Wrestling Breakdown Radio show 7.3.2011 Yus “The Bus” Friedman

Posted: July 4, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

Wrestling Breakdown Radio show 7.3.2011


2 Hours – I don’t know why viewer’s choice got 3 hours and this only 2 but whatever.

WWE HOFER HBK/ CM PUNK & WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS NEXUS – Shawn misses the fans and the business. After 20 years of Wrestling it’s hard to stay away. Shawn Plugs his New show on the Outdoor Channel. CM Punk & WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS NEXUS’ Michael McGuillicuty & David Otunga Interrupt  CM PUNK says its wrong how the fans cheer for a washed up old-timer like HBK but wont beg on their knees for the future “CM PUNK” to stay. I honestly will be very disappointed if he leaves and wish there was something we could do to get him to stay. They argue back and forth until HBK Superkicks Otunga in the chin. Anonymous RAW GM says Punk has only 3 RAWs left so they will make them count so Punk has the first match tonight.

The Spinning of the Wheel Begins – Booker T spins the wheel to determine Punks match. Punk fins out he is facing a mystery opponent which turns out to be Kane. Then HBK super kicks McGuillicuty. I don’t like this I hope CM PUNK destroys the washed up Monster Kane just like he is the only guy to get Kane’s brother the Undertaker to tap out.

CM PUNK vs. KANE – One interesting thing I noticed is that the crowd was cheering Punk. CM PUNK loses by Countout.

Sin Cara vs. Evan Bourne (NO COUNTOUT MATCH) – Sin Cara wins again yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!.

MITB 2011 RAW MATCH – Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Alex Riley, Evan Bourne, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, R-Truth and Jack Swagger. Unfortunately it looks like John Morrison won’t be competing in MITB which is disappointing having seen him do spectacular things in these matches. Too bad we have to see Mysterio though. Del Rio clearly has to be in it as well as R-Truth and the Miz. I don’t get why Riley is getting such a big opportunity having only won one singles match on RAW. I also don’t see why Kingston is in and Dolph is not. The rest are just filler superstars.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler (Vickie Gurrero banned from Ringside) – Very sloppy match. Kofi wins so he can head to begin another pointless title run. I really don’t understand why the WWE keeps throwing titles at him other than the fact that the kids like him. He doesn’t talk and he has gotten quite boring. I’m not his biggest fan but I urge the WWE to do something to spice him up.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show (Steel Cage Match) – I totally agree with ADR. He beat Big Show at Capitol Punishment and shouldn’t have to face him again. Just cause Big Show is a veteran and has backstage connections doesn’t mean he should get what he wants. If Big Show wanted a rematch with ADR he should have had to earn it by facing Mark Henry in a Last Man Standing Match. This match was nothing special. The ending of this match played out well. Mark Henry ripped the door off the steel cage and interfered taking out the Big Show while ADR escaper out the doorway to the floor for the win. Holy Crap Mark Henry runs into Big show with the cage door and with the cage wall behind him. The wall falls off the cage with Big Show falling out to the floor. WOW I was really happy with the outcome of this. I hope Mark Henry wins Money in the Bank. He gives 15 years to the company and no world title. Like The Hurricane says “What’s up with Dat”.

NEW DIVAS CHAMPION Kelly Kelly vs. Nikki Bella (Submission Match) – I have to admit I am skeptical. Divas match with submissions somebody’s gonna have to step up their game.  Nikki locked on an armbar which seemed like it would spell the end for K2 but Kelly reversed it and locked on a Boston Crap (Walls of Jericho) for the win.

Video of Andy the Winner of Tough Enough – I liked this video and thought it was great. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn out like the Majority of tough enough winners that no longer work for the WWE.


Booker T Backstage/ The Return of Diamond Dallas Page/ Drew McIntyre still a WWE Employee – Diamond Dallas was joking around backstage as well as plugging the new Best of WCW Nitro DVD. McIntyre interrupts them and says they are washed up and taking his TV time. He says if they don’t leave they will be taken out on stretchers. And a Super Kick by HBK to McIntyre to further bury the young talent in the WWE.

Alex “ARY” Riley & Rey “Chihuahua” Mysterio vs. The Miz & Jack Swagger (Tornado Match) – Great Match. This match s definitely a must see. The movesets of everyone were upped to another level. The amount of reversals and spots that Riley was involved in proves his worth in the WWE. I didn’t like Mysterio getting the pin but I can live with it. Miz bringing out the Scorpion Death drop. Riley with the Impaler DDT. All around a great spectacle.

John Cena vs. R-Truth (Tables Match) – Truth wins with a spear through the table after interference by punk.

CM PUNK PERIOD – Punk talks about how he’s tired about not being on souvenir cups or on the front of the program or in movies or on a stupid show on USA or on Conan O Brien or Jimmy Fallon even though he should be. He’s not even in the signature video of the WWE shows. Some fans are cheering and Punk says that’s a big problem with him leaving because they’re sipping out of the cups he’s not on. He’s winning the title and might defend it in New Japan or Ring of Honor. He says “Hi Colt Cabana.” The people will keep putting money in the company long after Punks gone. Vince is a millionaire and not a billionaire because of the idiots he surrounds himself with including John Laurianitis. Punk says that the company might be better off when Vince is dead because then the company is going to his idiot daughter and doofus son-in-law and the rest of his stupid family. . He has a personal story about the bullying campaign and his mic is cut off. This promo was insane. I wonder why he didn’t mention TNA.


Christian & Teddy – Christian comes to Teddy Longs office to make sure Randy is coming to the ring to sign the World Tile Contract that Christian had made up for Money in the Bank. Teddy said if Christian won last week he would get a title shot but technically Mark Henry got the pin. So Henry is going 1on 1 tonight against Orton. Teddy teases that at MITB he might decide to have Henry vs. Orton vs. Christian in a triple threat or just have Henry vs. Orton 1on 1. Teddy says he’ll do what he wants. Christian is banned from ringside and if he gets involved there will be severe consequences. Once again Teddy kills our dreams.

Randy Orton (World Champion) vs. Mark Henry (WSM)/Commentary Chatter – Michael Cole was on commentary saying what everyone was thinking. Christian’s team won the match last week so he gets the World Title shot. He said Teddy long is a buffoon and discriminatory. I agree with Cole to some extent if Henry would beat Orton for the title which we all know won’t happen I’d say great Christian wait your turn. But if the WWE is going to pass over Henry once again and not have him win the Title, than put in someone who has a shot like Christian or even Sheamus.  Mark Henry dominated most of the match but a Big Show distraction while Orton & Henry were out of the ring allowed Orton to hit the RKO and get the Count Out victory. I have nothing more to say here other than I hope there will be a change in match in MITB a Triple Threat or Fatal Four Way instead of a 1on1.

After the match Mark Henry went to the production area next to the side of the stage. He started tossing stuff around breaking it. He even assaulted one of the workers into an area we couldn’t see although it looked like a deep drop down.

Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase – I thought the cheers were so loud that I couldn’t hear Bryan’s music but it turns out there was none. Ted praises Cody and says he hopes he will impress Cody with his match against Daniel Bryan tonight. This was an unbelievable match with excellent chemistry. There was a lot of back and forth which was entertaining at a point in the match it’s seemed like Bryan was out for good but he came back and they gave us a high quality match. Not all good matches have to be title matches but the title matches should learn that their matches should be on an even higher level if this is better than many title, matches. Daniel Bryan wins and the music is back.

Christian & Teddy Part 2 – Christian shows up in Teddy’s office since Henry lost to get his title match. Teddy says the word on the street is that Christian was seen walking out of the production truck after the incident with the Big Show’s music happened, causing Henry to lose his match. Teddy says the contract signing isn’t for another hour so he will first face Sin Cara Tonight.

Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes backstage – Cody asks Ted if he knows the significance of the date May 20th, DiBiase has no clue. Cody tells him it’s the last time Ted won a match. He disses Ted saying he lost to Daniel Bryan “A Common Man”. Cody says he can’t guide Ted till he applies his aptitude to something more consistent than failure otherwise he can wear a paper bag on his head.

Jinder Mahal Mystery by Ranjin Singh – Before the Mahals amassed their fortune the Mahals and Singhs were very close. Jinder Mahal has always been jealous of The Great Khali. Khali was adored by billions and was a worldwide celebrity in Movies and Television, and it ate away at Mahal. Mahal wishes he was Khali, but he never will be. Years ago, Mahal married Singh’s sister, becoming his brother-in-law. The Singhs were so poor that the Mahals had to pay for Khalis sister’s dowry when she married Jinder.  When Mahal yells at Khali, he is threatening to divorce her and humiliate their family. Ranjin says Jinder has to be feared.

Sin Cara video package – Nothing new.

Christian vs. Sin Cara – This was an unbelievable match with excellent chemistry. There was a lot of back and forth which was entertaining. We have consistently got good wrestling matches on Smackdown week in and week out and a couple of the reasons we have been were in this match. Cara adjusted to not being able to hit all his signature maneuvers with new moves very innovative. I like Christian using the spear as a finishing maneuver as homage to Edge it also is easier to hit than the Killswitch. The spear will be very effective against the out of nowhere RKO when he faces Orton at MITB. Christian winning was the right choice as he needed a clean win. He should bring back the Frog Splash to add to his repertoire and continue to be one of the best all around in ring performers today.

Ezekiel Jackson (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Cody Rhodes w/Ted DiBiase – This happened to be a nice match where Cody used brains as opposed to the strength used by Jackson. Ted interfered but Cody still pinned Zeke. A win over the champion regardless of how it happened basically means you are the #1 contender. Congratulations to Cody on defeating Zeke with the Beautiful disaster followed by Cross Rhodes.

Johnny Curtis put in the Corner – If you care as much as I do don’t bother with this crap. If you like this crap, watch it on YouTube or WWE.com.

Wade Barrett vs. Kane – This was a regular match with nothing special. The chemistry was good. Barrett has proven he can hang with the big boys. Kane’s experience isn’t questioned by anyone. Kane wins. Why? B/c the WWE has to pander to the fans rather than grow their young talent.

THEEEEE CONTRACT SIGNING – Out comes Christian w/ lawyer & Orton in the ring w/ Teddy Long Sitting at the negotiation table.  Christian says there is a clause in the contract that if the referee makes a crooked decision then Christian gets a rematch and they start all over again. Teddy can’t save Randy anymore. He says the Wwe brass can’t save Randy anymore even though he is their Golden Boy. I like how they are letting people speak their minds to some extant Punk pointing out the favoritism with Cena and now Christian with Orton. Christian says he can beat Orton. The truth is Orton can’t beat him and at Money in the Bank he will prove it. I like the way Christian looks so intense and deranged its very reminiscent of the Rated-R Superstar Edge. Randy tells Christian at first they had epic matches and he respected him. But now after the whining and lawyers and 4 rematches and an official signing Christian has made Randy angry. Christian knows of Orton’s past and how he has trouble managing anger. Orton says its nice Christian lawyered up and got a rematch but come MITB the Lawyer won’t be there to protect him. Christian needs to beat Orton straight up to win the World Heavyweight Championship and that will never happen. Orton signs the contract and Christian is about to until his pen runs out of ink. This brings out Shamus Irish hammering Orton & Christian as well as handing them each a Brough Kick. Sheamus takes it a step further by ripping up the World Title contract making a statement that the match should be a Three-way. I like that this might become a triple threat adding the human jar of mayonnaise into the mix. Now all three have speedy finishers (Brough Kick-Sheamus, Spear-Christian, and RKO-Orton. This looks like it’s turning into a big and good PPV.

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