Wrestling Breakdown Show 5.29.11 – WWE RAW 5.23.11, WWE SMACKDOWN 5.30.2011

Posted: June 3, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

Wrestling Breakdown Show 5.29.11

WWE RAW 5.23.2011

Unfortunately I didnt finish Smackdown but will finish and update Saturday Night

Quote of the week: “Don’t Miss your tee time.” Mark Henry to Christian.

Jerry “The Princess” Lawler/ Bret Hart runs his mouth – He’s says the National Nightmare is over. He had a Hart up his sleeve last night and introduces Bret “The Hitman” Hart. He says over the years he and Lawler have had their differences. But Bret has always respected Lawler. Just like everyone else on the planet he has zero respect for Michael Cole. It was his pleasure making Cole get what he deserved.

R-Truth Time/ Bret Hart Cont. – He says it’s an honor to see Hitman Hart. Truth: You must be what a 90 time WWE Champion. He tells Bret to ignore the crowd b/c they ain’t got no senses, they ain’t got no home training. He dares Bret to ask him how many WWE Title opportunities he has gotten. Truth says zero. Truth says maybe he doesn’t get his shot b/c he doesn’t give the crowd anything. Truth is going to experiment. He gives little Jimmy the glasses becoming good R-Truth so he should be next in line for the WWE Title. Boos from the crowd cause him to agree with him and he takes the glasses with him. Truth thought giving the crowd what they wanted is more important than wins and losses but he knows better know. He figures since he took out Morrison & Mysterio he should be the #1 contender. He says may be if he took out a Hall-of-Famer he’d get the shot he deserves.

WWE Champion John Cena limping/ R-Truth Cont. – He calls Truth back to the ring. He acknowledges Bret’s in the ring and turns to Truth. He says he has been busy with the Miz that he missed when Truth became crazy “Jimmy’s, Johnny’s, Jeffery’s, What’s Up! Cena says he and Truth used to be cool. Truth says used to is a rooster from booster and Cena don’t know anything about cool or him. Cena laughs all of this off cracking up big time. I was watching and feeling the same way Cena was I was rolling on the floor laughing. Truth says the conspiracy he’s talking about is about Cena. These people make it all about John Cena. Cena says no John Cena makes it all about these people. R-Truth says then why do the people always say I want the new Cena wristband or T-shirt or Movie. Truth says he wants his son back. Truth says he never liked Cena. Cena and Hart are propaganda tools to make people feel good. Truth doesn’t care about these people or how they feel it’s all about him. He won’t feel right till he gets his WWE Championship match. Cena says he is a little banged up but somebody needs to knock some sense into Truth.

Anonymous GM – Though Truth has been impressive he wants to see more b4 he gives truth the title shot so he will be paying close attention to Truths tag match tonight. The match will be R-Truth & CM Punk vs. John Cena & Rey Mysterio. The referee will be Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Kane/Big Show/ Ricardo Rodriguez/ Alberto Del Rio Backstage – Kane & Big Show talking backstage on how Nexus runs in packs and how they will all be at the ring for their match tonight. Ricardo says something to Big Show b/c show is sitting on Del Rios Ferrari SPyder he gets shoved to the ground for his troubles. Alberto Del Rio comes to yell at Show and Kane in Spanish. The giants walk away with Show saying Del Rio better slow his roll.

WWE Tag Title Match – Big Show© & Kane© vs. David Otunga & Michael McGuillicuty W/Mason Ryan  & CM Punk  on Commentary(Nexus) –  Punk says that last night he had fever. I don’t understand why this match should be going on without Ryan in the ring if a 3x World Champion & Batista 2.0 Cant beat The Monster & The Giant why should two average sized guys be able to do it. I noticed Punk didn’t have a Pepsi with him at the announcers table you can take that as u want if you got the joke than good. Punk with the kick to the back of Shows head Double Piledriver DDT by Otunga & Mcguillicuty. NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!! NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!! NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!! NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!! NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!! NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!

Former WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS KANE & THE BIG SHOW Backstage WITH SCOTT STANFORD – Show is pissed; Del Rio slaps Show In the face, Show runs after Del Rio. Show gets hit by car driven by Ricardo Rodriguez. Show tries walking he falls down. Medics take care of Show.

Jack Swagger vs. Evan “Air” Bourne – Gut Wrench Powerbomb to Bourne Pinfall Swagger wins. Swagger soars around the ring celebrating, kick to the chin of swagger, Bourne runs to the stage. Not Much to talk about the match was only 2 ½ Minutes long.

“The Voice of The WWE” Michael Cole – “You Sucked Toes” chant. Michael Cole apologizes to everyone from Jerry to Josh to the Time Keeper, Justin Roberts and the WWE Universe. He says to Jerry he just wants to come home. He just want to do what he was hired to do sit next to Lawler and do commentary on Monday Night Raw. No more Colemines or announcers matches. He wants the WWE Universe to accept his apology and he really means it. Jerry thanks Michael for apologizing and being Professional. He also thanks him for giving him his Christmas card picture. Which is obviously Lawler sticking his foot down Coles throat. He offers Cole breath mints. Cole sits down at commentary.

The Most must see superstar in WWE history, “The Awesome One” The Miz w/ Alex Riley demand rematch/ RAW GM Rejects – Miz says the only reason he has lost his WWE title 3 times is Alex Riley. First at Extreme Rules when he wasn’t present at Miz Extreme Rules match. Then again at Monday Night Raw where riley exposed the fact that Miz used the WWE Championship as a weapon. Finally at Over the Limit Riley didn’t hide the cellphone with the I Quit! Recording. So Miz asks the Raw GM for a 1 on 1 rematch vs. Cena for the title with A-RI banned from ringside. He claims Cena wasn’t in a handicapped match last night he was b/c Riley is a buffoon. Miz is waiting for the GM to respond and says he will not be disrespected. Miz won’t leave the ring until the RAW GM chimes in.

RAW GM rejects Miz’s rematch request. The GM says Miz lost so as far as he sees it Miz is done with John Cena. The Miz flips out at Riley. He claims this is all Riley’s fault. That riley is a waste of space and that he wants to know if riley wants to explain himself. Riley says at least he didn’t say he quits. Miz says that he hired Riley to a personal services contract and without him he wouldn’t even be in the WWE. Miz to Riley: You rode my coattails to the main event of Wrestlemania. I have given you chance after chance after chance. You have been one disappointment after disappointment. I am sick of your mind numbing stupidity. You’re fired. The Miz smacks Riley in the face and riley strikes back. A brawl erupts between the two. Riley throws Miz into the barricade and over the Announcers table. Is Riley turning face or Miz turning face? The crowd erupts in cheers of “Riley, Riley, Riley, Riley, Riley.” Riley leaves Miz beaten in the ring.

Brie Bella©, Nikki Bella, Maryse and Melina vs. Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim & Eve Torres/ Bad Kharma – May I just say Melina and Kelly Kelly were super hot for this match. 30 seconds into the match Kharma comes to the ring to be surrounded by the 8 divas. Kharma breaks down in the middle of the ring shaking forward and backward with looks of fear muttering to herself.

U.S. Champion Kofi Kingston© vs. Drew McIntyre/Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler Backstage – I notice Drew has new pyro I like it I guess the WWE had some extra money since Edge retired, Morrison is injured and Chris Masters stopped using Pyro.  Kofi injures his leg and Drew starts hitting leg based moves against the ringpost, shin breakers. Kofi goes for trouble in paradise but falls down. Drew hit Kofi with a running powerbomb but it’s not enough Kofi Kicks out. Crap Kofi hits the SOS for the win. I wish Kofi’s Career need a SOS because it was lost at sea. At the end of this match we got a camera view of Vickie and Dolph sitting backstage watching the match and discussing it. Also Dolph’s hair is blonde again.

Capitol Punishment promoting – We get a dream sequence of Josh, Michael and Lawler imagining what would happen if President Obama had a press conference about the upcoming PPV Capitol Punishment. This was the same video that was aired at Over the Limit.

Nexus Celebrating – Nexus is backstage celebrating their Tag title win. Cm punk says that’s what happens when you listen to me. He tells them to see what he’s going to do in his upcoming match.

Alberto Del Rio Backstage w/ Scott Stanford – He says the Big Show had this coming because he disrespected Del Rio. But he claims no responsibility for the accident. He says it’s all Ricardo Rodriguez’s fault.

Macho Man Randy Savage Tribute – A nice video good music the amount of raw that was dedicated to the macho man isn’t even close to our dedication on our show Wrestling Breakdown show @ Israelsportsradio.com but it was nice and heartfelt.

CM Punk & R-Truth vs. John Cena© & Rey Mysterio Guest Referee: Bret Hart – Crappy match besides Punks smirks and Truth’s What’s Up! An even crappier finish with Hart locking the sharpshooter, Mysterio top rope leg drop for the win.


World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton /Christian wants more- He says my name is and pauses, I was sure he would say Dolph Ziggler. He says he’s still the world champion. Christian Interrupts. Christian doesn’t want to spoil Randy’s moment but wanted to thank randy for giving him one of the greatest matches of his career and Congratulations. Christian says on Sunday the match could have gone either way. He challenges Orton for one more match for the world title.

Sheamus – He says: Christian this is painful how many chances do you need. He reminds him of a gambling addict. He bets his car then doubles down with his house and then loses everything. He knows begs for a rematch putting his child’s college fund on the line. It took him 17 years and he’ll have to wait another 17 years for another. On Sunday he lost for the second time in a row for the world title while Sheamus is a 2x WWE Champion. Sheamus says he was brought here to have epic matches for the world title. He should be the #1 contender.

Mark Henry – He says: Christian your buddy Edge is on a retirement golf course waiting on you. Don’t Miss your tee time. And Sheamus being the WSM says you don’t wait in lines. Mr. Orton I just butted my way to the front of the line for this championship.

Smackdown GM Teddy Long – Déjà vu for who should challenge for the World title. OOOOO I know let’s have a triple threat match to determine the #1 contender. Teddy says what matters is what the people want, that’s a surprise. We will have a triple threat match to determine the #1 contender. No way! That was so unpredictable where they came up with that. Genius move on the part of teddy long. DO I sound like a moron, I sure as hell do. You your mother in New Jersey and the whole country of Nonsense got bored. I just said we all got bored, what I’m trying to say was going to do what they did on Raw last Month. How about they do a dance off. No wait an Over the top rope battle royal. I got it a one on one between Sheamus and Mark Henry with Christian as special guest referee I must be a genius.

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero – The match was what I would expect from the two of them. I especially liked Cara’s springboard elbow and Moonsault to the outside. Wow Cara almost botched a cross body, Come on a cross body. Huge Chavo sucks chants must be from NXT. The best reaction Chavo has gotten in 5 years. La Mística hit by Sin Cara which is a (Tilt–a–whirl headscissors takedown transitioned into a single arm takedown. Cara wins sending Chavo to wherever he has been the past few years.

Cody Rhodes – If he didn’t know better he’d be convinced there is no god. He prays that in all the towns he visits he will see a least one person that is mildly attractive. But it never happens so he provides us with these paper bags.

Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan/ Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan Rant – Great match and it got 9 minutes long match for smackdown that isn’t the main event. It’s nice to see how technically sound both these guys are Daniel Bryan b/c of his experience and Cody b/c of the fact that wrestling flows in his blood and he has been doing this for awhile. I don’t remember the last time Cody lost a match and I don’t like it one bit he has been pushed for months and for what no IC Title or World Title, not even a tag title run. I’m starting to question why they put all that work into Cody. I was surprised by the outcome since Daniel Bryan hasn’t done anything in the WWE besides his feud with The Miz. I also question why Daniel Bryan is in the WWE. Daniel Bryan is a huge talent from ROH that is being wasted. When Desmond Wolfe was signed by TNA and Daniel Bryan was signed by WWE they were both huge stars in ROH and the Indies. Seeing what the WWE had done with ROH alum CM Punk I thought we would get a good result from the acquisition of Daniel Bryan. Desmond Wolfe has had many mentionable feuds while Daniel Bryan has 2 so there it is the mystery of Daniel Bryan with the WWE. I can understand why he is still with the WWE and that is b/c of money. The only reason I can think of that the WWE still has Bryan under contract is b/c they don’t want anyone else to have him.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Heath Slater – Another stupid match for the Corre. Slater is still on the WWE Roster why? I have no freaking idea. What has he done for you lately? He might have a nice little move set but that’s it. I have a new reality TV Show take the bottom of the WWE Roster put them on a show called Tough Enough Celebrity Edition and let them show us why they deserve to be in the WWE.

Christian Backstage – He was the last one to be picked in kickball when he was younger but he kicked more home runs than anyone else. He won the Canadian Kickball championship 4 times in a row. He was the last in his class to hit puberty but his prom date was the hottest in the school. He won the World title against all odds and against all the doubters that said he couldn’t do it. Tonight the odds are against him but Captain Charisma is going to get the last laugh. Seems like Matt Striker doesn’t enjoy his job.

Kane vs. The Great Khali – Kane won the end. What did you really expect from this match?

Jinder Mahal continues to cause trouble – He comes out after Khalis loss and attacks Ranjin Singh but Khali defends him. After a few seconds he locks on the Vice Grip on Ranjin and leaves the ring laughing with Jinder.

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