Smackdown 6 3 11 – Sheamus vs. Orton with Special Referee Christian

Posted: June 5, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

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We start off Smackdown with straight wrestling. No mic work. Great. I love where the WWE is going lately. They are giving us great wrestling both on Raw and Smackdown. We are starting here with Christian vs. Mark Henry. Christian beats Mark Henry. Oh, come on. Well, now we do get mic time but it’s after the match so that is okay. This is not the victory that Christian was looking for tonight. He should be the one facing Randy Orton, not Sheamus. Video of last week’s match. It does look like Christian got scammed out of the win. Good job Orton messing that one up. Surprise surprise, the GM of Smackdown Playa is out. He too saw the footage. Playa agrees with Christian. Christian taking a poll to see who should face Orton tonight. People are behind Christian. Playa says he can’t make that match. Christian wants another triple threat match. This is right up Playa’s alley.  Playa says he will not change the match tonight but he will make Christian the guest referee. I agree with Michael Cole’s commentary. Christian is getting way too many chances. Go play golf with your friend Edge you loser.

Women’s match. Wow, who cares about the wrestling. I’d watch these women play marbles.

Cody Rhodes. I’m getting bored with Cody Rhodes new character. Says only losers say winning isn’t everything. Says last week it was Daniel Bryan who lost because he is the one that ended up with a paper bag on his face. Interestingly enough, Code Rhodes face does not looked deformed. He starts passing bags around the the crowd at great expense he says. I guess he gets the bags at upscale stores. Some people in the audience clearly should be wearing paper bags and as I’ve suggested in the past, they can gain by wearing full body paper bags, very big ones. Okay, maybe he’s not so boring.

Jinder Mahal’s wrestling debut vs. Yoshi Tatsu. Who? Tatsu has funny music. Reminds me of Nintendo, actually of Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. Jinder Mahal with the win. What a shocker.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. I’m predicting Ezekiel to win this one. How can anybody beat this guy? Decent match. Wade Barrett giving a good fight. Out comes his bff Wendy and Justin Gabriel to save Barrett. They cause Ezekiel to win via a count out so the title does not change hands. Wade Barrett then instructs his bff to get Ezekiel, you go left, you go right, I’ll take center. Sounds like a plan, except Wade Barrett never enters the ring leaving Wendy and Gabriel to fend for themselves. That was stupid. They’re not going to trust him next time. Maybe this is the beginning of the break up of the Corre?

Daniel Bryan. I could watch this guy all day if only for his great entrance music. They need to give him a cape or a light sword, or both. He’s facing Ted Dibiase. This should be a great match. I am still waiting for Dibaise’s push which should come soon. At least he is back on tv. He was gone for a long time (Superstars does not count). Here comes Cody Rhodes and the baggers. Wow, crazy match. Clothesline from hell on Daniel Bryan but still kicks out. Daniel Bryan is a great all around wrestler. He can be a high flyer, he can take you out with kicks. Daniel Bryan with the Lebell Lock for the win. Ted Dibiase, we will get him next time. Cody Rhodes with the quick attack on Bryan. Dibiase and Rhodes pummeling Bryan. Ooh, here comes Sin Cara. That would explain why the trampoline was set up early. Sin Cara just took both of them out with some, hey, I have no idea what you call that. Basically something that nobody else can do except for Sin Cara.

Promo from Johnny Curtis, former protoge of R-Truth on NXT season four. He was promised a tag team title match with R-Truth but that ain’t gonna happen. Stupid promo but eye-catching so I guess it did its job. As an aside, Booker T reminds me of Whoopi Goldberg. Promo on Capitol Punishment. In two weeks John Cena will face R-Truth but only if he apologizes for last week’s behavior this Monday on Raw.

Championship match. Interesting match promised. Christian has a vested interest here. My pick for this match is Randy Orton, I mean, the guy never loses. I’m pretty sure that Randy Orton would be victorious against a hurricane, that is if the WWE would be writing the script. We’ll see what role Christian will have in the match. Sheamus clotheslines Christian by mistake. This is where usually the ref would be out for a long time and they’d be trying to wake him up to do a count but this is Christian here. Sheamus with a super kick to Christian. Christian with the count, 1-2- oh, his arm was hurt from the clothesline. He can’t count. That’s messed up. Come on, I want to see anybody but Orton as champion. Orton with an RKO and a win over Sheamus thanks to Christian. Randy enjoying the win when here comes Christian with a title shot straight to Orton’s head. Yes! Is this Christian’s heel turn? People seem shocked. Christian says he can beat Orton. I believe him too. We will have to wait. Serves Orton right for doing that girly kick a few weeks ago. Christian walks out with the title on his shoulder. Looks good on him.


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