WWE RAW 8.15.2011 – This is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

Posted: August 20, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

WWE RAW 8.15.2011

Triple H discusses the Undisputed WWE Title Match from Summerslam. He made a mistake in that Cena’s feet were on the ropes. He had no problem giving Punk the title because a referee’s decision is final. He had nothing to do with Kevin Nash attacking Punk but he did give him tickets to the show and they are friends. HHH has invited Kevin to explain himself tonight. Del Rio cashed in MITB to become the new Undisputed WWE Champion.

Undisputed WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio cuts a promo of how he loves the fans. He wants to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. That is the type of champion he wants to be. Then he starts dissing Rey “The Chihuahua” Mysterio. As a result the mindless zombie fans boo him.

R-Truth vs. John Morrison Falls Count Anywhere Match – Finally R-Truth has new entrance music. I hated him coming out with no music it was such a piss off. Nice flying chuck off the barricade. Morrison wins with a Suplex into a chair followed by a running knee. I honestly have no opinion of how this ended I could not care less about this feud. Give me Miz.

The Most Must See WWE Superstar of All-Time The Awesome One The Miz – The Miz mentions Jared “The Subway Guy” is here and Miz says he can do his job better than him. Miz says he would be a better subway spokesman than Jared. The live crowd starts cheering subway sucks. Miz takes the subway sandwich from Jared and cuts a “subway promo”. Miz says he will be champion again because he is The Miz and he’s AWWWEESSSOOOMMMMMEEE !!!!!!!!! Then The Miz eats the subway sandwich.

Kevin Nash has arrived & Trace Adkins is at ringside.

Kelly Kelly (Divas /Champion) & Eve Torres vs., Brie & Nikki Bella – Decent Match Eve had an impressive Suplex followed by a Moonsault. The Bella that controlled Kelly for most of the match was impressive with her potential submission maneuver. I don’t see where to go from here. It seems the WWE is just filling the card with Divas tag matches where wins and losses don’t matter. Maybe they should take TNA’s BFG Series and configure it to work for the Divas Division. Beth and Natalya (Divas of Doom) congratulate Eve & Kelly on their minuscule victory.

Kevin Nash “Diesel” Returns to speak the Truth – 5 time World Champion & One of the Most Influential Superstars in WWE History Kevin Nash returns. He says he took out Punk because he got a text from a friend that said “Stick it t whoever wins the WWE Title. But he show up tonight and hears Triple H denies any involvement. He says the attack on Punk was just business. He also think he need to get on the same page with Triple H. Punk says Triple H & Kevin Nash don’t know whats good for business & either Kevin or HHH is a liar. Kevin said Punk better watch his mouth. Kevin want to know if Punk wants to see the sms on his telephone. Punk says he will show Kevin the text on his phone from his sister last night. “OMG Kevin Nash WTF Thought he was dead LOL.” Punk is pointing fingers at everyone besides Del Rio b/c Del Rio did what every MITB winner did, he cashed in and became champion. Punk sees this all as Triple H running amuck showing his power and bringing back his cronies. Nash disses Punk saying he only had 3 reigns in 20 days & he is an indie rifrik. Punk says Nash knows nothing he called Eddie Gurrero a vanilla midget and its 2011 not 1994. Nash claims he changed the business in 1996 for the better into what it became today. He says punk is a short order cook that should take a shower and hit the weights. Punk says he’d rather be CM PUNK coming into the WWE and out of the WWE. Than show up as Oz, Vinnie Vegas, Big Daddy Cool, Diesel. They agree to fight but a row of security guards protect Kevin as Punk came to the ring.

Nash looks for Triple H, finds out he is in a meeting with CM Punk and ends up entering a meeting with Executive VP of talent Relations John Laurianitis.

Alex “A-Ry” Riley vs. Jack Swagger (W/Vickie Gurrero & Dolph Ziggler on commentary) – Swagger wins with an ugly Gut Wrench Powerbomb (maybe Kevin Nash should give him a lesson in powerbombs) the real story here was Vickie helping swagger win. Commentary was Okay & I like that Cole isn’t being as much of an @$$ to J.R. anymore. Dolph might be in for a face turn and he gives credit to those who deserve it.

Vickie backstage with Jack Swagger – Swagger says Vickie is great looking and a great manager. He says she has manager World and WWE Champions. The great managers like Freddie Blassie and Bobby Heenan had multiple clients so maybe Vickie should expand her roster starting with him.

Stephanie McMahon tells CM Punk backstage that people always get what they deserve.

Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty (WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS) – yawn, yawn Bourne hit the Shooting star press as he & Kofi beat the tag champs.

WWE UNDISPUTED TITLE MATCH Alberto Del Rio (WWE Champion) vs. Rey “The Chihuahua” Mysterio – Del Rio lucky rollup for the win.

John Cena totally denounces Del Rio as Champion claiming he is nothing. He says Punk earned his title and Del Rio did it with a briefcase. He and Punk put everything out there to give one of the best matches and Del Rio is a scumbag and his destiny is Cena kicking his @$$. Strong words from Cena as he said Del Rio was a lucky son of a bitch. Good promo, but I wonder could this be leading to maybe a Cena heel turn or the end of MITB or the end of PG. We need to stay tuned to find out.

This is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

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