Which WWE ‘Jobbers’ Should be Pushed Next

Posted: November 6, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views
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WWE superstars have joined forces with Twitter to effectively reach their target audience. The WWE Universe wants to know what their favorite wrestlers are up to and what they are saying.

Twitter may give us a good indication of who the WWE Universe loves and can therefore be used as a marketing tool for the WWE when they decide who to push or who not to push.

The following WWE superstars have the the largest followings: The Rock has 1.4 million followers. Randy Orton has 609,000 followers. Chris Jericho has 413,00 followers. CM Punk has about 400,000 followers. Stone Cold Steve Austin has 425,000 followers. The Miz has 384,000 followers (very impressive!). Zack Ryder surprisingly only has 280,000 followers which is not that many if you take into consideration all the time that he puts into social media. (Thank you http://bleacherreport.com for the info).

How about the jobbers? Which jobbers have a strong online presence? For the time being we have to include Zack Ryder in this category even though he is about to exit the jobber category.

Alex Riley @AlexRileyWWE: 76,000 followers.

Evan Bourne @findevan: 192,000 followers. (What what what???)

Daniel Bryan @WWEDanielBryan: 167,000 followers.

Ezekiel Jackson @ezekielwwe: 98,000 followers.

Goldust @WWEGoldust: 122,000 followers. (Goldust says he is not a jobber. He is out due to injury).

Heath Slater @HeathSlaterOMRB: 68,000 followers.

Hornswoggle @wwehornswoggle: 129,000 followers.

Jinder Mahal @JinderMahal: 9,000 followers.

John Cena @JohnCena: Not sure.

John Laurinaitis @WWERawGM: 34,000 followers.

Johnny Curtis @JohnnyWWE: 18,000 followers.

JTG @Jtg1284: 75,000 followers. (not bad at all).

Mason Ryan @WWE_MasonRyan: 20,000 followers.

Michael McGillicutty @WWEMcGillicutty: 39,000 followers.

Ricardo Rodriguez @RRWWE: 38,000 followers.

Santino Marella @milanmiracle: 138,000 followers.

Ted Dibiase Jr. @TedDiBiase: 170,000 followers.

The Great Khali @RealKhali: 3,700 followers.

Tyson Kidd @KiddWWE: 42,000 followers.

Yoshi Tatsu @YoshiTatsuWWE: 61,000 followers.

Zack Ryder @ZackRyder: 280,000 followers.

Trent Baretta @trentylocks: 50,000

No twitter account: Brodus Clay, David Otunga, Drew McIntyre, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, John Morrison, Josh Matthews, Justin Gabriel, Primo.

Based on my findings I think that the following people should be pushed: Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne (bring him back after his suspension), Goldust (Put him back on TV), JTG, Santino Marella (WWE, take him seriously in the ring but still keep the comedy), Ted Dibiase Jr., Yoshi Tatsu, and Ezekiel Jackson, oh and Zack Ryder.

Do you agree with my suggestions? Who would you push? Please post your comments.

Mr. Akiva Murguia reporting for The Wrestling Breakdown Show. Catch The Wrestling Breakdown Show that covers the WWE weekly shows and the latest wrestling news every Thursday at 9pm Israel time, 2pm EST only on Israel Sports Radio.

  1. workmancer says:

    I think Ted Dibiase Jr and Evan have so many followers based on their attractiveness alone. Guys like Santino and Godust have so many based on comedy. I am a little surprised Zacks followers are so little but honestly if you get a million hits on your youtube video might mean so many people watch them over and over again. Like the Angry Video Game Nerd has said he’s done his stats tracking and found some people watch his videos a hundred times within a year period. But of course most just watch it once.

    Daniel Bryan’s photos online are counter productive to him getting a push. To be honest the WWE will push anyone more when they sell more merchandise. Like Zack never got a push until he broke the top 10 merchandise sellers.

    Tatsu will probably never get pushed. He’s a Japanese lightweight he’ll never make it over babyface midcard. Jackson might get a bigger push based on size alone. Goldust… I think he’s done to be honest with you. WWE likes young guys and he’s kept around because his dad books. JTG I’ve seen this guy recently on NXT and other shows he doesn’t need a push. But they made him heel which is sooooo dumb.

    Evan Bourne will get a main event push in about 5 years if he hasn’t been replaced by the new Evan Bourne…. He’ll get some bulk on his body by then too.

    John Morrisson should get a push, but I can see why they keep him down. Because he’s easy to heat up and they should heat him up. Actually CM Punk should get a push, they’ve pretty well derailed him since TLC. Maybe that’s purposely because he got over on his own and no one gets over on their own without the machine making them. Same to you Zack Ryder 🙂

  2. Why do they keep John Morrison down? That I still don’t understand til this day. The guy works his behind off and is unbelievably acrobatic.

    I think Santino has proven that he can also be a great wrestler besides being a great comedian.

    • workmancer says:

      They just released his gf and she shows up to shows… when they just fired her. Funny they do the same to Nash in storyline and no one minds. buttttt…. Batista in his book says that he slept with Milena when she was dating JoMo. Rumor is Vince McMahon lost a lot of respect for JoMo because he didn’t blow his top and go kick Batista’s ass. Cuz apparently that’s how wrestling works behind the scenes….

      In reality… John got injured twice back to back and he refuses to slow down and not do flashy moves that get him over. His body and incredible hair will always get him and keep him over. This guy should be the next HBK. That look can actually hold him down, because WWE will think this guy instantly gets over no matter what, so we need to put other guys over.

      Plus backstage and interviews I hear him… the guy is weird. Like talks about incomprehendable things… so that probably holds him back because he’ll do interviews and the interviewers will just wonder wtf???

      I’m sure Santino is a great ameture wrestler, but he has a place now and its a great place. I’d rather have him as an A+ comedy guy than a C- serious guy.

  3. I forgot to add Trent Baretta. He has 50,000 followers on Twitter. Also pretty impressive. He works great in the ring. I think it’s possible to work with this guy. He has the looks and the ability. Don’t know if he has the mic skills.

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