WWE Raw Wrestling Low-Down for August 22 2011

Posted: August 23, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views
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We will cover The Controversy on The WWE Wrestling Breakdown Show this Thursday at 9pm Israel time, 2pm EST, only on IsraelSportsRadio.Com. Missed our last broadcast? Click here to listen to it.

This was probably the best Raw in a long long time but they are all good to me. The WWE has raised their quality of both shows several notches over the last few weeks. Our main event this week was pay per view quality although you could guess from the very beginning that somebody would get involved and that it would not be a clean win and therefore the fans would end up disappointed.

The WWE shows are becoming so good that you don’t know what is real and what is not anymore. When you have John Cena calling out Alberto Del Rio on the fact that his cars are luxury rentals you can only laugh. Those of us involved in the wrestling internet community know that the cars are rentals so when John Cena says such a thing the first thought that comes to your mind is “how can you share with the fans something that is supposed to be kept within the wrestlers themselves?” We know that the cars are rentals but then we forget and wrestling becomes so real that the cars that Alberto Del Rio brings to the ring actually become his.

The audience in Edmonton Canada were beyond themselves. The audience at the arena can make or break the show for the TV audience. Edmonton needs to be praised for putting such energy into the show. They cheered, they booed. If you are going to be a fan be passionate. Edmonton Canada showed us how it is done.

Cena is still heavily cheered/booed. CM Punk is mostly cheered.

Jack Tunney was mentioned by CM Punk’s promo as possibly being involved in the controversy. Jack Tunney passed away in 2004.


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The next pay-per-view is Night of Champions and it happens in 4 weeks. Alberto Del Rio (or Berto as CM Punk called him) will face John Cena who was victorious thanks to Kevin Nash.

We see a Kevin Nash vs. CM Punk feud in the near future. That means CM Punk is being pushed out of the title hunt.

If the WWE is not exciting you these days then you gotta get checked. What a match we saw between Alberto Del Rio and John Morrison. They gave it their all. John Morrison even though he came out of the loser in this match needs to be pushed to championship level. He did a drop kick on ADR and landed on his feet. How is that even humanly possible? For those of you that said that Alberto Del Rio is not getting over with the crowd that was not the case on Raw. Like I alluded to earlier, just cause you don’t get a reaction doesn’t mean it is you. It could be the home crowd that sucks. In Edmonton we saw crazy heat on Alberto Del Rio. He is doing a great job. Keep it up perro.

Vickie Guerrero goes ahead and partners with a new potential client and suddenly Dolph Ziggler cares. He never cared before. Has anybody noticed how tall Swagger actually is. He is a freakin giant. Ziggler vs. Swagger feud is in the making.

We have new tag team champions. Kofi Kingston and Even Bourne. What an exciting young team. The crowd really dug the win over Otunga and McGillicutty. Jerry Lawler definitely is into them.

My partner Yus the Bus, has criticized Jerry Lawler for not adding to the show. That has not been the case at least for two weeks now. He is more involved, more colorful, and more animated. I’ve always loved Jerry the King Lawler even 20 years ago. Way to step it up Jerry.

The most entertaining part of the show was Miz and R-Truth. What a team. If they won’t be wrestling partners they should be promo partners. Way to shut up the crowd. Way to add new lyrics to the song “You suck.” I’m glad they are both speaking up because they are being left behind and they both deserve to be number one contenders and even more than that they deserve to be champions.

The main event was one for the ages. John Cena continues to improve in the ring. Great match by both wrestlers. I like CM Punk’s Macho Man Elbow from the top rope. The match could have gone either way.  Kevin Nash got involved again costing CM Punk the match. Lots of questions need to be answered. We’ll talk about it on the show this Thursday at 9pm Israel time, 2pm EST only on IsraelSportsRadio.Com.

New move of the week: Headbutt delivered both by Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk.

Funny quote of the week comes from The Miz: “Just to get some attention I had to pick a fight with Jared from Subway.”

Til next time


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  1. Noach Lipsky says:

    Edmonton may be a good wrestling town (in my opinion Canada is way more passionate for the product than the US on average), but Chicago at MITB “showed us how its done” when is comes to being a hot wrestling crowd. Nothing like that ovation for Punks entrance and winning the title has been seen on WWE programming since Hogan ovation in Montreal (Canadian city, but you already knew that, in my Spanish accent) after Wrestlemania 18. Rock’s introduction as Wrestlemania 27 guest host was really hot, but Punk in Chicago was truly epic. Maybe Bulldog winning in London against Bret Hart was a bigger pop, but was not as loud since it was outdoors.

    • I don’t know Noach, Edmonton impressed me a lot more than Chicago and that’s saying a lot cause Chicago is loud. Edmonton cheered the whole show where as in Chicago they were definitely into CM Punk but not into all the pay-per-view.

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