WWE NOC 2011-09-20 – This is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

Posted: September 27, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

WWE NOC 2011-09-20

Opening Video Package/Intro – These are always excellent and I give the WWE Production team their props.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Miz & R-Truth (The Awesome Truth) vs. Kofi Kingston© & Evan Bourne© (Air Boom)/ Matt Striker W/ The Awesome Truth – This was a nice match with good length. Good moves by The Miz as well as all involved competitors. I was surprised Miz didn’t get the pin after the modified DDT. The fact that Miz and Truth got screwed because of terrible officiating is BS. I hope that ref gets got over and over again. Miz was completely justified in what he did. It was one thing to make Air Boom win to build credibility but this here didn’t help anyone. I want a rematch just so I can see Air Boom lose their titles and get their @$$e$ handed to them.

After the match Matt tried to get a word out of The Awesome Truth. Truth thinks the ref that screwed them was a conspirator of Triple H. Matt said they should be worried about being fired or fined or suspended. Miz doesn’t care what Triple H does because after tonight he won’t be C.O.O. anymore.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Cody Rhodes© vs. Ted DiBiase – This was a good match. There were a lot of rest holds used which slowed down the match a bit. I never really thought DiBiase had a shot at the newly crowned I.C. Champion. Cody should have a nice long reign to bring prestige and honor to the Intercontinental Championship. Goo and important win for Cody and hopefully there will be more. The face that Ted wasted his time taking off Cody’s mask just to be schooled into a pin by Cody was genius booking. It shows how good Cody is in the ring very similar to many legends.

Christian Whining Again? / Sheamus ruins a wonderful moment –  He wants another World Title match & he succeeds to get the crowd behind him cheering, “One More Match”. But no we get Sheamus how nice. Sheamus pretends to get the crowd behind him in cheering one more match and then disrespects a legend in Christian by Bro kicking him. What a disgusting display of disrespect. He thinks he got the fans on his side but what he did is walk in on the momentum and crowd that Christian tied together. This was very pathetic and appalling by The Celtic deceiver.

United States Championship Match: Dolph “Perfection” Ziggler© vs. John “Never Pushed” Morrison vs. Jack “Losing Streak” Swagger vs. Alex “A-Ry” Riley – Again! Again! Again! Again!  How many times will my guys get screwed out of titles tonight? First Miz now Riley b/c that piece of garbage failure as a General Manager costs him the match I will never forget Vickie sticking her nose in this match she is permanently on my blacklist. Next, John Morrison was excellent as always with his moonsault, flash kick and c4. Riley with the impaler DDT will he do it. (Bear with me since I am typing while I am watching). No two count. Gut wrench Powerbomb by Swagger on Morrison and Ziggler tosses him away Dolph Ziggler wins he retains the U.S. Title.

Henry Backstage with JM / Vickie backstage with Striker – Henry says he has 15 years of frustration to release onto Orton. He claims JM is a doubter and hater and he wants him to interview him after the match when he wins the world title. Vickie is ecstatic that Dolph won. The US champ works for her and her phone is buzzing with people that want to work with her. She believes if Triple H steps down she will make a great C.O.O. Then she kisses Matt Striker before walking away.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Randy Orton© vs. Mark Henry – Wow! I loved this match. Mark Henry and Randy Orton put on a great match. Mark Henry played the power roll the way a veteran big-man of 15 years should. I was very impressed by both competitors especially Orton’s resilience after getting his leg knocked out by WSM. I think this was the right move & hope this is a trend. There are so many superstars that are looked over in the WWE that gave half their lives to the company. I like saying 2x World Champion Christian, World Champion Mark Henry and maybe in the future we will hear the long awaited “Your winner and new World Heavyweight Champion William Regal”.

The Era of Pain Begins/ The World’s Strongest Champion Reign Begins – After the match JM came to the ring like he was told to interview Henry. Henry took the mic and called us all doubters and haters and said we didn’t believe he could beat Orton for the title ( I did). He welcomed us to the Hall of Pain and said that he did this and will not share his victory with anyone. I say good job WSM and keep kicking WWE exec’s favorites @$$e$. He says he will fight all comers and be the most dominant champion in history.

WWE Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly © vs. Beth Phoenix –

WWE Title Match: Alberto Del Rio © vs. John Cena – There was never any doubt that the emotion in this match would be spectacular. These are two superstars that know how to wrestle. I enjoyed the match. My major problem with this match is the pace and the finish. There were too many rest periods for my taste. I am watching a wrestling match not a bunch of moves followed by nap time. I disagree with the finish because they built Del Rio up Royal Rumble win, Wrestlemania Main Event, Retires Edge, Benches Rey Mysterio Twice, wins Money in the Bank, wins WWE Title. All that progress just to lose the title after a month I don’t think that was a good idea. Of all the people in the world to lose the title to John Cena the guy is a 12 time World Champion. How about sharing the wealth you championship hog?

NO Disqualification Match: Triple H “C.O.O.” vs. CM Punk “Best In the World” (If Triple H loses he must step down as WWE C.O.O.) – Great match that ended unfortunately with controversy and 3 interferences and 5 ringside visitors. Miz and Truth come out to attack Triple H and Punk. Eventually Scott Armstrong has a disagreement with them and they took him out. Then CM Punk and Triple H threw Miz and Truth out of the ring. Triple H proceeded to pedigree Punk but there was no referee to make the 3 count. A ref headed down to the ring but Laurinaitis stopped him to check out Armstrong’s physical status. Once Punk hit the GTS Laurinaitis tossed the new ref into the ring to count. Punk ended up on the outside giving some GTS to Truth. Punk heads back into the ring and got another pedigree but H only got a near fall. Next we see John Laurinaitis texting on the phone and magically Kevin Nash appears heading to the ring. He takes out both Punk and Triple HHH. But Triple H takes out Kevin with a sledge hammer. Finally H hits Punk with a third pedigree for the win. This match was excellent and I was impressed with Miz and Truth standing up for what they believe in.

This is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

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