WWE OVER THE LIMIT 2011 commentary by Yus The Bus Friedman

Posted: June 1, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views
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World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Christian

WWE Champion John Cena def. The Miz (“I Quit” Match)

Jerry Lawler def. Michael Cole (Kiss My Foot Match)

WWE Tag Team Champions Big Show & Kane def. CM Punk & Mason Ryan

Ezekiel Jackson def. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett (Disqualification)

R-Truth def. Rey Mysterio

Divas Champion Brie Bella def. Kelly Kelly

Sin Cara def. Chavo Guerrero

R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio – It was a nice match that got a good amount of time. There was no way in the blue hell that I thought truth would get a clean win over Mysterio but he did with excellent ring awareness and the signature move “Shut Up!” But what does this mean for truth he just beat a former 2x wwe champion clean. I though this should have been a #1 contenders match for the World title. Seeing that the next PPV is Money in the bank they need time for qualifying matches. They also need time for those 12 – 16 man tag matches that they have with all the money in the bank competitors. What is sad is that even if truth becomes the #1 contender for the WWE Championship Mysterio will 100% be in the Money in the bank ladder match. I think this should have been a #1 contender’s match with the loser receiving a one month ban from world title contendership opportunities. After the match R-Truth gets a drink of water and smacks Mysterio in the head with the bottle.

The Miz backstage with Todd Grisham – He asks The Awesome One what he meant when he said he would beat cena in a way no one ever thought of. Miz says he’ll tell him when he wants everyone else to know. He builds upon that saying that Cena has overlooked that he has never face The Miz in an I Quit! Match. Granted Cena has faced JBL, Batista & Orton in previous I Quit! Matches but Miz is smarter than them all combined. In addition, people don’t think he can beat Cena. Those are the same people that said when Miz joined the WWE he would be fired in 3 days or that he would cash in Money in the Bank and lose. They also said Miz was a fluke WWE Champion but he proved them all wrong and he will do it again. We should all trust that The Miz has a plan and has a way to get cena to quit. By the end of the night Cena will say I quit and Miz will say he is the Miz and he is the new WWE Champion.

Intercontinental Title Match – Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett© – Barrett had control most of the first half of the match but towards the end it was all Zeke. He body slammed Barrett six times before going to the torture rack submission move. Of course before Barrett could tap out Gabriel and Slater interfered getting Barrett disqualified so he wouldn’t lose the title just the match. Zeke stood strong body slamming Gabriel & Slater until Wade hit him with the black hole slam.

CM punk w/ Mason Ryan – Punk tells Ryan all he needs to avoid is the chokeslam and big right hand. They find Otunga and McGuillicuty lying on the floor having been attacked by Big Show and Kane. Punk says they should walk it off that was funny. Then Ryan questions whether punk cares about nexus and he says yes but he cares more about himself and Ryan and winning the tag titles.

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. – Obviously we knew that this would be a great match between two veterans. Although Sin Cara’s high-risk, high flying offense is exciting he really needs to learn how to wrestle WWE style. Wrestling Chavo every once and awhile wouldn’t hurt him. He needs to wrestle guys that can control a match so he doesn’t have to do too many out of nowhere lucha libre moves. Either way great match with great spots. Unfortunately the finish by Sin Cara was botched so we couldn’t really see what he was trying to do. I think it would be beneficial to do the reverse STO Moonsault off the top rope or some sort of submission move to end his matches but maybe people watching live didn’t see the screw-up as bad. I don’t like the way Chavo has been used these past few years and would be happy for him to start a tag team or something. It is clear Chavo can still go in the ring. Sin Cara winning is pretty obvious after all his hype and the fact that Chavo hasn’t had a real match in 3 years.

Backstage Orton & Christian – Christian says he won’t lose; Orton says Christian has a feel good story but he makes feel good stories end without happily ever afters.

Del Rio Ring promo – I can’t really give my opinion here. PPVs are for wrestling and backstage interviews if necessary. This was overkill. Del Rio has been a World Title contender for over half a year just to be brought down to this level. He has no match at the PPV he basically is the new Drew McIntyre. He is basically begging for a match it is pathetic and unfortunate and I’m pissed at the WWE for doing this to someone with great potential.

WWE Tag Title Match: Kane & Big Show vs. CM Punk & Mason Ryan – Monster and Giant wipe out evil nexus. Mason Ryan looked good and dominant  as he always does. CM Punk looks like a jacka$$. Why is Punk even still competing in the WWE if he is just a toned down version of himself. Every match with these two giants the former 3-time world champion gets his butt kicked. This isn’t a freakin fairy tale the evil guys that look scary can win matches.

Divas Title Match – DON’T WATCH THIS EXCUSE FOR DIVAS WRESTLING!!!!! There is no one who should have to sit through this sorry excuse of a match that is unless you like good looking girls fighting each other. What’s Up WWE you lost Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Victoria, Trish, Ivory, Molly and Lita big deal. Layla, Nattie, Eve and Beth Pheonix all deserve this shot more than Kelly Kelly. In case you wanted to know Brie won the match. I’m Sorry but this is inexcusable. I’m Done talking about Divas, because I want female wrestlers. 

World Title Match: “Captain Charisma” Christian vs.”The Viper” Randy Orton© – This match pardon the copyright infringement was an instant classic. Wow an excellent match between these guys. Orton and Christian have good chemistry. I especially like Christians spinebuster I don’t think I’ve ever seen that from him. Also Christian reversing the Angle Slam was impressive. Christian also reversed the second rope DDT. It seemed like both men scouted each other very well since there were a lot of reversals. I love that Inverted Headlock Neckbreaker Orton does. Holy Freaking crap Orton just put on the Inverted Boston Crab or as the wrestling world knows it Colt Cabana’s Billy Goat’s Curse. Oh my god Christian just reversed the RKO. Orton reversed the spear into a body slam. Christian reversed the punt into a spear. Finally after what Booker T claimed was 30 minutes RKO RKO RKO RKO RKO. Orton pulls away with the victory and his World Heavyweight Championship. After the match Orton and Christian shook hands good sport, good sport.

Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. “The Voice of the WWE” Michael Cole – Cole came out before the match with a doctor’s note claiming that his athletes foot became infected and he is banned from in ring competition. If he sticks his foot in Lawler’s mouth it could be a danger to Lawler and himself. The referee ripped up the doctors note and the match got started Cole was wearing a suit. The only time in the match when Cole had control was the beginning when Lawler ran at Cole and he reversed it slamming Lawler into the steps twice as well as into the barricade once. After that, it was all Lawler. He hit his Fist Drop from the 2nd rope into Coles face and pinned Cole for the win. Lawler brought out Eve Torres who has been the victim of Coles rants to Moonsault Cole from the top rope. J.R. came out to pour BBQ sauce in Cole’s mouth and all over his body. Cole managed to escape up the ramp calling J.R. and Lawler losers and said he would never kiss Lawler’s foot. This brought out Bret “The Hitman” Hart who rolled Cole back into the ring. Bret then locked the Sharpshooter on Michael Cole followed by Lawler sticking his foot down Cole throat. It was said that Lawler hadn’t washed his foot for a week. I guess the only two people who know if that’s true are Lawler & Cole.

WWE Title I Quit! Match – “The Awesome One” The Miz w/ Alex Riley vs. John “The Panderer” Cena – The Miz picked up a mic at the beginning of the match to tell him that because there are no rules in an I Quit! Match Riley will be acting as a Miz enforcer for the match. Back and forth till Cena hit Miz with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. When Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment Miz reverses it with an inverted Reality Check. Cena reverses the Skull Crushing Finale into the Attitude Adjustment and Alex Riley hits Cena in the head with the steel briefcase again, again, again, again, again Alex Riley smacks Cena with the briefcase six plus times. Now a double powerbomb from Riley and Miz to Cena. Miz and Riley Irish whipping Cena into the exposed steel barricade was awesome. Riley and Miz hit Cena in the gut and head with TV Monitors from the Commentators table. Miz whips Cena into the steps and now a DDT onto the steps. Riley hits Cena with a Con-step-to. Cena says Miz hits like a girl and Miz hits Cena around 30 times with a Kendo stick. Miz warns Cena if he doesn’t quit hell hit him with a leather strap. Cena responds to The Miz saying he might have a leather strap but he’s got no balls. Miz hits Cena with the leather strap. Cena shows a sign of life knocking Miz off his feet and Riley into the ring post but yes HAHAHAHAHAHAHA “The Awesome One” retaliates with a steel chair. Cena comes back but yes Scorpion Death Drop to Cena. Miz sets up an unfolded steel chair between the second and third ropes and gives Cena a Skull Crushing Finale right into it. Miz asks a kid in the crowd if Cena should quit, and the kid says “Never, not one day.” Twice Miz hits Cena in the head with the microphone. Miz traps Cena inside the steel barricade and hits him with the steel chair over the head. Riley tells Miz to quit and Cena says I Quit! yes The Awesome one the most must see WWE Champion in WWE history has become the only person in WWE history to make cena say I Quit!. The winner of this match and the new WWE Champion The Miz. Mike Chioda goes out to get The Miz his WWE Championship and finds a recording device/ cellphone I think outside the ring and listens to it and gives the WWE title back to the ring-keeper. Chioda plays the recording on the device and its Cena’s voice saying I Quit!  Referee Mike Chioda restarts the match. Riley hits Miz mistakenly with the title because of a ducking Cena. Cena Attitude Adjustment through the Announce table to Alex Riley. Cena chases Miz up the ramp whipping Miz with his belt. Now Cena locks on the STF on the ramp. Miz quits and Cena retains the WWE Championship.


The Final Verdict

All in all the PPV was typical a face PPV if you will. Cena and Orton keep their titles as well as Kane and The Big Show. Sin Cara won his match with a hugely botched finishing maneuver. Why could he just hit the reverse STO of the top rope? Why could Cara win with some sort of submission move? Who knows why? Christian lost to Orton but this can’t be the end not by a long shot. In 3-4 months we will get us a rematch of sorts between these two I predict in 3 or 4 man-matches. Truth got the win which is one of two wins that made me happy. Not only a win but a clean win over a 2x World Champion. Barrett won which I wanted b/c I am a huge mark for Barrett plain and simple. Cena vs. Miz is this the end I don’t think so. If it is where will Miz go? To fight for the U.S. Title is too low. Who knows where the Miz will go. Punk is screwed Ryan’s career boost is put on pause. Just to keep up the Senior Citizen cause. Jinder and Khali next for Kane and Big Show?  Maybe some more Corre or Nexus Only The Execs know. Screw this match and screw the WWE for crapping up the tag team division once again. If the WWE doesn’t like tag team wrestling than why are there two factions (The Corre & The Nexus) still around. The WWE better put their thinking caps on read my blog and stop sneezing out of their ears. If they care so little about tag teams they should take both factions split them up have elimination matches and fire the$$e$ of whomever loses. I am done talking continue reading about the crappiest PPV of the year. Finally we get to The Cole, mine broken and all his sucked on Lawler’s feet as Eve, J.R., Lawler & Bret Hart stood tall. The 3rd best match of the PPV had a guy who hasn’t had a real match in 3 years shine what is going on I don’t know what the WWE is thinking but they better change fast or they will be losing a lot of money.

I hear the return of Raw roulette is on the Horizon maybe then Zack Ryder will win the WWE Title who knows until next time I’m Yus The Bus to all my passengers keep on rolling.

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