Wrestling Breakdown Show 9.8.11: WWE Smackdown 8.30.11/ WWE RAW 9.5.2011

Posted: September 10, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

Wrestling Breakdown Show 9.8.11

WWE Smackdown 8.30.11

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett & The XFL & Tony Chimel: The Promo – John Cena disses Tony Chimel then the XFL and mentions all the TV Shows in the history of wrestling other that Impact Wrestling. Cena proceeds to call out Alberto Del Rio who (we know is in Mexico renewing his Visa). Wade Barrett disses Cena that he was beating up Ricardo Rodriguez and that it is 2 minutes into the show and he is already trying to hijack it. Wade says Cena used to be Wade Barrett’s personal slave. Wade says it’s Smackdown and he has home field advantage. Cena says Wade has made Cena’s life miserable and paybacks a bitch.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett: The Match – Cena beat Barrett in a less than impressive match.

Mark “WSM” Henry Backstage w/Matt Striker “My Teacher” – Henry the #1 Contender and the Word Strongest man compare a match with him as a steel cage match. If these were your two options of matches when you flip a coin either way you lose. Good stuff here for the WSM.

Daniel Bryan (Smackdown Mr. MITB) vs. Sin “No Face” Cara/Sin Cara heel turn – The match was short and I wanted more. What we got was great especially Sin Cara’s spring board senton into the lionsault as well as Daniel Bryans surfboard into the guillotine. I want to see more between these two and with the heel turn maybe we will. These are two guys I can really see going on a ppv.

Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne Backstage with Matt Striker “My Teacher” – They compared themselves to Harlem Heat and Legion of Doom that’s a big no-no. They claim they are trust buddies and they don’t have confidence in holding the tag titles for a long time. That is what I took away from this interview.

Christian Backstage with Matt Striker “My Teacher” – He says that Edge and Bret Hart have turned their back on him. He doesn’t need the losers in Wichita, Kansas. He doesn’t need to have the World Heavyweight Championship to validate his career b/c everyone knows how great he is. He says steel cage or not Christian with be World Champion because Christian always gets his way. Nice, short and no stammering.

Beth Phoenix & Natalya “Divas of Doom” vs., Kelly Kelly (Divas Champion) & Alicia Fox “Barbie Nation” (Aksana: Guest Ring Announcer) – A short divas match who would have thought. Kelly did not get to use her stink face. Alicia looked much improve in the ring. In the end Beth was too much woman for Alicia to handle and one Glam-Slam later DOD won their match.

WWE C.O.O. Triple H vs. “Best in the World & Our Savior” CM Punk Contract signing W/ Smackdown GM Theodore R. Long as mediator – Triple H couldn’t take multitudes of disrespect CM Punk had for himself and family so he changed the match to him against Punk. In Addition Triple H bent over backwards to accommodate Punk , including working with him and getting him his entrance music and T-shirt that says Best in the World on it. Punk loves the WWE unlike what Triple H think that Punk hates the WWE. He wants change for the better for everyone. Otherwise Punk would be gone and Triple H wouldn’t have to deal with the evil CM Punk. CM Punk disses Triple H’s wife because he can, it’s fun and he is testing H and he failed. H is too emotion he can’t separate personal and business and he hires his friends and goons to do his dirty work. All CM Punk as a fan and as a wrestler want is for the WWE to be fun again. Triple H thinks that 50 % of the WWE like the WWE the way it is and don’t want it to change. He thinks the only reason Punk wants change is to benefit himself.  Triple H said this is now personal not business and he is going to kick Punk’s ass.

Here comes Big Kevin Nash. He knocks down Triple H while Triple H tried breaking up Kevin and Punk.

The Great Khali w/Jinder Mahal vs. Sheamus – This was a filler match that showed some good stuff from both competitors but I don’t understand the finish, Jinder has been a bust, he hasn’t proven anything. I want Jinder gone or only in the tag division where someone else can make hi look good. I was impressed with Khali, he showed a aggressive side of himself that I haven’t seen since his World Title reign days.

World Title Steel Cage Match: Randy Orton vs. Christian – Two things: Phenomenal, Instant Classic. I’m not going to explain how awesome this match was go back and look what I wrote about any of their encounters and this one was just as good and not boring like I was worried it would be.

WWE RAW 9.5.2011

Video Package of Kevin Nash/CM Punk/Triple H angle – I would usually comment on an opening video package but it did run a near 5 minutes. It was a great review of the feud with good music and I enjoyed it.

CM “Pipe Bomb” Punk in the Ring/ Kevin “Knee Clicker” Nash Joins/ H-Man Alert – Punk says he is different. He says he has no filter between his brain and mouth. He says he is a target b/c he is different. Being different tends to piss a lot of people off. He claims Kevin Nash is the same he has always been. He wears the same Hair Dye from the first Gulf War (HAHAHAHA) He has the same music since 1996 (New World Order- Hell Yeah). CM wants to give Nash a chance to be different and be a man so he invites him out to an open forum.

Kevin Nash is here. He says he does and faces what and who he wants. CM Punk makes fun of all of Nash’s Personas (Diesel, Big Daddy Cool, Vinnie Vegas, Oz, and Super Shredder). Kevin says Triple H did Punk a favor by switching the match. Punk says the Estrogen pills Nash’s character took in the Longest Yard weren’t props. In 1994 Kevin won his first World Heavyweight title, Arsenio Hall had his own show, Justin Bieber was born and CM Punk had no driver’s license and that was the last time Nash was relevant. CM Punk tells Kevin no matter how many times he gets knocked down he’ll keep fighting. Punk is interrupted by this…….

Triple H enters the fray. Triple H reveals that Kevin sent the text to himself from H’s phone. Kevin admits that is true. (What a bummer? I wanted it to be Laurinaitis or Stephanie). Kevin says the WWE Universe isn’t big enough for him and Punk and H has to choose one of them to go. Kevin goads Triple H into punching him in the face and Triple H fires Kevin Nash. CM Punk tells Nash “Best of Luck in his future endeavors.”

Kofi “The Bostonian” Kingston & Evan “No Mic Skills” Bourne (WWE TAG CHAMPS)(AIR BOOM) vs. The Great Khali “Yawn” & Jinder “I got lots of money but my wrestling is sub-par” Mahal  – I like Air Boom’s combined entrance it’s much better than having to hear Kofi’s full one. I knew the pairing of Jinder & Khali would happen eventually, but it still surprised me. This was a short match to show us how good the new tag champs are. I think Jinder sold really well for Kofi especially since Kofi botched the first superman punch and almost missed the second. Khali accidentally chops Jinder and Air Boom win by taking advantage with the Shooting Star Press.

#1 Contender for the WWE Divas Title Match: Beth “Chyna Wanabee” Phoenix vs. Eve Torres (W/Kelly Kelly & Natalya on commentary) – The Commentary was good the give and go by Nattie and K2. The match wasn’t anything special. Beth botching the Glam Slam was pretty bad I hope the screw up didn’t hurt Eve inadvertently. I think Beth is the right choice here and I think she will win at night of champions. I like Kelly especially her entrance but her having the title does nothing for me.

Twitter – Michael Cole tells us The Rock has just passed 1 Million followers on Twitter so congratulations. (What Michael didn’t tell you is that it puts The Rock in 428th place in Twitter followers).

Christian and McIntyre turns into Christian and Alberto Del Rio Back stage– I don’t know why Drew is on TV. Del Rio tries to convince Christian that John Cena is the reason he lost the steel cage match last week and is not the World Heavyweight Champion.

R- “K-Kwik” Truth (W/the most must see WWE Superstar of all time The Miz) vs. CM “Pipe Bomb” Punk – Truth says CM Punk isn’t different. Truth is different since he’s spoken the real truth his whole life. Enter “The Awesome One” (We are not worthy of his presence) The Miz. Miz says Truth doesn’t need to buy a ticket to go to Night of Champions because he’s had an epiphany. Truth says he had one of those when he was a kid (Laughs). Miz says no he means an adumbration. Truth says his Mom said he can’t use words like that or she’ll wash his mouth out with soap. Miz says in other words a manifestation which Truth responds with “That comes after puberty doesn’t it.”  Miz says C.O.O Triple H is too busy worrying about his friends that listening to the two best talents on Monday Night Raw(The Miz & R-Truth). The Miz says he will do HHH’s job and he makes the match of AirBoom vs. The Awesome Truth at Night of Champions for the WWE Tag team titles. Fart jokes and now the match.

Great match from both competitors. I sometimes can’t stand R-Truth’s promos but he can rally go in the ring with the “Best In The World”. Truth based on ring skills should be main eventing and with his and Miz’s talent they might steal the show at Night of Champions.  I love the
GTS when it’s executed properly although I would like to see Punk win with the Anaconda Vice once in a while. But wait it’s………………………………………

Triple H? –  What’s he coming out for? How cool was the look in Punks eyes after the green lights go on it looked like he was going to become The Hulk. Triple H tells Punk he made it personal and H wants to hurt him so at Night of Champions it’s a No DQ match. Punk calls Triple H back when he is leaving the ring he calls him an “Ass-asin.” CM-Punk says he’ll agree to H’s stipulation if he agrees to Punk’s. Punk’s stipulation is if Punk wins Triple H resigns as C.O.O of the WWE. Triple H agrees to the stipulation (Hell Yeah another historically changing match in WWE history).

Curt Hawkins (Former WWE Tag Champ) & Tyler Reks W/Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio Backstage w/ Wade Barrett – It looks like maybe Hawkins and Reks might be in the market for a new boss and stable leader in Wade Barrett. Alberto continues going to everyone involved in the main event to take out John Cena. Not much going on here.

Zack Ryder Video Package – What we got here was a video montage of Zack Ryder including most of the clips from his YouTube show Z True Long Island Story. Great video that was really over with the fans. It’s not like Ryder needed the help getting over but it was a nice video. I wonder if the WWE paid for the rights or Zack was happy to get free publicity.

David “D-List” Otunga & Michael “Perfect-Wanabee” McGuillicuty vs. Jerry “The Boring” Lawler & Zack “Long Island Pride” Ryder – Very, very short match. Lawler was Lawler and the Ex-Nexus were the Ex-Nexus. Zack Ryder got the win with the Rough Ryder Leg Lariat.  Can I start shouting from the rooftops Zack Ryder and Jerry Lawler new WWE Tag Team Champions LOL? WOO WOO WOO You Know It!!!

Dolph Ziggler Backstage w/Alberto Del Rio– Alberto continues going to everyone involved in the main event to take out John Cena. Not much going on here. He says Dolph may not have a manager in Vickie much longer. During the conversation the Bellas were all over Del Rio till he told them he’d meet them in 5 minutes.  Think Dolph might unfortunately be turning face soon.

Randy “Cena Jr.” Orton (World Champion) vs. Heath “Who?” Slater – I liked Heath Slater b/c of his entrance music but now he has nothing redeeming about himself. Orton buried Slater here. Slater had n shot and this was just an opportunity to give the fans a Orton win so they can go home and tell their families they saw a RKO. Nothing going here.

John “Rerun” Cena and WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio “The Essence of Excellence” – Alberto tells Cena he didn’t injure him like he did Rey Mysterio b/c he wanted to give Cena a fighting chance at Night of Champions and that’s just the type of champion he is. He send his goons Barrett, Swagger Ziggler and Christian to attack Cena they look to be “Great Success I Like” until Alex “A-RY” Riley, Jomo, and Sheamus come out to protect Cena.

Teddy Long makes a match. I never thought this day would come. I can’t believe I have to see that stale Jar of boring twice a week now. Please bring back the Anonymous GM; I rather have Jonathan Coachman or Mike Adamle instead of this guy.

John “Rerun” Cena (WWE Title #1 Contender), John “Never Pushed” Morrison, Alex “A-Ry” Riley, “Neon White” Sheamus vs. Dolph “Perfection” Ziggler (U.S. Champion), Wade “It’s All About the Money” Barrett, Christian “The Finest Whine” & Jack “Needs a Win” Swagger – Morrison had a beautiful standing C4 before Dolph locked on the sleeper hold only to be bind tagged by Swagger who eliminated Morrison with his Ankle Lock.  Nice spine buster by Riley right before Swagger eliminated him with his Ankle Lock. I’m not going play by play no more I watched this match till the end and I am disgusted. Ziggler & Swagger 2 on 1 against Cena and he still wins that is the biggest BS I have ever seen. Swagger could have really benefited from a win here. A swagger win could have made Night of Champions more interesting as well with a win over the #1 Contender. I am very disappointed.

This is Yus “The Bus” Friedman





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