Wrestling Breakdown Show 11.24.2011, WWE Survivor Series 2011, WWE RAW Supershow 11.22.2011 This Is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

Posted: November 29, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

Wrestling Breakdown Show 11.24.2011

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WWE Survivor Series 2011

Opening Video – Great as always.

WWE United States Championship Match: John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler ©- Is it just me or was John Morrison getting major boos. I also thought I heard more cheers for Zig-Zag man than Jomo. Of course as Michael Cole pointed out there were huge chants for “Long Island Ice Z” Zack Ryder. I think Morrison just hit his first Moonlight Drive since turning face a couple years ago. Long fought match. It was really great. The fans cheered really loud for Ziggler after he won but I think the theme of the audience in this match was WE WANT RYDER!!!

Post -match Ziggler brags about how good he is. Ryder attacks him and hits him with a Rough-Ryder leg drop WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT!!!

Divas Championship Lumberjill Match: Beth Phoenix © vs. Eve Torres – Good match that got a nice amount of time. I love that inverted beautiful disaster Eve did. Glam Slam from the turnbuckle in the corner ain’t nobody waking up from that. I don’t know who will be her next contender unless the WWE has signed someone new we aren’t yet known of. I doubt Beth will hold the title till Kharma comes back.

Lawyer Otunga brings a message from the EVPOTR & IRGM John Lauriniatis that Punk should apologize to Michael Cole. Punk says he will think about it/

The Rocks Promo – 5-Stars/ Cena gets booed 5-Stars/ The Rock Sings 4 Stars

Traditional Survivor Series Match: Team Barrett: Wade Barrett ©, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler (U.S. Champion), Hunico, Cody Rhodes (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Team Orton: Sheamus, “Beardless” Randy Orton, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, Mason Ryan – RKO Ziggler is gone 1st. Wow Sin Car really botched that move, I told you he was the worse Sin Cara; bring back Sin Cara Negro. More we want Ryder chants. Sin Cara has been eliminated. Mason Ryan ripping apart everything that moves. Cody Rhodes with the blind tag Beautiful Disaster followed up by Cross-Rhodes. Cody Rhodes has eliminated Mason Ryan. The crowd is loving this with everyone chanting “Cody! Cody! Cody! Cody! Cody!” Koki Kingston eliminated by Wasteland.  Sheamus has been disqualified and eliminated but won’t leave the ring till he hits swagger with the Bro kick Swagger eliminated. Orton RKO to Cody. Barrett with Wasteland TEAM BARRETT WINS TEAM BARRETT WINS !!!!!!!!!!!!! Only Cody and Wade survived which is a testament to their futures. They both should be pushed to the sky.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Big Show vs. Mark Henry – I must say I especially loved the chants of Daniel Bryan throughout the night. This match was a brawl. This match had a lot of rest breaks. I was interested most of the match. I need to go forward. The finish made Henry look weak for the first time in months. I hope this means the next World Champion will be Wade Barrett or The masked Kane I can always dream. I can’t believe they had Henry retain the title by low blow disqualifying him. I guess he will either be stripped of the title due to Show giving Henrys leg a conchairto or Henry will lose the title by a match with a stipulation TLC anyone.

WWE Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio © vs. CM Punk – Excellent Match as Usual but was there really a doubt the Best in the World would win. Del Rio is like a stale bag of pretzels on the mic.

The Real Main Event: John Cena & The Rock vs. The Miz & R-Truth –  AWWWWWEEEEESSSOOOMMMEEE ! Can you Smell what The Rock is cooking you dumb faced Fruity Pebble.


WWE RAW Supershow 11.22.2011

NEW WWE CHAMPION CM PUNK – Punk gave a excellent promo how he wanted to be a professional wrestler from the first grade. He will be a agent of change. More importantly he wants to know where the WWE ice cream bars are. Punk wants to change Interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis to former Raw GM John Laurinaitis …… which of course brings out John Laurinaitis. Johnny doesn’t know why CM Punk has a problem with him. Also CM Punk and the WWE Universe tell Johnny that he sucks. Punk says Mr. McMahon is a greedy bastard and he shows it on his sleeve but Johnny is the stereo typical middle management zombie. He kisses the upper-management @$$ and that’s why he says “WWE Universe” and not fans and until he changes CM Punk will hate him. OOOO CM Punk just called Johnny a douche bag stooge. Johnny says even though he isn’t full of piercings and tattoos he still can be dynamic and has a wild side. So he won’t wait till TLC to give Del Rio his rematch hes gonna do it next week. Punk and the WWE Universe say they want Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler but it was not meant to be as Johnny makes Punk vs. Ziggler & Ryder vs. Del Rio for tonight. They sound like good matches to me.

The Rock wants Zack Ryder – We get a WWE exclusive video that shows The Rock give his support to the We want Ryder Woo Woo Woo movement.

Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio W/Ricky – To start off Ryder pulls the mic away from Ricky before he finishes introducing Alberto Del Rio and says “Woo woo woo”. I love me some Broski Boot but that was all she wrote. In a short but entertaining match Del Rio submits Ryder for the victory.

Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger – This match seems awfully familiar. Oh I remember this match was on last week on Raw. Since the WWE wants to show me the same boring crap again I’ll use my opinion from last week as well. Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger – I’m Sorry but I am bored of both these guys.

Kevin Nash – Nash remembers good time #Scott Hall #HHH #HBK #Diesel # Kliq. He thinks if he and Triple H were friends instead of boss and employee he and HHH should have face The Rock & John Cena at Survivor Series and out of the group of guys that he mentioned #Kliq he is the only Survivor.

Classic Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes is “Unmasked” & “Unbeatable” & “Unrepentant” vs. Santino Marella – One word wait that was two words already now its eleven words anyway “SQUASH ANYONE”.

Aftermatch – Cody takes offense to Booker T dissing him every week. He walks over to the announce table and calls Booker out on it. Book says he ain’t got nothing personal against him. Cody throws Book’s water in his face. That was simply DDDDDAASSHHHIIINNNGGGG!!!

JM Backstage w/Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero – Dolph won two matches last night. Yeah!!! Dolph claims he is the new face of the WWE no offense PUNK!!!

Champion vs. Champion: Dolph Ziggler (U.S. Champion) vs. CM Punk (WWE Champion) – WOW I am speechless. That match was unfreakin believable. That was probably one of the best matches in the history of Monday Night Raw. Ziggler fought two matches Survivor Series and two matches at Vengeance. He fought three matches in the last 48 hours and he is a heel. Heels are whiny bitches that try getting away with doing nothing. Ziggler showed us how you can have an unbelievable match if given enough time and talent. Ryder vs. Ziggler would have been very entertaining; but this was out of this world. Ziggler is gonna get a push soon and with that his second World Title reign. Everyone says how Ziggler was champion for only a night but that’s because he should have been given the title the second after Edge was disqualified not a week later. Anyway Ziggler is the future and I’m ready for him and his friends to take over.

Sick and Disturbing Kane promo – We saw a mask burning. Could we get the masked Kane back? I hope so I’ve been saying it should be done for years. Kane with the mask was almost unstoppable, almost supernatural.

Big Show brags about his dominance last night. He tells Henry he has a knockout punch waiting for him etc.

Stupid Divas Crap – We need Kharma!!!!

Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston – I hate Kofi’s music. I think Kofi is getting too much offense on a guy that is on a winning streak and just lead his Survivor Series team to victory over Super-Randy. Despite a distraction by Orton (which by the way is a very heelish move, since it was unprovoked) Barrett hits Wasteland and beats Kofi Kingston.

Fruity Pebble Time/ Miz and Truth are here but no Rockie to save Johnny boy or Finally The Miz has come back to AAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  – Cena talks about him and The Rock beating R-Truth and The Miz and putting boots to @$$e$ only to get Rockbottomed after the match. He panders to the crowd and says how he loves them because they are honest about their feelings towards him. He also says the ovation The Rock got after being gone for 7 years was the biggest a superstar has ever gotten, after an absence of that long a period of time. This Brought out the Awesome Truth (I hate their music). They taunt Cena that hwe lost and that is his fate at Wrestlemania. He turns R-Tuth and Miz against each other. Miz Skull Crushing Finale to Truth on the stage, AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we can finally get rid of this never was in R-Truth and refocus the career of the top Heel in the WWE and most must see WWE Champion of all time “The Awesome One”, the “Mayor of Awesomeville”, The Miz.

This is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

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