Wrestling Breakdown Show 9.15.11 – WWE Smackdown 9.9.11 & WWE RAW 9.12.2011 + NOC 2011 Predictions This is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

Posted: September 18, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

Wrestling Breakdown Show 9.15.11

WWE Smackdown 9.9.11

Mark Henry Hall of Pain video – We got a video package showing the destruction Henry has caused over the months. He took out Kane & Big Show. He also injured Orton and Sheamus. I think this was an excellent video. I commend the WWE Production team on their work. I just hope this leads to Henry winning the World Heavyweight Championship in the next few months and this isn’t all for nothing.

Mark Henry Opening promo/Mark Henry rips apart Long Island Ice Z – Henry says he’ll beat Orton take his World Title and induct Orton into the Hall of Pain. He says the trainers said the beating he gave Orton was the worst he received in his career. Zack came out to tell Henry that he has a match tonight against Ezekiel Jackson. Also there is a no contact rule between Orton & Henry. Henry beats the crap out of Ryder WSS and the end.

Mark Henry vs. Ezekiel Jackson – Zeke had a glimmer of hope when He got Henry to leave the ring and catch his breath. After that it was all Worlds’ Strongest Man ripping apart Zeke like he was Colin Delaney. H was tossing him in the air like a cruiserweight. The only purpose this served is the same purpose the opening video package served and that is showing that Henry is an invincible monster. Let’s hope this is all leading somewhere and isn’t an empty push like Lawler’s.

Teddy & Aksana – Another segment with Aksana wanting a favor and trying to use sexual puns to sound dirty. Teddy is boring to me and I am not impressed with Aksana.

Sin Cara vs. Tyson Kidd/Sin Cara speaks English to Josh Matthews/ Daniel Bryan challenges Sin Cara – A typical Sin Cara match with Tyson Kidd who is supposed to be a technical wrestling master getting little offense in this match. People may complain that this is a typical Cara match with his usual moves but have you met John Cena. Having said that there are many superstars that can’t put on a match have as good as Sin Cara so I’d rather have his matches than theirs. Sin hits a Samoan Drop style slam followed by his safe springboard senton into a lionsault for the win.

Now comes the surprises. Josh Matthews is goaded into interviewing Sin Cara by Michael Cole. Josh asks Sin Cara about his new aggressive side. Surprise! Surprise! Sin Cara answers him in Spanglish. So Sin Cara does speak the English. He says at the beginning he was being fair to the other superstars and not releasing his superior repertoire of aggression and move set. But now all bets are off because the Real Sin Cara is here and it’s time to kick some ass and win some championships. Daniel the Bryan came out saying how he had no clue Sin Cara spoke English, I find that surprising since they spend a lot of time on the road together. He also says he feels Sin Cara has no respect for him and challenges him to a rematch next week on Friday Night Smackdown. Sin Cara responds by locking Bryan in the Labelle lock until the ref can rip him off of him. Nice stuff here.

Cody Rhodes Video Package – This was a great video package for the un-dashing one. I really enjoyed it and I hope this helps people who aren’t fans of Cody’s see how good he is and how committed he is to his character. He deserves only good things. He has a difficult role but somehow makes it work. A take my hat off to the WWE Production team for an excellent display of a video masterpiece.

Randy Orton Backstage – Henry is Big and Strong. He thinks no one can stop him. But Randy he knows what can stop WSM it is the RKO.

Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus –

WWE RAW 9.12.2011

Alberto Del Snoozo/ Bret “Old Man” Hart & John “Respectful of old men” Cena – He mentions taking out Rey Mysterio for the 865,343,334th time and says he retired the Rated-R Superstar Edge. He beat Punk at Summerslam and will destroy Cena at Night of Champions. He says he can take the Boos because he is the WWE Undisputed Champion. He says he is the Greatest of the great cue Bret Hart. I was disappointed with this promo Del Rio is great in the ring but has been stale on the mic lately.

Bret Hart disses Del Snoozos heel tactics like beating up an already injured wrestler. He says he got to the top not by taking out people but by being a fighting and honorable champion. Bret says Del Rio is all flash and style and no substance (stubstance). Del Rio says Bret looks like a bum (bump) with his wornout jacket and his gresy hair. Great so now we are using Kevin Nash’s material against CM Punk with Bret courtesy of Del Rio. Another thing what does Bret have to do with bump and what is stubsance HAHAHAHAHA.

Cena reruns into the ring. He says Del Rio is a coward that keeps running away from him. I think Cena told us he speaks to cameras that is pretty disturbing. He makes fun of ADR that he knows more about the car he is driving than he does which obviously means he rents his cars. I don’t know Cena maybe he just buys the car because they are expensive. Not every car owner needs to be obsessed with cars like you John. Back to Cena’s terrible promo he wants to face Del Rio but John Laurinaitis makes the match Bret & Cena vs. Ricardo & ADR.

John Morrison & Alex “Next U.S. Champ” Riley vs. Dolph “Selfish” Ziggler & Jack “Losing Streak” Swagger w/ Vickie Guerrero – I can’t say anything about this besides for Dolph has to stop being such a bitch and learn to share. He and Swagger two former World Heavyweight Champions would do great together. He needs to learn to share Vickie with the other heels. Dolph clearly went to a messed up kindergarten. Other than that the offense was exciting. I was especially happy about the finish with Riley hitting You’re Dismissed for the win and I hope Riley wins in the Fatal Four Way for the U.S. Title on Sunday. I prefer You’re Dismissed as a finisher seeing that he was using an impaler DDT a move Edge used for years but didn’t win big matches till he switch to the spear spear spear. John Morrison, I almost feel bad for the guy he has spent the past 2 years doing nothing.

The Miz & R-Truth make gold promos – I liked this I won’t repeat what they said but it was coocoo and angry.

The Miz (w/R-Truth) vs. Evan Bourne (w/ Kofi Kingston) – Miz with the Skull Crushing finale for the win AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great match to build momentum for the Awesome Truth towards the PPV.

Jerry Lawler and Sheamus vs. David Otunga & Michael McGuillicuty – Sheamus destroys the ex-nexus the end.

Great America Video

Kelly Kelly vs. Vickie Guerrero – Vickie Guerrero loses to Kelly Kelly in a match that sucked. Because this is the excellent build to the Divas Title match at Night of Champions.

Great Triple H Wrestler Video Package.

Mar Henry Backstage w/ Josh Matthews – People wonder why WSM annihilated the Big Show, why he decimated Kane, why he ran Sheamus through a barricade at Summerslam. There have been 15 years of looking over Mark Henry. 15 years of no respect. 15 years of not being the No. 1 Contender and not being the World Heavyweight Champion. The reason for all of that is to get him to this point and this Sunday, he promises that Orton is going to enter the Hall of Pain!

Cody Rhodes (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Randy Orton (World Champion) – Henry distracted Orton a nice portion of the match. But a win is a win and a win by Cody over the World Champion is huge.

CM Punk & Triple H – The Final Confrontation – No words can describe the greatness of this you must watch it yourself. The back and forth was really excellent. This segment really got me pumped for the match at the PPV. The only problem with this feud which isn’t really their faults is that this is the most anticipated match on a PPV called Night of Champions where 6 championships are being defended and this isn’t even a championship match. The fact that CM Punk who I thought had creative control as part of his new contract got cut off shows that there is someone even more powerful than Triple H pulling the strings in the WWE. Finally Where Are Our WWE Ice Cream Bars!!!!!!!

WWE Night Of Champions 2011 Predictions

Matches Akiva Wants Akiva Thinks Yossi Wants Yossi Thinks
WWE Championship: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena Alberto Del Rio Alberto Del Rio The Miz but I’ll settle w/Del Rio Alberto Del Rio
NO DQ Match: CM Punk vs. Triple HIf CM Punk wins, Triple H resigns as C.O.O. of WWE Triple H Triple H Triple H via interference by Kevin Nash Triple H via interference by Kevin Nash
WWE Divas Championship: Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly A.J. But I’ll settle for Beth Phoenix Beth Phoenix – It’s Time for Change
WWE Tag Team Championship: Air Boom (Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston) (c) vs. The Miz & R-Truth The Awesome Truth The Awesome Truth The Awesome Truth The Awesome Truth
WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs. Mark Henry Mark Henry Mark Henry Mark Henry Mark Henry
United States Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Jack Swagger vs. Alex Riley vs. John Morrison Alex Riley Alex Riley A-Ry A-Ry
Intercontinental Championship Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes(c) Ted DiBiase Ted Dibiase Cody Rhodes Cody Rhodes


This is Yus “The Bus” Friedman


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