WRESTLING BREAKDOWN SHOW 10.13.2011: WWE SMACKDOWN 10.7.2011, WWE RAW 10.11.2011 – This is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

Posted: October 13, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views


Quotes of the WEEK: “Would you like a receipt with your paper bag.” Cody Rhodes to Randy Orton

Have you ever tried to pick up your teeth with a bunch of broken fingers?” Triple H to John Laurinaitis


The World’s Most Boring GM” Teddy Long is in his office with Long Island Ice Z. Ryder asks Teddy what’s up with Triple H. Teddy tells him Triple H isn’t showing up tonight and it’s up to him to keep order and run the 3rd longest weekly episodic television show in the history of television WWE Friday Night Smackdown.

The Law – David Otunga and Associates (Del Rio, Christian, Swagger, Rhodes, Vickie Gurrero, Ziggler, Barrett) Some of them claim they and only themselves succeeded in starting a walkout of Monday Night Raw. Some said it was a group effort. They all agree it couldn’t have been done without the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio says he managed to win the WWE Title despite the shenanigans at Hell in a Cell and Triple H. What I don’t get is why they showed up to Smackdown if Triple H is the C.O.O of the whole WWE unless they are just boycotting live shows and Raw is a live show.

“WWE Champion” Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara (Azul) – I wasn’t very impressed here. It was an okay match, but Del Rio whooped him. It was a god match to make the new WWE Champion look good. After the match Sin Cara Negro attacked Sin Cara Azul who I think is much worse. Good job I like Negros chances of staying around.

Air Boom w/ Matt Striker – Air Boom still suck and now they have a problem with HHH good luck to them with their future endeavors. They should have just been happy that Triple H allows Evan Bourne to be on TV. And with a mic AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh.

Air Boom vs. “Swaggler” Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (w/Vickie Guerrero) – Swaggler beat the daylights out of Evan the Bourne. Unfortunately he isn’t injured. Hopefully at the end of this feud Swaggler with have the WWE Tag Titles. The match was good except I think Kofi got too much offence off.

Alicia Fox vs. Beth Phoenix (w/Natalya) – Squash anyone. Alicia was whooped like whipped cream. The Glamazon laid a beatdown on her butt. After the match Natalya lock on her new submission move while Beth mocks her for crying. If they had this submission move the whole time why not use it to win all of their matches. Why were they holding out on us?

“World’s Strongest Champion” Mark Henry & “World’s Strongest Athlete” Big Show Part 1 –  Big Show back want World title match and wants to hurt Henry like he hurt him. Henry doesn’t think Show deserves it. He says Show should be happy for the vacation Henry gave him. He says when he was 23 he was the youngest to win the big gold belt although in WCW and he wants it again. Henry brushes him off. Show says if he doesn’t get the Yes to the title shot by the end of the night he will break Henry’s ankle.

Orton w/Matt Striker – Orton didn’t engage in the vote of confidence with Triple H b/c he handles his personal business one on one. He doesn’t play well with others. Orton says he will tear through the entire Smackdown roster to get back to the top and get a title shot. He won’t whine like a child like Christian to get a title shot.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Jinder Mahal – Booooooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg.

John Laurinaitis says that he and Teddy are Company man and he has his back. He is also there for whatever Teddy needs.

“The Viper” Randy Orton & The “Human Jar of Mayonnaise” Sheamus vs. Christian & Cody Rhodes – Typical Tag match for the end of the show. I like RKOs. I want Fatal Four way for the I.C. Title these guys would really boost Rhodes’s credibility.

“World’s Strongest Champion” Mark Henry & “World’s Strongest Athlete” Big Show Part 2– Show wants title shot. Henry says no Show attacks Henry and has control. Henry regains control and attempts to put Show through announce table only to chokeslammed through that same table by Show. Show attempts to take out Henry’s leg with a chair. Teddy Long “Worlds Most Boring GM” comes out to give Big Show his World Title shot and Show release Henry.

This is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

WWE RAW 10.11.2011

They give a silent tour of the backstage area all the way to Triple H’s office. Then they showed us Triple H’s path to the ring through the backstage area.

C.O.O. Triple H – He calls the roster wooses. They say it’s too hard to work in the WWE. The little babies don’t want to get beat up. The WWE Superstars are supposedly holding a solidarity rally outside the Arena until Triple H steps down. They do have their gear with them though. He asks the fans if he should quit; or step down. They say no on both accounts. Triple H won’t be intimidated or coerced and he will not quit. Triple H says he will wrestle a broom stick if he needs too. Also he has wrestled a lot of the guys in the parking lot and he thinks the broom stick will give him a better match.

John Cena saves the day? – Cena mentions he has not given an opinion to the media or on Facebook or Twitter about the walkout nor did he participate in. He has not given Cena has been contacted by the entire roster personally asking him to join them in the protest. He wasn’t sure what to do. He is angry Triple H didn’t ask him to stay. He thinks for a lot of the people in the parking lot Triple H is their first boss and he is self centered, ego-maniacal and unfocused. Cena says he has had many bosses over the years. Now Cena lists his previous bosses: Eric Bischoff & Vince McMahon – he sarcastically says they were humble people. He worked for Vickie Guerrero as well as 57 celebrity GMs ranging from Shaq to Al Sharpton. Cena mentions the Adamle era and basically announces that the loyalty written on his sleeve is a principle and he is staying on Monday Night Raw b/c he loves it and the chaos is why people tune in every week. Sheamus has respect for Triple H and CM Punk is the King of walk outs and pipebombs. This was a great segment.

Where do we go from here? – After the top faces got their talk on they all wondered what to do. Triple H made the match of Sheamus vs. John Cena with Triple H as Guest Referee & CM Punk as Ring Announcer/Bellman/Times Keeper/ Commentary team. CM Punks face lit up when he was told he could do commentary and with Triple H’s blazer too.

Sheamus vs. John Cena with Triple H as Guest Referee & CM Punk as Ring Announcer/Bellman/Times Keeper/ Commentary team/ The Chairman Returns – We had what was looking to be a great match with one of the greatest commentators of all time in the booth. The only problem was the match was interrupted by HIM. Vince came down to the ring and with all due respect to all the people doing what they believe in, he sends the superstars to the back; tells Triple H he is still C.O.O. The Board of Directors is replacing Triple H as GM of Monday Night Raw with the Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis.

Johnny Ace welcomes the talent in the back entering the arena he makes a makeshift match of John Morrison vs. Christian in street clothes.

John Morrison vs. Christian (w/I.C. Champ Cody Rhodes, U.S. Champ Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger) [Street Clothes Match] – Three words a piece. Spear, Spear, Spear. Jobber Jobber, Jobber. Christian and Morrison adapted nicely to this weird situation. I can’t believe The EVPOTR Johnny made them wrestle in jeans. I like that it was different. I am so happy that Christian finally got a 3-count after a spear. After the match CrossRhodes, Zig-Zag and Gut Wrench Powerbomb Yeahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EVPOTR & New GM John Laurinaitis gets confronted by Triple H. John says he didn’t get Triple H fired. He loves the WWE and is a company man. HHH wants to know if Johnny Laurie has ever tried to pick up his teeth with a bunch of broken fingers.

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton – Bust a very Unentertaining match which ended in DQ. The only good thing came after the match. We got 2 World’s Strongest Slams. After the WSM & Apex Predator got it on we got the Un-Dashing one with CrossRhodes followed by a bagging of Orton and 1 of the 2 quotes of the week here at the Wrestling Breakdown Show. “Would you like a receipt with your paper bag?” Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres vs. Tamina & Rosa Mendez – This match started at 54:23 and ended at 56:43. So two minutes and 20 seconds for this match. I enjoyed what I did see but we need longer Divas matches to give them a chance to grow. Tamina looked good in the ring and I was rooting for her to get the win. Eve had an inverted Beautiful Disaster followed by a top rope moonsault for the win.

EVPOTR and Raw GM Johnny Ace/ Johnny Laurinaitis fires J.R. – He makes Del Rio vs. Cena for the WWE Title at Vengeance. He calls J.R. into the ring. Johnny calls him out on him walking out on Triple H the WWE Universe and Oklahoma. He says J.R. is a hick, hayseed, Oklahoman ingrate. I guess he does this to draw heat from the fans. (What’s Next is he going to beat an injured Mysterio or diss a deceased wrestler).  He fires J.R. wow. I did not see this coming. I hope they do this just to reshuffle the announcers by moving J.R. to Smackdown and Booker T to RAW. If my dreams come true. Striker/J.R. and Matthews on Friday Nights and Cole and Lawler on Mondays. Bring Booker T back as a wrestler.

“Air Boom” Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne + “Batista 2.0” Mason Ryan vs. “The Law” Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler (U.S. Champion) & Vickie Gurrero – Good Match so far. Picture Perfect dropkick from Dolph Ziggler right to Kofi’s Jaw. Mason Ryan hits the House of Pain on Dolph Ziggler for the win. Could we be looking at the Future U.S. Champion?

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio “WWE Champion” – The Match has been going on for 3 minutes and Jonny Laurinaitis comes out now and what happens, a tag match with Del Rio & Punk tagging against two men he reinstated.

CM “Walking Pipebomb”Punk & Alberto Del Rio (WWE Champion) vs. “The Most Must see WWE Tag Team in History” “The Awesome Truth” “The Most Awesome and Must see WWE Superstar of all Time” The Miz & R-Truth – Del Rio backs out mid match. Punk tries to come back but Miz and Truth double team him past a 5-count so they are disqualified.  Triple H comes to save the day; He and Punk take out Miz & R-Truth.

VPOTR and New Raw GM w/ His law advisor – John Laurinaitis is in his office with David Otunga. Otunga says he like John’s decision to bring back R-Truth and The Miz. John says he will request from the board if at Vengeance it can be Triple H & CM Punk vs. R-Truth & The Miz. I really look forward to this match.

This Is Yus “The Bus” Friedman



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