WWE RAW ALL-STARS/ STONE COLD RAW 6.13.2011 How Yus “The Bus” Sees It

Posted: June 16, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views




Quote of Raw: Truth says “Shazam looks like little jimmy got Johnny.


The Miz seeking apologies/ Austin  lays down the LAW on his RAW – Miz says its all-star night and since he won in the main event last week on the A show Raw he must be the All time top All-Star. Miz says that’s been obvious for a pretty long time. You’d have t be a stupid arrogant moron to not know that. So basically you are Alex Riley. Riley is making a mistake facing Miz at Capitol Punishment. But before then he’ll teach Riley a lesson. Miz gets annoyed and distracted by the “WHAT!” Chants. He says he is going to call out Stone Cole Steve Austin. He doesn’t understand why Stone Cold & The Rock with other members of the attitude era keep trying to steal his spotlight and success and involve themselves with his business. Miz demands an apology from Austin. Glass Shatters and its Austin. Austin gives Miz the middle finger while entering the ring. I must say I love the Miz and all but its Stone Cold Steve Austin and I give that finger to Miz a Hell Yeah. Austin asks Miz if that’s the best he’s got calling him out. Miz’s stupid tie; stupid suit; stupid hair; stupid handkerchief and he is calling Austin out. Miz raises the mic to his mouth to answer him but Austin tells him to shut up. The night after Wrestlemania Austin sat in the ring letting the Miz run his mouth to see if the hype of The Miz was true. Can he talk that well? Is he that good? What kind of skills does he have? He gives the Miz credit. He calls him a silver tongued devil coming out and talking trash to Stone Cold. Austin’s problem with The Miz is that when it came to a fight Miz turned his ass around and walked to the back. Just thinking off the top of my head how awesome would it be to have Cena vs. The Rock & Austin vs. The Miz at Wrestlemania 28? Stone Cold demands respect. He came to be the GM and run this show but he has a happy trigger finger and if he needs to pull it and stunner someone he will. He gives Riley credit for jumping in the ring and fighting him even though in the end Austin kicked his ass. Austin Chants. He says Riley can talk, give an ass whopping and take one. He says Riley might be a bigger superstar than the Miz someday. Miz asks for permission to speak and Austin says no. Austin gets a Hell Yeah from the crowd to stun Miz. Austin continues t talk about Alex Riley vs. The Miz. He gives Miz credit for everything he has done but seeing Miz and Riley need some counseling he is going to set something up for them. He sets up Pipers Pit W/Rowdy Roddy Piper, Riley and Miz. Austin follows up by telling Miz to get the hell out of the ring. Miz leaves the ring. Austin says it’s his Raw and his Law tonight.


Del Rio Interrupts Monday Night All-Stars Raw GM Stone Cold Steve Austin – Del Rio plays this as the greatest superstar of his time Stone Cold passes the torch to the greatest super star of all-time Del Rio. Del Rio heard rumors that Austin wanted to see him and Del Rio thinks its b/c Austin wants to see what true greatness looks like. Del Rio talks about destiny. Austin says he isn’t a fortune teller and he doesn’t have a crystal ball but he sees an ass whooping in Del Rios future HELL YEAH! Austin says the first match is Del Rio vs. Kane.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Kane/ Big show & Ricardo Interfere/ Austin runs his mouth – Kane being able to get to the ropes during the cross arm breaker. Del Rio wouldn’t let the hold go and got disqualified. This brought out eh Big Show who attacked Del Rio and then Ricardo Rodriguez. Kane had to put Big in a sleeper hold to get him off of Ricardo. Kane stopped Show b\c he was worried he’d kill Rodriguez and then not be able to get his revenge on Del Rio. Good Angle. Who thinks now that Big Show is feuding with Del Rio,  Kane should get a WWE Championship shot since there are new characters in place to make a title run by him new and exciting ?. Any way Austin comes out and sets up Del Rio vs. Big Show at Capitol Punishment and that’s the bottom line b/c Stone Cold said so. Big Show looks like he has lost weight.


Cody Rhodes/Ted DiBiase/Wade Barrett vs. Sin Cara/Daniel Bryan/Ezekiel Jackson – Interesting how Cole & Lawler spoke about The Corre and Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barrett but no Daniel Bryans involvement with Barrett in the Nexus. In the end Sin Cara, Ezekiel Jackson & Daniel Bryan win pretty easily short meaningless match to fill the show.


R-Truth interrupts Hornswoggle shooting T-shirts to the WWE Universe – Truth says Swoggle is shooting t-shirts to all the little Jimmies and Jennies. Truth says it looks like fun and he wants to try it b/c he likes fun. He tells Hornswoggle not to be cared b/c he is a good R-Truth. Truth says on Sunday he will beat Cena and become the new WWE champion with quite a few cheers from the crowd. Truth attacks Hornswoggle to get cheap heat from the crowd. Austin tells Truth he is facing John Morrison tonight.


Santino Marella vs. Sheamus – Not much here. I didn’t like how they mentioned Sheamus was a 2 time WWE Champion and didn’t mention that Santino was a 2 time Intercontinental Champion. Santino cobras Sheamus for a 2 count only to be Brough kicked. Sheamus wins by submission with the Cloverleaf. I like that Sheamus now has a submission finishing maneuver sin people have been reversing the Irish High Cross.


World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton/ #1 Contender for the WHC Christian  – Orton’s 1st mic didn’t work but what he said was live TV is awesome. His name is Randy Orton he hasn’t been gone long but it feels damn good to be back on RAW. You’d think he’d be satisfied he is the World champion and on Sunday he has an opportunity to cause Christian a hell of a lot of pain at Capitol Punishment but he’s not satisfied. He calls out Christian. Christian from the back says Orton has been handed his career on a silver platter so he has nothing to be angry about. Christian on the other hand had to scratch, claw and fight for everything he has earned in the WWE. (Did the WWE RAW Galaxy not get the message that they are supposed to boo Christian? He says it’s called hard work something randy and these idiots on Long Island know nothing about. Christian polls the audience like they do on smackdown on if he should come face Orton in the ring. He listens and jabs the fans saying they must have confused him with someone who cares about what they want.  Orton says it’s too bad Christian isn’t coming to the ring and that Edge isn’t here, b/c Edge could carry him to the ring like he has carried him his career on 17 years, so what’s one more day. Christian comes out to the stage but security hurries out to stop Orton.  Anonymous Raw GM says Orton has a concussion and he will not compete tonight, he has to leave the arena and if he doesn’t comply he will be striped of the World Title. Austin says Christian isn’t getting off that easy he is facing Rey Mysterio tonight.


Sunday June 19th Wrestling Breakdown Show on Israelsportsradio.com With Guest Gerry Roif who runs the Israeli Pro-Wrestling Association http://www.ipwa.co.il/index2.html. He is responsible for bringing TNA to TV in Israel from what I’ve heard. http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com/profiles/g/gery-roif.php


Booker T comes out to commentary


Christian vs. Rey Mysterio “The Chihuahua” – One good thing I can say about Rey Mysterio is that I have no bladder problems today b/c I get to go to the bathroom during his entrance. Ouch I don’t know if Christian falling into the bottom rope was a botch or not but ouch. Christian should have got the clean win that’s my only problem. But Christian got disqualified for choking and Rey got the win. Rey’s prize for winning was a beating by Masson Ryan followed by a KILLSWITCH by Christian. Rey was wearing NFL gloves I noticed. I wonder if he is getting paid to wear them or just lakes them. If he is promoting them I hope Vince Okayed it. I hope b/c if Rey will continued to get beat down I will enjoy seeing him in the ring all the more so.


Stone Cold on the Phone Interrupted by Vickie and Dolph – So Austin was on the phone when Vickie came in and yelled at him “EXCUSE ME”. Vickie asks for a U.S. title match between Dolph and Kofi. Austin says he’ll acquiesce her request if Dolph drops Vickie as his manager. Austin say he had DiBiase as his manager but he was a Hall of Famer and Vickie is not quite there yet. After much reluctance Dolph drops Vickie then Austin starts laughing and says he was messing around with them and he already made the match this morning. I guess we will have to wait and see how this plays out and if Vickie is dumped or still with Dolph. I personally think it’s time he dumped her. Even though my co-host Akiva would probably disagree I think he has reached the point in his career that he needs to see If he can do it on his own.


R-Truth vs. John Morrison “The Rabbi of Radiance” – Truth mumbles some useless talk and says he is scared of himself. Due to Morrison not coming out Truth goes to the back to bring the fight to him. We see medics standing over an injured superstar. Truth says “Shazam looks like little jimmy got Johnny. Truth says all the little jimmies are upset b/c they came to see Truth vs. Morrison. He says they will never get to see the match. Truth: “At least you could say you got got by the future WWE Champion” while standing over Morrison’s injured body. Truth rolls one of those steel packing crates onto Morrison. Truth says take that little Jimmy, the crowd laughs. I don’t see why they brought back Morrison just to reinjure him. He will probably cost Truth the title and ruins all of mine, Akiva’s and Little Jimmy’s dreams of him being WWE Champion.


Dolph Ziggler Video Package – It was good. I’ve seen better. I thought what really made this video worth it was showing him holding the World Heavyweight Championship, b/c lest you forget he is a former World Champion. His feud with Edge over it was pretty damn good.


Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston (U.S. Champion) & Evan “Air” Bourne – Its really strange that the WWE thinks Kofi gets to face not one but 2 former World Champions in the same night. I mean he’s not Chris Jericho. Evan Bourne where to begin. He is small and doesn’t wear a mask I think bye bye career. If Justin Gabriel being brought up doesn’t say it all for you then what will. Gabriel is bigger, better on the mic, and has a better look then Bourne and that’s why Gabriel has won 3 Tag Titles and Bourne has been in only 2 notable matches, 1st against Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship and 2nd against The most must see WWE Superstar of all-time the Miz for the U.S. Title. Bourne and Kingston win with Trouble in Paradise followed by Air Bourne in a 3 minute match enough said.


Pipers Pit Hosted by Rowdy Roddy Piper W/ Guests: Alex Riley & The Miz – Piper remembers WM2 when he beat Mr. T in Nassau Coliseum. Miz says his favorite moment is when they tear down the Coliseum in 4 years and replace it with nothing. Miz says people say he is a young Roddy Piper he says he is nothing like him. Piper says the will never be another Roddy Piper. Miz says he was WWE Champion & Piper wasn’t so he is nothing like him. Good shot Miz, awesome, b/c since he has won the WWE title and Piper hasn’t, I guess Miz is a automatic Hall of Famer. Next Miz says he won his match at Wrestlemania unlike Piper and while they’re at it. His episodes of Real World were much better than anything from Piper’s They Live. Piper brings out Alex Riley. Riley says he was doing the Miz dirty work so he could keep the WWE Championship as long as he did until he realized he could beat the Miz. Piper says when Miz lost the WWE Championship Riley gained self respect. Miz says this is Priceless the man who used Cowboy Bob Orton for years Roddy Piper is talking about self-respect. Miz said Riley didn’t dump him, he was fired. Miz says he can beat Riley and isn’t afraid of him b/c he was the most must see WWE Champion in history. Piper says Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy, Mean Gene are all in the bottom of a well so who do you save first? Miz has no clue of what Piper is talking about. “Just when you think you got all the answers, I CHANGE THE QUESTIONS!” Piper says. He says on Sunday Riley will change the questions and it wwill be “AAAAAWWWEEEESSSOOOOMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miz offers Piper to bet on Sundays match. Riley says not only will Miz lose on Sunday but Piper can beat him right now. Austin makes the match Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. The Miz W/ Guest Referee Alex Riley.


Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. The Miz W/ Guest Referee Alex Riley (Winner gets $5,000) – Match Begins, Match ends Piper wins with the School Boy Rollup.


Tamina/Alicia Fox/Rosa Mendes/Maryse/Bella Twins/Melina vs. Kelly Kelly/Eve Torres/Gail Kim/Natalya/Beth Phoenix/AJ/Kaitlyn – 1 minute and change. This match was won by Kelly Kelly and company with the ring emptying out and Kelly hittin the K2. The highlight of this match was watching the Divas coming to the ring for their entrances, especially Kelly Kelly and A.J.


Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Anonomous Raw GM –  He thanks the crowd but is cut off by an E-Mail. Cole is scared to death to read it. SCSA is sick of the Raw GM, who says all good things come to an end. The anonymous GM wanted to reassure everyone that he will be back next week. SCSA’s watch says there’s some time left and as of now he’s still the GM. SCSA: Next week there will be another three hour Raw and next week it’s all about the power of the people. The people will make all the matches and  the stipulations. The GM keeps sending E-Mails and Austin gets pissed off so he chases Cole off. Austin takes down the GMs Laptop. He pours beer on it and runs over it with the ATV before leaving and then he picks it up and throws it in the air at the stage.


John Cena vs. CM Punk – Unbelievable match reversal, reversal,reversal. I haven’t seen a match with this good flow that included superstars I like in a while. CM Punk winning is the right call but would have rather it happened in a clean fashion. If it did it might mean we would have a triple threat match for the WWE Championship. The reason I like that is b/c there is a better chance Cena will lost the title. Since we all know Cena won’t lose the title since he will probably get cashed in by the Money in the Bank winner. Also I’m almost positive they want to have a huge match between CM Punk and Cena for the title in a 1 on 1 match possibly at Money in the Bank or at the Biggest Blockbuster of the summer, Summerslam. The interference at the end with truth threatening the fan was perfectly played by all parties. Unfortunately for Truth I can’t take him seriously and neither can anyone else since we all think he’s crazy and laugh at him. I was hoping if CM Punk was entered into the title picture then Mysterio would face either Mason Ryan straight up or a tag title match with a mystery partner (John Morrison) against Nexus’ McGuillicuty & Otunga. We’ll see what happens at the PPV.


Till next week it’s Yus “The Bus” Friedman, to all my passengers keep on rolling.









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