Smackdown 5 27 11

Posted: May 29, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views
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This Sunday, May 29th, The Wrestling Breakdown Show will air at 2pm Israel time, 7am EST. Tune in as we cover the week in review of the latest WWE action. We will bring our unique knowledge and insights to the show and throw some humor into the mix.  Only on Israel Sports Radio.

We start Smackdown with Randy Orton.  Christian comes in and says that the match could have gone either way (which is true) last week.  Here comes Sheamus.  Says that Christian is pathetic.  I mean, come on, how many times will you try to beat Randy Orton.  It took you 17 years to win your first world championship and you will have to wait 17 more because of last week you became a two time loser.  Sheamus is a two time world champion. Sheamus is the star of the show. Yes! Mark Henry.  I like this guy. He’s about to interject some good sense into this conversation.  Says Edge is waiting for Christian at the golf club.  Mark Henry as the World’s Strongest Man does not have to wait for a shot at the title.  Teddy Long again.  Does he have to show up every week?  I bet he’s going to do some kind of tag team match or fatal something way.  Teddy Long says Christian had his opportunity.  But the people should choose who the number one contender is.  That’s just stupid.  Of course the people will pick Christian.  Does Christian deserve another chance at the title.  Cheers from the crowd.  The people have spoken.  Christian, you’re not free playa.  You have to earn it.  Therefore the main even is a triple threat match to determine the number one contender for the heavyweight champion.  I was right, I knew it would be some kind of crazy match because that is all that Teddy Long does. Oh, and holla!

And we’re back.  Wow, we have a rematch between Sin Cara (without a face) and Chavo Guerrero.  I could watch this match every week.  I never fast forward Sin Cara matches.  This was a great match last week and it will be a good match this week too.  The thing about Sin Cara, I get nervous watching him.  He botches a nice amount of moves.  He needs to work on that.   Michael Cole just said we need someone to translate Booker T.  Funny cause it’s true.  Weird, Booker T says that Sin Cara got a lot of his moves from him.  That is exactly what Chavo has been saying the whole time.  Sin Cara copies his moves from Chavo and Booker.  Sin Cara, get your own moves.  Nice “Chavo sucks” chant.  Sin Cara with some kind of flying DDT with his legs.  Wow, you will have to check that out for yourself.   1-2-3 and the win for Sin Cara.  The fans really love Sin Cara.  I wish we could hear him speak but we would need a translator. Check out the whole match!

Cody Rhodes and his brown baggers are up.  If I didn’t know any better I would be convinced there is no God. Because every town I go to I literally pray that I will see a mildly attractive face and every time I am disappointed.  This is why he is going to paper bag the audience.  Funny.  Shut up and bag yourselves.  The man says the truth.  They should make human size paper bags so that they can cover themselves completely.  Cody says that he is a hero. Woah, speaking of heroes, the hero’s music plays, it’s Daniel Bryan. Nice match.  I expect Cody to win this match.  Daniel Bryan with the win which I would call an upset.  Great match though.

Next WWE Pay Per View event Capitol Punishment is June 19th from the American capitol, Washington DC.

Obama comments on the Pay Per View Capitol Punishment

The Monster’s Brawl is up next.  Kane vs. the “great” Khali.  A battle of two giants.  I wish they would change Khali’s music but I guess they won’t because I see that the people dig it.  We have a clip from last week’s match between Jey Uso and out came Jinder Mahal. He told Khali something. Mahal slapped him.  After that Khali went ballistic on Uso for the win. Back to the action in the ring, Kane with the win.  Khali is a slow wrestler.  In comes Jinder Mahal and he ain’t happy.  Is he saying what I think he is saying.  Just kidding.  I don’t know speak Hindi.  I have no idea what he is saying. This Jinder guy is intense.  He slaps Khali again.  No way.  That is two weeks in a row. Ranjin Singh, Khali’s manager has had enough.  Jinder manhandles him and Khali with the save.  Ranjin Singh starts yelling at Mahal only to see Khali put his huge hands on his manager in a grueling vice grip.  Khali is officially a heel (bad guy).  Finally.  His character was getting stale.

Booker T is in the ring.  He wants to announce something.  What can it be?  He wants to call someone to the ring and that someone is Michael Cole.  I wonder what this is about.  Michael Cole doesn’t want to come in the ring but he does.  Check it out.

Women’s action.  Tamina is back and not as a manager.  Wow, she is looking good. She is teaming up with Alicia Fox vs. AJ and Kaitlyn.  Natalya has taken some kind of interest in helping them.  Never heard of AJ and Kaitlyn but again, I usually forward women’s matches. Oh, they came from NXT. I bet Yus “the Bus” knows that. Alicia Fox with Booker’s finishing move and the win.  I’ll spare you the action.


We’re getting ready for the number one contender’s triple threat match. Whoever wins will face Randy Orton next week on Friday Night Smackdown.

And we’re live.  Henry and Sheamus have a big advantage over Christian here in that they can both help each other out. Orton comes out.  He wants a ring side seat to look at the action, to see who will face him next week.  Exciting finish to the match but you gotta check it out yourself.  Glad the WWE was not predictable on this one.

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