Monday Night Raw 5 23 11

Posted: May 24, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

By Akiva Murguia

We start off with Jerry the King Lawler coming out saying that he is glad that the feud between him and Cole is over. He says he had a ace up his sleeve, or rather a Hart up his sleeve at Over the Limit because he knew Cole might try to wiggle out.  Lawler introduces Bret Hart. Hart starts talking before he is interrupted by none other than…R-Truth.

R-Truth wants a championship title match.  The anonymous Raw General Manager sets up a match for tonight to see if R-Truth deserves a title shot.  Tonight’s match will be between Cena and Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth and John Cena and the guest referee will be none other than Bret Hart.

Tag Team Championship Match between the champions Kane and Big show vs. Otunga and Michael McGillicutty accompanied by CM Punk and Mason Ryan who join Josh Matthews and Lawler at the announcers table.

And we have new champions!!! Finally.

Kane and Big Show’s reaction to the match and the ensuing running over of the Big Show by Alberto Del Rio and his ring announcer Ricardo Rodriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiguez.

Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger – Swagger with the quick victory.

Jack Swagger doing a victory lap before getting kicked in the face.  Good, he had it coming.

Cole walking around in the back.  He looks dejected.

The voice of the WWE, Michael Cole! You gotta check out the chant from the crowd.

Jerry the King Lawler and Michael Cole make up. The feud is officially over.  Thank G-d.

Enter the Miz.  The Miz says that there is only one reason that I lost the title last night and it is you Alex Riley.  The Miz wants another chance at Cena with A-Ri banned from ringside.  His request is denied.  Says A-Ri is a worthless piece of space.  A-Ri answers that it wasn’t him who said I quit.  The Miz fires A-Ri.  The Miz shoves A-Ri in the face.  A-Ri had enough.  He beats him up all over the place.  What a huge ovation for Alex Riley.

Some chicks fighting. Here comes Kharma, like we didn’t see that coming, but it is always exciting to see her.  7 divas in the ring against one.  What will happen?  Kharma in the center of the ring, falls to her knees.  Starts crying. Huh?

We go to Alberto Del Rio who wants to talk about the earlier incident when his ring announcer ran over Big Show.  He says it’s not his fault.

Finally the WWE’s tribute of Randy Macho Man Savage.

Last match.  Tag team match between R-Truth and CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio and John Cena.  Check out CM Punk’s trunks showing his respect to the Macho Man.

Nice match.  I think nobody is more loved and more hated than John Cena.  This is apparent from the “Let’s go Cena” “Cena sucks” chants coming from the crowd.

What kind of officiating is this by Bret Hart? Cena and Mysterio win with the help of Bret Hart who did the sharp shooter on CM Punk.  I’m surprised that the General Raw Manager didn’t disqualify Cena and Mysterio for that blatant interference by Bret Hart.

We will have to wait until next week to see if R-Truth lost his chance at fighting for the WWE title.

Great Raw and a great Pay-Per View last night.

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