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Memorial Day – There was a nice Memorial Day Tribute video. It was nice for them to mention the constitution. America is still the only country in the world with a written constitution. I think it gave Raw a good feel. WWE tends to be very patriotic whether its tribute to the troops, Memorial Day or Independence Day I give this video 50 thumbs up.

R-Truth gets in a fight with a merchandise stand/ Argues with Little & Big Jimmy/ Cena Interrupts– He asks Truth what’s wrong with him

Kofi Kingston (U.S. Champ) vs. Dolph Ziggler – Surprisingly I was not bored. It could be the fact that these guys haven’t wrestled on a weekly basis for a while. This was similar to Orton vs. Christian at Over the Limit. Moves were being reversed back and forth. The best was the exclamation point on the match Ziggler reversing the SOS and hitting the Zig-Zag. I can’t believe the WWE let Ziggler get a clean win. I am so happy to see Ziggler’s career going somewhere.

Alberto Del Rio – Del Rio was giving an in-ring promo which is really all he has been doing as of late. This was an uninspiring promo basically telling Big Show not to mess with him. He said Bad things happen to bad people. And that it was big shows fault he got hit by Del Rio’s car. He wants Big Show to pay for the damage he caused his car when he was hit by it. In Addition we got the video clips of last week of the events that led to Big Show’s injury which was basically due to Big Show’s lack of respect towards Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez.

Kelly Kelly/Eve Torres vs. Bella Twins – This match was much better than expected. I don’t know maybe I’m getting soft. Eve put on a submission move which was impressive. Unfortunately one of the Bellas broke it up. In the end Kelly Kelly’s Stink face followed by a K2 gave K2 and Eve the W. I think the WWE will use this whole Maxim top 100 angle to their advantage by making Kelly Kelly the Divas champion for good PR.

Who’s Useless/ Worthless Now? – Cole in the ring calls out Riley. Riley comes out with his new entrance music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPdRUuD9fXg&feature=related. Cole says Riley that the Miz was hurt by Riley attacking him last week b/c he felt like they were brothers, confidants. Cole compared Riley’s betrayal to that of Judas or Jack Swagger. Cole suggested Riley get on his knees and be Miz for forgiveness b/c he doesn’t know what the Miz is capable of and what kind of humiliation he can cause him. Riley said Cole should shut up b/c he has a big mouth just like the Miz, arrogant just like the Miz and a little annoying just like the Miz. Finally Cole called Riley a bastard which crossed the line. Riley shoved Cole to the mat but was saved by Miz before the beat down could start. Riley continued to throw Miz over the announce table and into the barricade. Miz ran away through the live audience which means this is the second week in a row he has gotten the better of the Miz.

Cm Punk vs. Rey Mysterio – We’ve seen this before obviously both performers are very skilled. I think the only thing different is that Rey lost which will always put a smile on my face. I liked that they put punk over as being able to pin Mysterio after the kick to the head without the GTS since it has been countered a lot lately. The GTS has sort of become like the Lionsault or the Chokeslam, the Ankle Lock or RKO which at some point seemed irreversible but over time people have learned to counter them.

Kharma Pregnant! /Bellas be Bitches – Kharma came out to explain what happened last week. Her dream was to be a WWE Superstar so Mission accomplished. She tried out for season 2 of Tough Enough and JR supposedly told her she was too fat to be a Diva. She went to Japan and cleaned the Dojos in exchange for training. Eventually she had wrestled in every corner of the world and promotion on earth except for the WWE (no mention of TNA). She has another dream to be a mother. This dream looks like it’s going to happen since she is with child. She can’t be physical in ring b/c of pregnancy. The Bellas come out saying that she is fat and pregnancy will only make her fatter. They are surprised she found someone to hook up with. When the Bellas come in the ring they comment about her no physicality issue and she jumps at them. The Bellas jump out of and pee their pants while Kharma says she has a new dream. She hopes the Bellas are still here in a year when she gets back.

Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne – Evan Bourne wins with the Victory Roll. Not worth watching. It only got 3 minutes. If they don’t want to put the time into the match why should we. Not even a Swagger Bomb or Standing Moonsault for out troubles.

John Cena vs. R-Truth


Christian vs. Mark Henry/ Christian whines about not being #1 Contender – SO we got a one on one matchup between the two guys that lost the #1 Contenders Match. Henry looked good but how can you see him as a serious World title contender if he loses a match in 4-5 minutes. Christian hit the Killswitch which I was impressed with. I thought since Mark is such a big guy Christian would at least need a frog splash to finish him off. I also though finish via top rope tornado DDT was an option. After the match Christian whines that since Orton interfered in the Triple Threat #1 Contenders match last week by RKOing Mark Henry thereby distracting the ref while Christian pinned Sheamus for a 6 count he should be #1 contender not Sheamus. Smackdown GM Teddy Long then comes out and Christian tries using the WWE universes opinion to get the #1 contendership to the World title. When Teddy says no he tries getting in the match tonight. Teddy says no but he will be the guest referee in the World Title match tonight. I like how he used the WWE universe to make Teddy’s actions of past weeks look moronic.

A.J. & Kaitlyn w/Natalya vs. Alicia Fox & Tamina w/Rosa Mendes – Just to start off A.J. is back on my TV set that made me so happy. I will state for future reference I don’t care what match or what the outcome is if A.J. is in it I am happy. This match was strange they put all these Divas that never see any in ring action and throw them at us all at once. Tamina got the pin preceded by a Samoan drop. The match was only 2 minutes long. If only A.J. and Kaitlyn were out first I would have gotten 3 ½ minutes to see her. I also don’t see where this deal of Rosa and Natalya as managers is going and why it’s happening. Since LayCool have been gone I don’t remember the Divas Title being defended on Smackdown.

“The Undashing One” Cody Rhodes – Cody says even though he lost Bryan ended the match last week laying on the ground with a paper bag on his head humiliated so Bryan is the real loser. He says he will never pay to watch Bryan wrestle, but Bryan will watch Cody win the World Heavyweight Championship along with the paying audience. It was a great promo although it was pretty short. I was surprised that Ted DiBiase didn’t come out with Rhodes I thought they’d rejoined forces.

Jinder Mahal backstage/ Jinder Mahal w/ The Great Khali vs. Yoshi Tatsu – Jinder said some stuff backstage that wasn’t very clear. I managed to salvage this “Tonight, Mahal will lead by example and take one step toward immortality”. The match was a joke; I remember when Yoshi was hyped and how they made a big deal about him now he is a jobber for life much like the rest of ECWs new superstar initiative. Jinder looked as good as he could in a minute plus. Maybe next time the WWE will take the debut of a new wrestler more serious and give him some time to show us what he can do. After the match Jinder ordered Khali to Vice Grip Tatsu until Tatsu passed out.

Intercontinental Championship Match – Wade Barrett© vs. Ezekiel Jackson – This was a Short match which so far seems to be the theme of tonight. Zeke had control for a good portion of the match. The multiple slams followed by the Torture Rack was nice until Barrett racked Zeke’s eyes and escaped through the ropes. Barrett was counted out but retained his Title. Gabriel & Slater came out but when Barrett told the rest of the Corre to join him in attacking Zeke to end the feuding and finish off Zeke, Gabs and Slats went in the ring to get tossed around by Zeke while Barrett walk to the back. Could this be a sign of the end of The Corre who knows?

Sheamus backstage 1st w/Striker, 2nd w/ Christian – He tells Striker he isn’t concerned & Orton should be concerned that Christian is the special guest referee. Sheamus chases down Christian and says if it were up to him Christian would get his shot in a triple threat match tonight and he was robbed. Christian says Sheamus is a liar and should take his lying efforts and uses them to beat Orton 2nite.

Ted DiBiase w/ Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan – I’m pretty much going to copy what I wrote 2 weeks ago in a match between Bryan and Cody. Great match and it got 9 minutes long match for smackdown that isn’t the main event. It’s nice to see how technically sound both these guys are Daniel Bryan b/c of his experience and Ted b/c of the fact that wrestling flows in his blood and he has been doing this for awhile. I was surprised by the outcome since Daniel Bryan hasn’t done anything in the WWE besides his feud with The Miz. I also question why Daniel Bryan is in the WWE. Daniel Bryan is a huge talent from ROH that is being wasted. When Desmond Wolfe was signed by TNA and Daniel Bryan was signed by WWE they were both huge stars in ROH and the Indies. Seeing what the WWE had done with ROH alum CM Punk I thought we would get a good result from the acquisition of Daniel Bryan. Desmond Wolfe has had many mentionable feuds while Daniel Bryan has 2 so there it is the mystery of Daniel Bryan with the WWE. I can understand why he is still with the WWE and that is b/c of money. The only reason I can think of that the WWE still has Bryan under contract is b/c they don’t want anyone else to have him. It once again looks like Ted’s career is going absolutely nowhere. After the match Cody attacks Bryan along with DiBiase. Sin Cara makes the save. For some reason I looked at Daniel Bryan and heard him challenge Cody and he reminded me of Ben Stiller.

Johnny Curtis a little Cuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Johnny Curtis said he won NXT season 4 and was promised a tag title shot with his pro from that show R-Truth but that ain’t gonna happen so he does what any other WWE superstar would do. Curtis proceeds to fake cry followed by him pouring a container of milk on his head. Huh!

World Heavyweight Championship Match Special Guest Referee: Christian – Randy Orton© vs. Sheamus – Great match when all is said and done. Over the top rope shoulder block 2 Brough Kicks, RKO and the 2nd Rope DDT. The only thing I disagree with is Orton retaining. Christian faking his hurt arm during the count was stupid. Sheamus was robbed and should be the World Heavyweight Champion. Christian standing over Randy after hitting him in the head with it was instant classic. Christian walking to the stage stealing Orton’s title was great. I love Christian’s attitude against the spoiled former evolution member Randy Orton who the company has given the key to the creative office along with Cena.

Christian’s heel turn was a great ending to a great show Thank You Christian for saving us from WWE Creative’s Super-Face Randy Orton.

Till next week it’s Yus “The Bus” Friedman, to all my passengers keep on rolling.


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