WWE Smackdown Breakdown for 8-19-11

Posted: August 21, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views
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By @MrAkiva

Based on this week’s tapings these are Smackdown‘s up and coming superstars:

1. Mark Henry. He is finally getting the big push that we’ve been waiting for. The 20 man Battle Royal was very exciting and until the very end it wasn’t clear who would come out victorious. Sin Cara with a strong showing came very close and for a minute I thought that he would pull it off. The question is, why wasn’t Mark Henry pushed years ago?

2. Sin Cara. I don’t know if there has been a wrestler in the past with absolutely no mic skills that can draw a crowd. Now that the old Sin Cara (Mistico) is back what will happen with the new one (Hunico)? I enjoyed watching Hunico more than Mistico. Mistico is more of a high flyer and much more exciting in the ring but he seems unsure of himself at times and he botches more often than not. I did not see one botched move by Hunico. I would love to see Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara in the near future.  We saw what could be the beginning of a Sin Cara/Albert Del Rio feud this week as Sin Cara came to the aid of Daniel Bryan. The push may be in preparation for WWE’s Mexican tour set for October.

3. Cody Rhodes. He has beaten Ezekiel Jackson in back to back weeks and in a convincing manner. Let’s hope Ezekiel doesn’t go from champion to jobber. Cody Rhodes is fun to listen to and will make you laugh every time. His ring skills are great although he needs a better finisher.


Alberto Del Rio has defeated two quality opponents: Rey Mysterio and Daniel Bryan. Looks like Sin Cara is on the horizon. I enjoy hearing Alberto Del Rio on the mic. His delivery can be worked on but his content is great. I predict ADR to be champion at least until October for the Mexican tour and hopefully longer.

Michael Cole Smackdown quote of the week

This tool (Daniel Bryan) claims he is going to cash his Money in the Bank at WrestleMania.

Booker T: Tool, who are you calling a tool?

Michael Cole: You’re a tool too.

2nd quote of the week. Michael Cole calling Josh “babyface Josh” cause he likes all the good guys. Funny.

Funny segment of the week

Aksana and Teddy Long. “I understand why your first name is Teddy cause you are like a Teddy Bear (not verbatim) but tell me, why is your last name Long.” I don’t know where this story is going but the segments are funny and I love the saxophone on the background. I wonder if they hire a saxophone player for the segment.

Til next time


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