WWE RAW 8.29.11 This Is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

Posted: September 5, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views
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WWE RAW 8.29.11 This Is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

C.O.O. Triple H/ CM “Best in the World” Punk/ Kevin “Knee Clicker” Nash – Triple H ends the brand extension between Raw and Smackdown. Triple H wants Kevin to be a man stop lying to him and come to the ring but we got CM Punk. CM Punk wants Triple H to stop acting and admit he and Kevin were in cahoots from the beginning. Nash comes out to the New World Order music. Nash admits he lied about the car crash but he can’t take Punk insulting him and Stephanie. Triple H wants Kevin to leave but no, KEVIN NASH SIGNED KEVIN NASH SIGNED KEVIN NASH SIGNED. Kevin Nash signed a contract with the WWE through John Laurinaitis while Triple H was out of the building he also has guaranteed money so if he is fired he can sit at home and keep his money. CM Punk & Kevin push Triple H to make the match between them at Night of Champions. CM Punk suggests that Triple H has to run the idea by the Board of Directors which he says is Hunter’s wife. Punk says Triple H wears panties and Stephanie wears the pants in their house. Triple H makes the match and tells them both to Suck It.

Randy “Tattooed Cheerleader” Orton (WH Champion) vs. Dolph “Perfection” Ziggler (U.S. Champion) – Wow! That match was awesome. Orton really had his game on tonight along with showing us a few new moves. Ziggler dominated the beginning of the match and reversed the RKO into a sleeper hold and an Orton Punt into a superkick of sorts; both of them were very impressive. I was very nervous when Orton was aiming to punt Ziggler b/c I am a big Dolph Ziggler fan and I also didn’t want the match to end. This match was so exciting I could have watched it for at least another 7 or 8 minutes. I hope we see these two lock up a lot more with the death of the brand extension and would love to see them match up against each other in some sort of World Title match somewhere down the line. What I didn’t like was the fact that Dolph might lose Vickie as a manager if he keeps losing which would be disappointing since I don’t think he can promo on his own just yet. Not to mention a split from Vickie might turn him face which we know from John Morrison a few years back is not a good call if you are not ready no matter how good your in ring skills are. We saw Swagger watching the match backstage and even if he gets picked up by Vickie as a client I hope she doesn’t drop Dolph. Know that I think of it with Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne as tag champs and Miz and Truth maybe becoming a tag team, Dolph and Swagger two former World Champions would work well together. We will have to wait and see.

John “Rerun” Cena backstage w/Josh “Good old JM” Matthews/ John Cena in the ring – He asks Cena about Del Rios attack from last week and Cena walks away to go to the ring presumably. John calls out Del Rio who he calls Senior Douche but we get the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Champion World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry. Henry says he took out the Big Show, Kane & Sheamus among others and now its Cena’s turn to join the Hall of Pain. Henry says regardless of whom wins tomorrows World Title steel cage match on Super-Smackdown Live he will be the World Champion after Night of Champions.

Christian is here. He says more than anything else he can’t stand someone coming out week after week bitching and whining until they get what they want and it makes him sick. Cena shows Christian what whining is. He says Christian has fake orange tan doesn’t he know were in HD. Why does Henrys breathe smell like funnel cake stuffed with dog crap? Christian and Henry are about to take out Cena 2 on 1 till Sheamus shows up to even the forces. Christian cowardly but intelligently ducks out.

John “Johnny Ace” Laurinaitis tries making a match but Triple H point out that he is his boss and he makes the matches.

CM Punk “Best in the World” vs. The Miz “The Awesome One” / The Miz, R-Truth & Kevin Nash triple team CM Punk- This was the second match of the night and it was in the same range as the first. This was an excellent match fought by two guys who clearly know what they are doing in the ring. Punk’s knee to the corner followed by a bull dog gets me every time as well as The Miz’s low-DDT and his inverted Reality Check. Just like the first match I can’t wait to see these two feud and deliver awesome no pun intended matches. Punk keeps proving that he is the best in the world and Miz keeps proving that he isn’t far behind. I really didn’t know who I wanted to win here being a fan of both men. I always said that a rematch of the ECW Title match between John Morrison, Cm Punk and The Miz would be nothing like it was a few years ago b/c these three men having become three of the greatest in ring competitors dare I say in WWE history. I would love to see that match happen since we all know how good Morrison is in ring and these two men tonight proved they are among the best in the WWE today. Since I didn’t know who I wanted to win this match I was happy there was a DQ ending. Miz and R-Truth attacked Punk. Punk threw Miz aside and gave Truth the GTS. I was happy the Miz didn’t take the finisher since he doesn’t deserve it. Nash then comes to the ring to triple team Punk with Truth and Miz ending with him Jackknife Powerbombing Punk in the ring and him standing tall.

Sin “no face” Cara vs. jack “losing streak” swagger – this match was no different from Swaggers last week he loses due to a distraction of Ziggler. Ziggler is set on Vickie not managing anyone else but him (for more on this check Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton). Sin Cara looked okay in this match but after 2 great matches that were between 3-4 stars they gave us this.

WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: David “A-list” Otunga & Michael “Kid-Perfect” McGuillicuty vs. Kofi “Stale” Kingston© & Evan “No Mic Skills” Bourne© – Lawler said at some point in the match if Otunga wasn’t married to Jennifer Hudson the only thing he would be saying into a mic is “Would you like fries with that.” Does Jerry Lawler know that Otunga has a Harvard Law Degree or is he just a terrible commentator who doesn’t do his research? This match was short and did nothing for me. It made Otunga and McGuillicuty look weak and that’s not good when you have such a small undeveloped tag team division. The only thing right here was Kofi & Bourne retaining the titles.

Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella vs. Kelly Kelly (Divas Champion) w/Eve Torres – Bella’s use twin magic to beat Kelly and earn the #1 contendership for the Divas Title. Really short match unfortunately.

Alex Riley Video Package – I think they did really good with this video package. The WWE Production team always does well with these things. I love the footage of the feud with Miz. That feud continued my fanship of him since he was on NXT. I just wish he would bring back his F5/Cutter Style finisher.

John “Rerun” Cena & Sheamus “The Human Jar of Mayonnaise” vs. Mark “Grumpy” Henry & the “Instant Classic” Christian – Predictable just like every other tag match.

Triple H informs Punk that at Night of Champion it won’t be CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash it will be CM Punk vs. Triple H. Well that is an interesting switcharoo. I think the new match will be much better due to Triple H being healthy as well as him not clicking.

This Is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

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