Wrestling Breakdown Show 12.1.2011 WWE RAW 11.28.2011 WWE SMACKDOWN 11.30.2011 This Is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

Posted: December 11, 2011 in WWE Raw, Smackdown Pay-Per-Views

Wrestling Breakdown Show 12.1.2011

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WWE RAW 11.28.2011

Pipers Pit W/ John Cena – First off Rowdy should take a lesson from these guys in getting Rowdy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLhnmChRk8g . Next I don’t understand why they call his quilt trademark I thought there was a whole county that wear them. I did not get what this segment was supposed to do.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: John “Future Endeavours” Morrison vs. “The Most Must see WWE Superstar of All Time” The Miz – For starters we were robbed of a Miz entrance which I was not Okay with. Jomo started building momentum at the beginning of the match. Morrison must have hit the helpless Miz 15 times with the kendo stick. But The Miz courageously and heroically got up and fought Morrison like a brave man. He threw Morrison into the WWE logo at the top of the stage and gave him a skull crushing finale to knockout Morrison to get the KO Victory. I haven’t seen a KO victory in a while but that’s just Miz making history again.

King Awesome Returns – The Miz says he took out Morrison this week. He took out Truth last week. He is the only one that can make such a big impact. It’s true it’s damn true.

http://www.Youtube.com/second2012 must be Jericho

Bellas vs. Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox – The Divas of Doom jogged around the ring during the match was weird. The length of this match was embarrassing. I didn’t care about the match from the beginning. They made it really short. I thought it might be Okay but this was horribly short and pointless.

Johnny Laurinaitis is on th phone in turn we hear the debut of Brodus Clay is postponed again. By the way Brodus lost NXT where is our winner “Dirty Curty” Johnny Curtis.

Johnny, Al, Ricky, Jennifer Hudson’s Baby Daddy and The Best in the World – In response to Laurinaitis bragging about his 30,000 Twitter Followers last week, Punk tells Laurinaitis that if you search Laurinaitis and spineless you get 100,000 hits of Del Rio boring you get 900,000 hits. So Del Rio is 9 xs as boring as Laurinaitis is spineless. Punk typed Otunga’s name but a bunch of stuff came up about a person named Jennifer Hudson. Laurinaitis says if Punk is intentionally disqualified he loses the title.

Randy Orton vs. Dolph “Heel” Ziggler (U.S. Champion)W/ Vickie Guerrero (Wade Barrett on Commentary) – The Zig-Zag man wins. Period. Orton lost NANANANANANANANA.

Michael Cole interviews Smackdown’s MR. Money in the Banl and the #1 Contender for the World Heayweight Championship Daniel Bryan – Cole claims that Bryan was given the opportunity to face Henry on Smackdown for the World Title. Bryan makes it clear that he earned his World Title shot. Bryan wants respect from Cole. Cole says Bryan is a liar b/c he said he would be original and cash in MITB at Wrestlemania but tried to do it last week. He said getting back at Henry that tried to end his career was more important than waiting till Wrestlemania. Henry came out talked some smack but Bryan kicked Henry in the leg and told him we’ll see if I can beat you on Smackdown !!!!

The WWE found the only way to make Jack Swagger interesting putting him in a match with Zack Ryder: Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger – Ryder wins standing ovation. All of these segments are self explanatory.

“Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley

WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs. Al Del Rio (If Punk is DQed Al wins title) – Another excellent match. These two have great chemistry that allows them to have great matches. I like the chair cheat at the end of the match. I think when Del Rio uses the backstabber it should get a pin fall. It was not meant to be for Del Rio as he was defeated by the Best in the World by way of exposed turnbuckle. I was a little bummed not getting to see a GTS but we got it on Ricky after the match.

WWE SMACKDOWN 11.30.2011

Finally Mick Foley has come back to Friday Night Smackdown – Foley pandering followed by Michael the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Josh “The Elf” Matthews and Booker Claus.

Mick Foley sings along to the driedel song while Booker T does the spinarooni to it.

Booker T says his catch phrase – “Can you dig it Sucka”!!!! Cue Cody Rhodes.

The Classic and Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time Cody Rhodes – He disses Booker. Booker says he can hang in the ring. Cody refers down to Booker as announcer. Foley makes a match Book vs. Cody.

Mistletoe Divas Champion – Bellas, A.J., Kaitlyn, Natlaya, Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly, Tamina – Brie Bella wins giving her the opportunity to kiss any WWE superstar of her choosing between now and Christmas.

Justin Gabriel vs. Jinder Mahal – Gabriel 450 splash gets the win due to a distraction by Ted DiBiase.

The Christmas/ Hanukkah Party – Maxine is HHHOOOTTT!!! Usos, I wish Rikishi was here. It’s Roddy Piper and I still don’t care about him. The American Dream Dusty Rhodes is present. Hey it’s Dusty’s son GOLDUST. Trent Baretta still has a job. David Otunga is here and he brought his bowtie.

KANE RESSURRECTED – Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Striker backstage W/Booker T/ Cody attacks Booker in revenge for the evil Booker T and Mick Foley ganging up and back him into a match tonight.

Kofi Kingston Tag Champ for now vs. Tyson Kidd has hair – The champ wins. Kofi wwith a huge crossbody on Tyson Kidd as less talented gets put over more talented once again.

Christmas/ Hanukkah Party Part 2 – Hornswoggle isn’t tall enough. Kaitlyn says he should ask Santa to make him taller this year. Aksana says in Lithuania every year for Christmas they got a new shovel.

Street Fight: Randy Orton vs. David “A-List” Otunga –Surprise surprise Otunga got a full entrance. Orton wins again. Otunga put up a courageous fight but it was not meant to be due to the WWE letting Orton win whenever he wants to. Randy also likes Cole’s cookies. He managed to destroy 70% of the decorations in the arena. I don’t see why they put Otunga in this match if they weren’t gonna give him a chance. Also Randy is a 9x World Champ he doesn’t need squashes to prove himself.

20-Man Battle Royal – Tell me if there are NXT rookies on the show then why do they need to win NXT if they are already competing on Smackdown. Hornswoggle wins but what?

Christmas/ Hanukkah Party Part 3 – Hornswoggle gets the ability to talk LOL. “Twins, Menorah, Grandma = Vickie Guerrero HO HO HO.

A.J. and Daniel Bryan –  What’s going on over there? Daniel had a message to Mark Henry. “Sooner or later Everyone Taps.”

World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: Mark Henry © vs. Daniel Bryan (Smackdown Mr. Money in the Bank) – Great the Kool Aid kid retained the World title with a World’s Strongest slam from the top rope.

This Is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

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