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United States Champion Santino Marella def. The Miz

Don’t even get me started on how disrespectful it is putting the main event of last year’s Extreme Rules in a pre-show match. The Miz is the most easily marketable superstar to the mainstream audience that lives off of Reality TV. My Tweet on this match went like this

Yus The Bus Friedman‏ @YusTheBus

unbelievable @mikethemiz carries @milanmiracle for an entire match for @milanmiracle to win i guess thats how @WWE treats their best workers

10:28 PM – 30 Apr 12 via web · Embed this Tweet

The Miz put on a great showing with a short amount of time. Miz carried the goof Santino for a whole match and made him look good. As a result Santino wins retains the Us Title and the U.S. Title continues to be a joke. Heaven forbid they give the title so he may bring prestige back to the title like they did with Cody. I am pissed but give The Miz mad props and credit for and excellent showing.

Ryback def. local athletes

Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg. These are the chants that could be heard throughout the match. The matches weren’t horrible but they were what they were supposed to be squashes. He needs to face real superstars to boost his stock (Heath Slater, JTG, Justin Gabriel, Zeke, Tatsu, Titus, Darren Young) Wow 3 of those guys fought with him in Nexus. He ripped those guys apart and showed us some more of his moves. He needs a manager though.

Brodus Clay def. Dolph Ziggler

My tweet on this match:

Yus The Bus Friedman‏ @YusTheBus

stupidity @heelziggler carries @WWEBrodusClay for an entire match for @WWEBrodusClay to win i guess thats how @WWE treats their best workers

11:03 PM – 30 Apr 12 via web · Embed this Tweet

The match was good but the fact that Ziggler carried Funky and outsmarted him the whole match just to lose was not ok. this is the man who was wrestling 2 matches per PPV. This is the guy who was supposed to beat Punk for the WWE Title at Royal Rumble.

Layla def. Nikki Bella (New Divas Champion)

I thought this was a waste of time other than Layla looks hotttttt. In addition Layla if we remember got much better in the ring and I don’t know who other than Eve Torres can compete at her skill level. Also with the Bellas going bye bye, Beth injured and everyone else on the roster faces who else can she face. I suggest turning A.J. heel and their matches would be great at least at the skill level. Layla the New Divas champ and I’m happy about it.

Randy Orton def. Kane (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

Cody Rhodes def. Intercontinental Champion Big Show (New Champion; Tables Match)

I love it. With all due respect to Big Shows accomplishments, that stumbling boring and overrated fool stepped through a table losing the match. At a skill level Cody is 1 million times better than show as have his last few opponents been. As a result his opponents get fast break offense till he powers them down which makes him such a bore to watch. The result that ended with the Intercontinental Title on Cody which is awesome because he just beat the World’s Largest athlete. The match was ehh but the result was great. I didn’t like the fact that they let Show through Cody through tables because he doesn’t deserve revenge because he isn’t entertaining. Hopefully know he will go back to making straight to DVD movies no offense “Mark Feuerstein” your awesome (I’m a big Royal pains fan).

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan (2-out-of-3 Falls Match)

This match really stole the show. Bryan can make anyone look great. Sheamus really stepped up his game. I was very impressed the entire match and they just put on a good WRESTLING match. I do think Bryan out wrestled Sheamus and should have won the title because of it. At the end of the day WWE does what they want no matter how we feel about it. The technical aspect of this match was glorious. I really enjoyed this match and hope the next Daniel Bryan PPV match will be this great and not only 18 seconds.

WWE Champion CM Punk def. Chris Jericho (Chicago Street Fight)

This match was insane. This was a fight and they fought well. I didn’t really like the addition of shin guards but that’s another story I mean I think it caused Punk to lose his balance and it hurt the match. I really thought this was better than their match at Wrestlemania 28. Where the hell did that fire extinguisher come from. The elbow off the turnbuckle through the announce table was extreme moment of the night worthy. I would have watched this match for an hour. Now that I mention it i would love to see an Ironman match between these two. he end I was expecting but not hoping for. I thought Jericho needed to win to gain legitimacy but as of losing I don’t know where he goes from here


John Cena def. Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules Match)

This was a great hard fought match I only question The result. There were some very annoying points in which the Trainers/Doctors checked up on Cena in between beatings from Brock Lesnar. The amount of blood that poured out of both men was crazy. What was crazy was this was an Extreme Rules match and these stupid refs and doctors kept pausing the match. They should have let Lesnar beat Cena till he was knocked out and as a result Lesnar would win by Knockout. If Cena won what does this mean especially his breaking kayfabe at the end. They put on a great match and everything else was at fault of the WWE itself. Both men left it all in the ring. Super Cena was unfortunate but not a match ruiner. does this hurt Lesnar legitimacy? Maybe against Cena he is still one of the best on the roster. Also is WWE going to allow Lesnar to bloody up all their wrestlers? I hope so.

Final Thoughts:

Overall this was in my opinion the best PPV so far this year. It didn’t have Rock vs. Cena of Triple H vs. Undertaker but it was still a better overall PPV. Lesnar vs. Cena aside from the MDs was Extreme enough. Bryan vs. Sheamus was a WRESTLING match that stole the show. and Punk vs. Jericho was legendary. We have a new Divas champ in Layla. The Bellas are leaving the WWE and taking their careers with them. Funky and Ryback are going smash smash smash. Triple H said they wouldn’t debut superstars unless they were planned out for 6 months what’s the plan man.

This is Yus “The Bus” Friedman

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