavo does not succeed in beating Bryan in 5 minutes.  Sin Cara’s music hits.  Sin Cara takes Chavo out of the ring.

Ted Dibiase accompanied by Cody Rhodes.  With Cody is two gentlemen with the bags.  Cody asks for a bag and says that this bag is for you (Dibiase).  Ted Dibiase surprisingly puts it on.  What’s your name son.  My name is Corpus Christi.  Why is he hiding?  Corpus Christi is hideous.  Corpus Christi in a Mexican accent says that he wears a bag cause everyone is hideous, his father, his mother.  Pretty funny actually.  Go Dibiase.

No way, he’s here! Trent Berretta is here. And he’s facing Ted Dibiase. Ted Dibiase, easy win. Puts mask on Berretta.

Orton vs Mark Henry coming up. Let’s go to the back to see what Orton has to say. Oops we have to wait til the following boring match scheduled for 1 fall. The Great Kali vs Jay Uzo. Seems like they’re bringing WWE Superstars to Smackdown. Match is boring just like I thought. Now here comes an Indian guy yelling at the great Kali. I wish i knew the language. Google translate is useless in this case.

Orton vs. Mark Henry finally. Decent match. Orton going for the RKO. Mark Henry escapes to the outside. In comes Sheamus. Sheamus and Henry both picking apart Randy Orton. Christian down to the ramp. Taking his time, stretching his arms, looking at the action inside the ring. Here comes Christian to the ring. Saves Orton but Orton is upset, pushes Christian. Christian is like, why you pushing me for, I came here to help you. Sheamus and Henry back in the ring. Christian takes out Sheamus and then Orton RKO’s Mark Henry. Then he does some cheerleader move where he kicks his feet up to his hands. Totally weird and uncalled for. I think I’ll hate him just for that.

Overall the show was kind of boring considering that this was the show that was leading into Sunday’s pay per view.

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