Wrestling Breakdown Show May 22.2011 Including Over the Limit predictions

Posted: May 23, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

Wrestling Breakdown Show May 22.2011

Today the Wrestling Breakdown Show is dedicated to the Macho Man Randy Savage who died in the result of a car accident. Reports indicate that his wife was in the car at the time and she survived.

Randall Mario Poffo (November 15, 1952 – May 20, 2011), better known by his ring name “Macho Man” Randy Savage, was an American professional wrestler, hip-hop artist and actor, best known for his time with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Savage held twenty championships during his professional wrestling career and is a six-time world champion: a two-time WWF Champion, four-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Also a one-time WWF Intercontinental Champion, WWE has named Savage the greatest champion of all time and credited him for bringing “a higher level of credibility to the title through his amazing in-ring performances.” Aside from championships, Savage is the 1987 WWF King of the Ring and the 1995 WCW World War 3 winner. For much of his tenures in the WWF and WCW, he was managed by his real life wife, “Miss Elizabeth” Hulette.

Savage was recognizable by wrestling fans for his distinctively deep and raspy voice, his ring attire (often comprising sunglasses, a bandana or head band, flashy robes, and a cowboy hat), intensity exhibited in and out of the ring, and his signature catch phrase (“Ooh yeah!”). The WWE has said of Savage, “Few Superstars were as dynamic as “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

He was the celebrity spokesman for Slim Jim snack foods in the mid-to-late 1990s and still is noted for this today. His catch phrase in the ads was “Snap into a Slim Jim, oooooh yeah!” In 1998, Savage accepted an award from Harvard University’s humor society Harvard Lampoon as Man of the Year.

On the morning of May 20, 2011, Savage died after a single vehicle automobile accident while driving on a street in Seminole, Florida, a town on the Pinellas County side of the Tampa Bay area. He was 58 years old. It is suspected he may have had a heart attack, which led to his losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a tree. His wife Lynn was also in the automobile but received only minor injuries. This report was later confirmed by Savage’s brother, Lanny Poffo


WWE Champion Cena Enters/ Alex Riley Interrupts – Cena came out said one word and was already interrupted by Alex Riley. Riley says Cena says the same old crap: “Hustle, Loyalty & Respect, He never quits and hell beat the Miz at over the limit give or take right cena.” He says Cena should watch this video.

Miz Video – Basically a AWESOME video with AWESOME music of the AWESOME one The Miz taking out Cena over and over and over again.

Miz Enters/ Alex Riley & John Cena continued – John Cena has been in 3 of the 13 I Quit! Matches in history beating JBL, Batista & Randy Orton.                                                                                       Riley: From WWE Tough Enough all the way to the main event at Wrestlemania 27 the people said The Miz didn’t have what it takes and he should quit. The people also said the spurs would make it out of the first round of the playoffs and we saw what happened there. This Sunday at Over The Limit The Miz will win b/c he will never Say the words I Quit!                                                                                                 Cena: he says Riley is as stupid as he is useless. Cena list things Miz would never say like rejecting Jonas brothers tickets, stop playing with his my little pony, I’m the Miz and I have testicles and that’s a shame b/c Miz will need a set 4 an I Quit match. Cena say he recognizes that the Miz went from laughing stock to WWE Champion and he respects the Miz for that. But he chooses this match for a reason b/c when cena looks past Miz’s suits and bravado he sees fear in the Miz. Whether the Miz will get hurt, or say I quit right before he gets hurt. After over the Limit The Miz won’t be saying I’m the Miz and I’m Awesome, He be saying I’m the Miz and I quit.

Anonymous GM – Since the GM allowed Cena to pick the Over The Limit stipulation, Miz chooses the stipulation and opponent for Cena’s match tonight. Miz says he doesn’t know yet what the stipulation or opponent in Cena’s match will be but it going to be AWESOME.

Kofi Kingston (U.S. Champion/Mid-carder for life) vs. CM Punk w/NEXUS – good match not too long and CM Punk makes his ring return by showing why I call Kofi Kingston a mid-carder for life and why Kofi doesn’t deserve to be the United States Champion. The exclamation point to end the match with a beautiful GTS. CM punk did what he said he’d do and that was lead by example with a clean victory over the soon to be former U.S. Champ. I hope Punk is now the #1 contender to the title but gives it away to Mason Ryan after he wins the U.S. title.

No More Mister Nice Punk – Punk says he won’t be nice anymore. It’s time for him to do things his way. He won’t stop until each member of nexus is individually and collectively the most dominant force the WWE has ever seen.

Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly – 2 minutes really 2 minutes that’s how much the divas get anyway Kelly beats Brie with some rolling pin. This probably means she’s the #1contender to the divas title. Please make it a tables match at Over the Limit.  Kharma Interrupts the Bellas double teaming Kelly Kelly and Implant buster to Brie Bella this segment got 3 ½ minutes while the match only got 2 unbelievable.

Miz talking to Ziggler w/Vickie, Big show, Mason Ryan w/CM Punk, Kane W/Big Show, R-Truth

Rey “Chihuahua” Mysterio – He whines about Truth What’s-upping him last week after his match. Mysterio says he has been passed over before and he knows how it feels but he has never lost it before like truth did last week. (Maybe he never lost it before like that b/c he is a face for life.) He doesn’t blame other people for his own problems. He doesn’t attack people when he doesn’t get his way. He wants to call out the guy the guy that jumps him and deal with him like a man.

Alberto Del Rio – He says Mysterio is the reason he isn’t facing Cena at Over The Limit. Mysterio doesn’t deserve to be on the same show as him. The reason is b/c he Del Rio is a full blooded Mexican. This county begged Del Rio to come here. Mysterio’s people came to America like rats. Mysterio says he is proud to be Mexican and American. Mysterio challenges Del Rio.

Rey “Chihuahua” Mysterio vs. Essence of Excellence Alberto Del Rio – Match was pretty good a little too much of the stress moves for my taste in the middle of the match R-Truth standing in the rafters says someone should call the cops b/c Mysterio stole his spot in the #1 contenders match last week and stole his opportunity for the title. Ricardo Rodriguez blocks the 619 and Del Rio capitalizes by shoving Rey into the steel ring post. He follows it up with a flying Senton. Truth stomps on Rey after the match and finishes with a “Shut Up”. Truth says no one challenges him, he makes the challenges, just like he took out Rey tonight he will do the same thing on Sunday.

Official Contract Signing of Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. “The Voice of the WWE” Sir Michael Cole W/Jack Swagger –  Obviously there was violence there has never been a wwe contract signing that I can remember ending peacefully with Lawler slamming Coles face on the table by pulling his tie and flipping the table on him. We found out the match will be a kiss your feet match. We got a video of Lawler losing a kiss your feet match to Bret Hart in King of the Ring 1995. Lawler was claiming that Cole took a former World Champion in Swagger and reduced him to a lowly sidekick of a commentator. Cole said no one really remembers Swagger as World Champion. Swagger becoming his sidekick was the greatest thing that could happen to swagger’s career. All of these comments pissed Swagger off which caused him to turn on Cole.

WWE TAG CHAMPS KANE & BIG SHOW vs. Michael Mcguillicuty & David Otunga (NEXUS) – Surprisingly good match. Two giants against rookies. I wasn’t expecting Nexus to get the win but I’m happy they did. Also the return of the McGuillicutter.   Big Show and Kane really didn’t have a lot of offense here so it made nexus look really good. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ryan and Punk win the tag titles at over the limit. I doubt it will happen but I can always hope.

Scott Stanford in the back W/Kane & Big Show – Show says this win won’t affect them. New nexus had a good night but anyone can have a good night. Despite that he and the big red machine are still tag champions. Kane says Sunday will be New Nexus’ annihilation.

Yet another Zack Ryder spotting on Raw. Cena walks to the ring and gets a T-shirt and fist bump.

No Holds Barred Match: John Cena vs. Jack Swagger – Not the greatest match in the world, but it served its purpose. This match got quite a lot of time. I was hoping for a 15 man gauntlet match but this was okay. Of course Cena got the win which I wasn’t happy about. I especially didn’t like when super-cena mode turned on it just made it seem so fake and cheap.


“Captain Charisma” Christian vs. “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus – Good match there was nice innovative offense from Sheamus. Usual stuff from Christian was present. Story was told well, Christian picks up the roll up victory. I could say how I love watching Christian wrestle & how it’s nice to see a good strong match rather than a squash by either of these two guys but I think we all know this is just t bide us over until the world title match on Sunday.  After the match Mark Henry and Sheamus attack Christian which could mean in a later PPV there will be a fatal four way match between these superstars. But I don’t think they would switch the present world title match so close to over the limit. Randy Orton came out to save Christian b/c of course he going with the story that he wants to face Christian at 100 %.

Todd Grisham with the Bellas backstage – He asks why Brie let Nikki in the ring to deal with Kharma alone. Brie makes up with Nikki. She also complains about having to face Natalya now and Kelly Kelly at Over the Limit for her Divas Title.

Brie Bella (Divas Champion) vs. Natalya – Short match as all divas matches are in the crappy divas era. Natalya’s kip up was impressive for someone as powerful as she is. She had a mostly grounded offense with head locks while brie reversed them with talent. Brie picks up the win to give the champion momentum going into her match will Kelly Kelly at over the limit. NUNZIO THE REF. Wow a divas match that didn’t end with Kharma attacking someone after it.

Ezekiel Jackson – I missed Zeke’s entrance music. Zeke’s goal when he first came to smackdown was to write another chapter in the book of Ezekiel and it was supposed to be about total domination. He promised himself he would make an impact so he joined The Corre. The first night The Corre came out and took over. That night he slammed the big show. Then he thought does he need The Corre or do they need him. But The Corre jus wouldn’t let him walk away. He admits the last 2 weeks he took beating but they can’t break him. They unleashed a force that cannot be stopped. He will not sleep or eat till The Corre has suffered. Wade Barrett is first on the suffering list. It says in his book of Ezekiel “Your championship reign will come to an end, because I am the personification of Domination.”

The Corre enters – They come out to attack Zeke but teddy long ruins the fun by making a match The Corre (Barrett, Slater & Gabriel) vs. Big Show, Zeke & Henry.

The Corre (Barrett, Slater & Gabriel) vs. Big Show, Zeke & Henry – Big guys vs. not so big guys. I was surprised at how much time this match got. The Corre in general aren’t given enough time in their matches. The Corre are also made to look weak in their matches which was not the case here. My favorite part of the match was the end when Zeke slammed Gabriel 5 times. The decision was won by Zeke with a submission which shows Zeke can do more than squash you and then lie upon you for 3 seconds.

Christian Backstage Promo – Christian happiest moment in his life was when he won the World Title. Orton better watch out b/c he is coming for him at Over The Limit. Regardless of what happened at Smackdown 2night at Over the Limit he will be at 100 %.

Chavo takes credit for training Sin Cara and bringing him into the WWE. He says he will beat Daniel Bryan in 5 minutes which is something that took Sin Cara 15 minutes. He knows at Sunday he will beat Sin Cara I less than 5 minutes.

Chavo Gurrero Jr. vs. Daniel Bryan in a 5 minute challenge – good math by two in ring veterans. Chavo really looked like he belong in the ring it’s too bad the opportunities are too few. His best moment was when he reversed the Labelle lock which many people have trouble doing. Chavo hit the triple suplexes “The Three Amigos and followed it up with a frogsplash. Even through all that Daniel Bryan kicked out and time expired before Chavo could get the win. Of course this led to Chavo taking out his frustrations on Daniel Bryan which caused Sin Cara to come out and attack Chavo, knocking him out of the ring.

Priceless/Legacy Reunion – “The Undashing One” Cody Rhodes comes out and he is joined by ex Legacy/ex-priceless/ex-3x tag team champion partner “The Million Dollar Son” Ted DiBiase. Cody does his thing where he gives out bags for the live audience to put very their heads. He and Ted enter the ring where Cody asks ted to put a bag on his head and he does. Ted says his name is Corpus Christi and he puts a bag on his head b/c he is hideous. Ted says he wears the bag to school and at home b/c his teachers and father are hideous and his mom is very hideous. Cody talks a bit and when the crowd starts shouting he shuts at the crowd that he told them t shut up and put the bags on. This got massive boos from the fans. Cody says the only reason a man would wear a paper bag is because what once was a blooming flower is now a wilted shrub.

Ted DiBiase vs. Trent Baretta – This was pretty much a squash to get Ted over. I see all that hard work by Baretta in WWE Superstars in WWE.com-land paid off lol.

The Great Khali vs. Jey Uso w/ Jimmy Uso/ Jinder Mahal enters – Khali was taking it easy in the ring until Jinder called him out and got Khali to act more aggressive and take out Jey with the Punjabi Plunge for the win as well as take out Jimmy.

Backstage with Randy Orton – Orton pushes Mark Henry saying he can breaks someone’s neck in a matter of seconds. He says Christians claim that he will be 100 % at Over the Limit is an out and out lie.

Randy Orton (World Champion) vs. Mark Henry “WSM” – Orton goes for the RKO but Mark Henry escapes to the outside. In comes Sheamus. Sheamus and Henry start to pick apart Randy Orton. Christian comes out to the ramp.  He takes his time, stretching his arms, looking at the ring. Christian comes to the ring & makes the save but a little scuffle breaks out between Orton & Christian but no time for dat Henry & Sheamus come back in the ring. Christian tosses out Sheamus while Orton RKOS Henry and does a super high jump and cheer in celebration. Orton looked like a school girl. In the end Orton shakes Christian’s hand and thanks him for his help.

Matches Yus The Bus wants Yus The Bus thinks Akiva Wants Akiva Thinks
World Title Randy Orton vs. Christian Christian Randy Orton Christian Christian
WWE Title John Cena vs. The Miz (“I Quit” Match) Miz John Cena John Cena John Cena
WWE Tag Titles Big Show & Kane vs. CM Punk & Mason Ryan CM PUNK & Mason Ryan CM Punk & Mason Ryan CM Punk & Mason Ryan CM Punk & Mason Ryan
Intercontinental Title Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson Barrett Zeke Zeke Zeke
Divas Title Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly
Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero Chavo Gurrero Chavo Guerrero Chavo Gurrero Chavo Guerrero
Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole (KMFM) Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler
Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth R-Truth R-Truth R-Truth R-Truth

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