WWE SMACKDOWN 8.19.2011 This Is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

Posted: August 23, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views




Smackdown GM Teddy Long w/New World Champion Randy Orton/ LEGACY REUNION – Randy basically tells Teddy he is ready for his next opponent. He says he maimed Christian so bad in their match that he can’t even stand let alone come to Smackdown and whine his way into a rematch. Thank G-d he cant I was so sick of this feud, even though their match at Summerslam was awesome and unbelievable.


Enter Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase – Rhodes points out that he and Randy are both champions. He reminds Orton that he headed a group called Legacy in his RAW days. I wasn’t aware Orton’s memory was in question I though he just had anger issues? Cody says he is competing in the 20-man battle royal and he is coming for Randy’s World Title because he is not satisfied with the InterContinental Title. Of course he isn’t satisfied. Every person on the roster should come to the ring and tell Randy those exact words. If you don’t want to be World Champion then you should go home. Ted says he and Cody know Orton’s Strengths & weaknesses better than anyone RKO RKO RKO Orton stuns Rhodes and DiBiase by RKOing Ted. Nice Segment but I would have liked Orton to be a fighting champion and defend the title against Cody tonight. After what we thought was the end of the segment Rhodes demands Teddy do something. Teddy says he will march backstage and tell Randy to stand in a corner on one leg for 10 minutes and write on a piece of paper one hundred times I will not RKO Ted DiBiase. Teddy makes Cody vs. Zeke, I.C. Title Next.


Intercontinental Title Match: Cody Rhodes© vs. Ezekiel JacksonDecent Match I give it 2 stars. Nothing special I love me some Beautiful Disaster. I would love me some Alabama Slam but I’ll live without. I hope that as a result of this Zeke will be out of contention until he takes some Dialogue acting lessons. Maybe have Sheamus or Justin Gabriel get involved in the title picture. This is a good idea since they are both great workers.


Zack Attack & Teddy/ Teddy & Aksana – Zack tells Teddy he invited New Undisputed Champion Alberto Del Rio to Smackdown. Aksana asks Teddy if he would like to see her with 20 men. He says he’d rather watch the 20-man Battle Royale alone. What a waste of time.


South African Tour video featuring Justin Gabriel – Enough is enough we’ve seen this video 8 gazillion times already. We get it he is a face now leave me alone.


Justin Gabriel vs. Tyson Kidd – I give this 2 ¼ stars. The match was way too short to be awesome. What we got was good hopefully we will see longer matches with these two.


Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali w/ Matt Striker Backstage – Khali says he will win the Battle Royale; Jinder castrates him and gets Khali to agree that Jinder will win the Battle Royale.


New Undisputed WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio/ Daniel Bryan – Del Rio says they are in Bakersfield. It’s the same place Del Rio debuted last year. In his debut he beat Rey Mysterio. Now he has come full circle as on RAW this past Monday night he defeated Rey Mysterio to retain his Undisputed Championship. Daniel Bryan says Del Rio cashed in like everyone else at the opportune moment. He says Del Rio is not special he is ordinary. Snore.


Alberto Del Rio (Undisputed WWE Champion) vs. Daniel Bryan (Smackdown Mr. MITB) – Excellent match between these two. One of the better matches in recent history here on Smackdown. 3 ¼ stars from me. I don’t know what it is but I love when matches end in submission. I like how these guys work together with the reversals and all.


Mark Henry backstage W/ Matt Striker – Henry thinks he should be automatic #1 Contender after taking out Big Show and Kane in addition to putting Sheamus through a barricade at Summerslam.


Kelly Kelly (Divas Champion) & A.J. vs. Natalya & Alicia Fox


(“Salt & crack black pepper” – Booker T) – A.J. had some nice reversals. I like how they are making her look good. Nattie is much more aggressive than ever before. I don’t think Kelly winning with the K2 was ever in doubt since she is the Divas Champion and deserves the win. I don’t know what will happen with Nattie and Beth since they didn’t accomplish winning the Divas Title at the PPV.


20-Man Battle Royale – The battle royale wasn’t as long as I expected it to be. The fact that mark Henry was outside half of the time was stupid. It reminded me of The Rock a few years back where at the beginning of the match he exited the match under the bottom rope and waited until there was only one guy left in the ring. I think this battle royale hurt Henry more than it helped. Since he was only in the ring for half the match. Also the time he spent on the outside hurting people, these were defenseless people that were thrown out of the ring on their heads or necks. Sin Cara 2.0 was amazing taking down Henry with that crossbody. I like Sin Cara 2.0 much more than Sin Cara 1.0 he is bigger stronger and can pull of a higher percentage of his moves. It was weird that the four guys in the end of the match were guys that got televised entrances before the match. It makes you wonder why they didn’t just have a fatal 4 way match between Barrett, Sheamus, Sin Cara and Henry. Of Course Henry won b/c he has no one left to injure except maybe Khali but we will put that aside for know.


After the match there was a faceoff between Orton and Henry oooooooooooo so intimidating.


The Conclusion: This was a good episode of Smackdown. How could it not be, A.J. was there. The Battle Royale main event was as good as it could be. Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan was the cream of the crop tonight. They just blew away the other segments and matches. Cody winning clean is now able to move on and bring prestige back to the Intercontinental title. Legacy Reunion was short lived. Justin Gabriel vs. Tyson Kidd was a less exciting rematch from NXT. All around good stuff I give it a 7.0 rating


This Is Yus “The Bus” Friedman






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