Wrestling Breakdown Show 10.6.2011, WWE Hell in a Cell 10.2.2011, WWE RAW Supershow 10.3.2011 This is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

Posted: October 11, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

Wrestling Breakdown Show 10.6.2011

WWE Hell in a Cell 10.2.2011

Video package to start off the night was great. I think we need to thank the WWE Production team for giving us an excellent video once again to start off the show. These men and women are the best in the world at what they do.

Awesome Truth – Double Trouble – Before any matches started The Miz and R-Truth came their ringside seats with the tickets they bought to watch the PPV. John Laurinaitis who doesn’t realize he is in America throws them out.

Christian vs. Sheamus – WOW! No titles & no cell and it was still an awesome match. At the beginning I thought it was gonna be Sheamus than Christian had control in the middle. But Sheamus held it together to pull out a victory. I guess this means Christian will sink back down to mid-cardville.

Matt Striker backstage w/ WSM/WSC Mark Henry – Henry imitates Striker that he has never been in a cell. It doesn’t matter because it’s a new time and a new champion.

Sin Cara (Blue and Gold) vs. Sin Cara (Black and Red) – I was very disappointed at the end of this match. I expected more from two men that are supposed to be the best in Mexico. What we got is a long dragged out match with arm drags. If what was displayed tonight was the type of wrestling that takes place in Mexico than why is Alberto Del Rio so good. Until these superstars develop a moveset that not only is entertaining but real they will get no crowd reaction. That botched dropkick when Blue Sin Cara went off the ropes was embarrassing to watch. I hope both Sin Caras good luck in their future endeavors. But wait WWE wants to break the Guinness book of world records for most masked people in an arena at Wrestlemania 28 so we are screwed till April unless we see Del Rio vs. Mysterio and Del Rio brings back his mask.

Punk in LAW – David Otunga tries to get Punk onboard with the Lawsuit against HHH as C.O.O. and them trying to remove him from his position of power in the company. Punk liked his vest and bowtie but he hates lawyers. I guess me and Punk would get along b/c I’m learning LAW in college.

WWE TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: “Air Boom” Evan Bourne© & Kofi Kingston© vs. “Swaggler” Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler – First of I want to say it was very disrespectful for J.R. to point out that Jack Swagger was a former World Heavyweight Champion and forget to mention that Dolph was one as well. I was very impressed with Evan Bourne he pulled off some exciting stuff. What I didn’t like is the winners and how they won. Swaggler wrestled a much better match and had control for the majority of it. I also really wanted to see Bourne get smashed with that Powerbomb from the top rope that would have been awesome. I agree that AirBoom had to win to legitimize their reign and keep their momentum and the value of the tag titles alive. But if you want to do that don’t make Swaggler look much better in the ring. AirBoom has a lot to learn and working with Swaggler would help with that. Although working with former World Champions could also make me believe more that AirBoom has loads to learn about wrestling.

World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Mark Henry© vs. Randy Orton –


WWE RAW Supershow 10.3.2011

Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre – I thought at the beginning this would be a squash in favor of the former world champion. What we got was a good match between two guys that know their way around a ring. Orton throwing McIntyre around at the beginning helped McIntyre because he was able to come back from it to beatdown Orton a couple of times during the match. McIntyre had an excellent showing and I hope his rebuilding will help him succeed. I think the best case scenario is to bring him back in some sort of European stable but that’s just me. In the end Orton hit his 6 moves of Doom for the win. But that wasn’t enough we got another RKO.

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion coming out to mock Orton that he lost last night. Orton and Henry began to brawl. Really? Really? The whole roster couldn’t stop Henry and Orton from fighting a week ago but a few security guards think they can. Very poor booking with the security guards. Orton throws Henry over the barricade to the concrete. J.R. and Cole say Orton is possessed; as if this is a surprise to them. Hello anyone there, Henry tried ending Orton’s career last night, I’m surprised he didn’t take a chainsaw and saw Henry’s leg off.

Mark “WSM” Henry (World Heavyweight Champion) vs. John (Doesn’t deserve a nickname) Morrison/ Henry’s Story – Welcome to Jobbertown John Morrison. Morrison got Henry off his feet; got him to the corner and managed to hit Starship Pain; got a two-count and Henry just got up. Henry hit the World’s Strongest Slam and that was all she wrote. What is amazing is that this was all after Orton threw Henry over the barricade to the concrete. Another World’s Strongest Slam by Henry.

Mark Henry has a microphone in his hand. What’s on his mind? Henry says Big Show is coming back on Smackdown next week. Henry says it will be the shortest return in Smackdown history. Show will be inducted into the Hall of Pain once again.

I see we have a 12 man tag match tonight. Swaggler & Christian Del Rhodestunga vs. CenaPunkRyan & BoomSheamus.

A Gathering Backstage – Vickie, Swagger, Ziggler, Rhodes, Christian, Otunga & Del Rio are in the back talking to John Laurinaitis about what will happen with their grievances towards Triple H. He wants to know if Otunga has anything to do with Miz and Truth filing a lawsuit against the WWE this morning.  In the end they decide to head to the ring. Laurinaitis is left texting again.

A Gathering in the Ring/ Triple H responds – Vickie, Swagger, Ziggler, Rhodes, Christian, Otunga & Del Rio are in the ring. Del Rio blames Triple H for magically controlling the Cell which caused a combination of attacks with The Miz, R-Truth, Del Rio and John Cena. Del Rio says Triple H is an animal, then hands Christian the mic. Christian says since Triple H has taken over the Day to Day operations of the WWE Raw and Smackdown have become an unsafe work environment and they are not going to take in anymore, he hands the mic to the Classic I.C. Champion Cody Rhodes. Cody says it’s not a conspiracy, it’s a fact and everyone has been a victim of Triple H’s negligent actions and enormous ego. Dolph: Blah Blah Blah. Swagger says every time he steps in the ring his friends & family are concerned for him. Vickie is especially vulnerable because she is a woman. Otunga says when he was in law school he learned cases that were specific to this situation. They have two choices work and maybe lose their livelihood or band together and take legal action.

Triple H says he remember a time where it doesn’t matter whether guys got beat up or screwed over they still went to the ring and fought. He doesn’t care about any lawsuits all he cares about is that they wrestle and that’s it.

Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya & Beth Phoenix (New Divas Champion) – Again? Yes again. Wait for it. Hell to the yes. An awesome beatdown of Beth Phoenix by Kelly. I want more Kelly attacks. I think is shows she has emotion and a soul and isn’t just a Barbie doll marching to the ring looking all pretty.

Laurinaitis suggest Triple H take a vote of confidence with the roster Triple H thinks Laurinaitis is undermining him but he will do it anyway.

Jinder Mahal vs. Santino Marella – Santino and Jinder speak in Punjabi before the match; it was really funny. Yes the cobra Santino wins Santino wins. I hope they rebuilt him and will now give him a chance in the WWE.


Footage of After Hell in a Cell/ Ron Killings & Mike Mizanin YouTube video message to the WWE Universe: AWESOME TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, Mason Ryan & Air Boom vs. Alberto Del Rio (WWE Champion), Christian, Cody Rhodes (Classic I.C. Champion), Dolph Ziggler (U.S. Champion) , Jack Swagger & David Otunga W/Vickie Guerrero) – MMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN RRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN RRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR. Many guys looked good in this match. I was very impressed with Evan Bourne holding his own in the main event scene. Christian and Ziggler’s distracting the ref tactics showed how excellent heels they are. Air Bourne SSP ya baby. A great match this was. I thought this would be one of those boring tag matches but was really exciting. Unfortunately the faces won but what can you do. Sheamus was all over Cena it looks like he was going to start making out with him.

Triple H’s Vote of Confidence – I don’t know if t was on purpose or not that all the superstars came out in bunches rather than separate brands. AAAAA.JJJJJJJJ. Triple H didn’t take the job it was given to him. He doesn’t care about what Truth and Miz did he is disappointed that they did the crime but won’t take the punishment. They are acting like a bunch of babies. He enjoys the chaos and confrontation of Monday Night Raw because he is Old School. Triple H says he works not for the superstars but for the WWE Universe and he tries to give them the best show he can every week.

Wade Barrett speaks on behalf of the roster. He says they all came to the WWE for competition and that doesn’t include getting beat up in the parking lot by outsiders. Triple H has provided an unsafe workplace in the WWE. He says the cause of this is solely because Triple H can’t control his talent. He says he shouldn’t have this job he is sick in the mind. Triple H enjoys chaos, confrontation & people beating the crap out of each other. Triple H even enjoys placing his own hands on his talent. Triple H points out that Wade Barrett lead the Nexus out on Monday Night Raw causing Havoc ripping apart the set; as well as taking out half of the WWE roster. Triple H claims the only reason Barrett isn’t in favor of the chaos is because he is not causing it. Mike Chioda says he is afraid to come to work. In his 23 year career and 16 years knowing and being a friend of Triple H he has never seen or experienced this much chaos from the WWE superstars. He and the other referees are being assaulted and getting no respect from the WWE roster. Triple H did not succeed in keep The Miz and R-Truth out of the building last night. He also hasn’t taken any action against Ricardo Rodriguez. Divas Champion Beth Phoenix on behalf of the Divas fears that something could happen to them. Jerry Lawler says he agrees the WWE has become an unsafe work environment. He doesn’t think Triple H is doing it. What he does think is what CM Punk has said that somebody behind the scenes that doesn’t want Triple H in charge is causing this chaos to make Tripe H look bad. In turn this means as long as Triple H is in charge the show and its employees are in danger. Christian wants to have the vote of confidence right now. They all vote no confidence. Jerry Lawler says actions speak louder than words and he walks out of the arena followed by everyone else including superstars, divas, referees, commentators, ring announcers, camera men, the only man remaining is Good old J.R. but even he leaves. Laurinaitis comes out shakes his head and walks backstage leaving Triple H in the ring all alone getting cheered by the fans.

This is “Yus The Bus” Friedman

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