WWE RAW 8.22.2011 This Is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

Posted: August 25, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

WWE RAW 8.22.2011

WWE Undisputed Champion Alberto Del Rio & John “Rerun” Cena in the Ring/ CM Punk “Our Straight Edge Savior” Enters/ It’s Time to play The Game – Alberto Del Rio our WWE Champion said my name is and no he did not say My name is slim shady. Cena interrupted him before we could hear his name b/c no one knows who he is so every week he has to tell us. He reminds me of those drunken guys that have their name address and home phone number sewn into their clothing so people can help them find their way home.           Anyways.

Cena disses Del Rio’s gimmick saying his cars are rented his ring announcer is low paid and his scarves are bought in flea markets. He says he will take Del Rio’s WWE Championship and hurt him. Cena says there is one man in the company that can go toe to toe with him and that’s CM Punk and since Del Rio s not CM Punk he is gonna whoop his @$$. I like Cena putting over Punk.

CM Punk comes out and says it feels like they are in a rerun b/c John is asking for another title match. John and Punk go back and forth for a couple of minutes until Del Rio feels left out and says that this is his time b/c he is the WWE Champion. Punk recalls the actions of Kevin Nash at Summerslam and the common issues he and Cena have had with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and says someone wants Del Rio to be champion real bad. Del Rio said it was destiny that sent the text message. Punk and Cena go back and forth on whose going to cash in their rematch clause for the WWE Championship. Del Rio doesn’t care about their argument.

Enter Triple H He doesn’t care about anyone’s opinions or anything else. He says Del Rio vs. John Morrison. He also says CM Punk vs. John Cena in the main event to determine the #1 Contender.

Alberto Del Rio (Undisputed WWE Champion) vs. John “JOMO” Morrison – This was a nice match. I don’t know what it is about that side Russian Leg sweep but I can never get enough of it. Morrison had many near falls which I frankly don’t understand. Why does the WWE keep making John Morrison look good in matches with WWE Main Event caliber superstars if they don’t plan on pulling the trigger of pushing him to the top? Del Rio was clearly going to win here and he did with the cross arm breaker. I like when superstars win matches by submission because it really embarrasses the superstar that he needs to tap out and beg to be released from the hold.  This gets two and a quarter stars from me.

Eve “Wardrobe Sucks” Torres vs. Nikki “The Other Bella” Bella – Another Divas match where the script is made up and the wins don’t matter

Jack “Rabbit” Swagger w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Alex “A-RY” Riley – I am very unhappy we were denied Alex Riley’s entrance music. Not really a match. Dolph came out and accidentally knocked Vickie on the floor distracting Jack and Riley gets the role up win. I don’t remember seeing Riley’s finisher recently I hope they actually have him use it again soon. This gets a mercy one star from me.

Triple H & Kevin “Diesel” Nash: The Controversy/ Enter the Punk – HHH explains that it was not he who sent the message. Kevin said the minute Triple H said the message wasn’t from him he believed him. He wanted to apologize to Punk but after what Punk said last week it’s not going to happen.

Enter CM Punk. Punk gives us a speech about how he is a habitual line-crosser that crosses over lines it’s kind of his thing. Then he pushes Triple H saying he wouldn’t want to start a fight with him. That would mean Triple H would have to fold his jacket and put it in his wife Stephanie’s purse along with his balls and cellphone. This is what caused Kevin to knock down Punk with a right hand.

WWE TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Kofi “Stale” Kingston & Evan “No Mic” Bourne vs. Michael “Kid-Perfect” McGuillicuty© & David “A-List” Otunga© – I was kind of hoping Kofi and Bourne would have team entrance music so we wouldn’t have to hear that S.O.S. song for a while.  This match was Eh. I found it funny that King said everyone was on their feet when Kingston and Bourne became the new tag champion’s b/c I think they were all on their feet because they were coming back from the bathroom. I wasn’t on my feet either I was getting more Coke Zero in my cup. Besides for Bourne’s entrance I see this reign being decent at best. Kofi has held 7 championships all reigns that have been buried and forgotten. The only feud I can remember that I actually was excited for Kofi to succeed in was with Orton and since then he has had one entertaining match with Dolph Ziggler. Whether I like them or not they are the tag champions so congratulations.

New WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi “Stale” Kingston & Evan “No Mic” Bourne backstage w/ Josh Matthews –  We are so happy yay yay yay oooooooooo a champagne celebration with Eve and Zack Ryder who I guess as Internet Champion gets to be on All 4 shows Raw, Smackdown, Superstars & NXT. Don’t forget about Derrick Bateman who is supposed to be a hell and Titus O’Neil celebrating with them. My Opinion:  Puke Puke Puke Puke Puke Puke Puke Puke Puke.

Kevin Nash car accident?

The Awesome Truth – Miz and R-Truth take out Santino Marella as he is walking down to the ring. They talk about this conspiracy of the WWE of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, CM Punk, Kevin Nash and John Cena. They speak about how they were in main events. Miz beat Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania 27. Now Miz and Truth are backdrops to the main stories. They will make their own opportunities. Now they sing Shut Up! And You Suck to Truths new music. I really thought Miz was going to turn face. I guess not. Also I was wondering earlier tonight why Miz and Truth aren’t involved in the WWE Title picture. Triple H could have given CM Punk and John Cena they’re rematches in the main event tonight in a Triple Threat match involving Cena vs. Punk vs., Del Rio and then had a Fatal Four way at the PPV for the Title or next week a Fatal Four Way to determine the #1 Contender.

WWE Championship #1 Contenders Match: CM Punk “Our Straight Edge Savior” vs. John “Rerun” Cena – Awesome match with many reversals to finisher which is cool. I liked that Cena couldn’t lock n the STF so he adapted and hit Punk with the crossface. Everyone is looking good week in and week out. I wasn’t happy with this match to begin with because I thought a Triple Threat match between Del Rio, Cena and Punk would have been a good way to throw away Punk and Cena’s rematch clauses and have something happen like this: Cena or Punk hit their finishers Del Rio tosses that guy at of the ring and gets the pinfall victory. This was Del Rio gets the win, neither Punk nor Cena look week and at the PPV they can give Punk his match vs. Kevin Nash and have a fatal four way at Night of Champions The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena or something like that. One thing I need to say is that I want Punk’s Anaconda Vice submission maneuver to get over so he should get some submission victories with it. That’s All.

Conclusion: This was a good show and my comments about the main event are written next to the match. I hope that Truth and The Miz will get back to the top. Maybe the WWE will give them a WWE Tag Team. Santino is still on the roster? New Tag Champs – need to work on their mic skills. Divas need to have something to work towards I suggest some sort of Points Tournament Series like TNA uses for the Bound For Glory Series Tournament.


This Is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

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